"And the Greatest is Love"

Ten years ago. Ten years ago, America changed.

I don't remember that day very well, honestly, I was in second grade, only seven years-old. I remember the day after much better.
My mom woke me up early, saying my dad wanted to tell me something. When he finally told me what happened, I failed to realize how serious it was. 
But, that day changed my perspective on how bad guys weren't just in books or movies, they were here, home, and they were after us. 
It wasn't really, until freshman year that I understood what happened that day in detail. Sure, I knew what happened after September 11th, with the War on Terror and trying to find Osama bin Ladin. 
Freshman year, we watched a documentary about the survivors of the Twin Tower attacks.  One woman was still in one of the towers, being rescued by firefighters when the building collapsed on them.
All of them survived. 
And the man who's office was in the second tower. He was sitting at his desk when the second plane came right at him. He ducked under his desk; the plane took the top half of the desk right off.
He survived. 
Moments that like show you the true power of God. 
Yesterday morning, I woke up, and a song was playing on the radio. Maybe you know it. It reminds us, that even though the attacks were a terrible thing, so terrible, words can't even describe, love will always win.

Either way, this song is so powerful.

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