Oh, Clouds, How You Taunt Me

 Be honest, do these look like rain clouds or what?
 Yeah, it isn't going to rain any time soon. It's too freaking dry.... Summer of 2011 isn't over.
Remember my rant on how pathetic this summer was? This one?  Well, Summer of 2011 did not like that little post, and decided to get revenge. Yesterday, it was 106, making it the 69th day of the year - and, therefore tying the record for the most days....
Then today.... It hit 107, we have a new record.
And no sign of rain anytime soon....
So, clouds, I hate you. post signature


Riv Re said...

At least you broke the record?
So sorry to hear it. I'm sending cyber rain dances your way!

Lala said...

It actually rained for, like, ten minutes at 5:30 this morning! I was so excited, I texted everyone :P

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