Bad Example

Brooke Robinson won. She won her freedom, her chance to live again, but it came at a heavy price.

Two days after the verdict that shocked the nation set her free; Brooke Robinson leaves the place she’s called home for the past two years: jail. Acquitted of first degree murder for a crime she didn’t commit, Brooke fears for her life as the nation’s anger at her turns into threats.

Knowing that she’ll never to continue on with her life, she enlists the help of her lawyer’s son, Cody, and the two begin looking into the murder that changed her life. She’s willing to do what no other acquitted murder has done. She’s going to be a bad example for future acquitters. She’s going to find the man who committed the murder.

So, that my friends, is the very, very rough draft of the pitch for the book, Bad Example. Yeah.... It's awful, I know, but I slapped it together in about five minutes. Besides it's over-all awfulness, what do you think? 


Riv Re said...

Awesome. It sounds really good. Can't wait to hear more!
You're so creative, Laura! I don't know how you do it, but you come up with the most brilliant plots ever. Good luck!

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Shades of Casey Anthony -- what a great idea for a story!!!

I think the pitch is awesome. The way you present the premise is perfect -- you hit just the right elements. A few of the sentences still need smoothing. For example, the opening of the second paragraph could read "Two days after the acquittal that shocked the nation ..." for a slimmer feel.

This is WAY better than ANY first draft of a pitch I've ever written! Good luck with this!

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