2011 - The Summer of Epic Patheticness

Yes, I'm pretty sure I made up a word right there. Get over it, I'm an author, it's what I do.
So, if you've been reading my blog for a while now, you know that I live in Texas. The Dallas-Fort Worth area (that'll be the only time I actually call it that, look for things like "DFW" or "the metroplex" when I talk about my wonderful home).
So, if you live anywhere near a TV, I wouldn't be surprised if at least once this summer, you heard about the heat and the drought that's plagued Texas, and I mean all of Texas. It's a big state.

^^^ And that is a very big drought. :/
And, of course, what's brewing out in the gulf, taunting all of Texas?
Yeah, we all sit here, doing crazy rain dances, and it goes to Louisiana! Darn Lee!

Anyways, as the summer went on, we broke a bunch of meaningless records, like highest low temperature, and stuff like that.
But, the two biggest records we wanted to break? Yeah, we tripped at the finish line. I bet the summer of 1980 is laughing at us and our patheticeness.
1980 was the summer of the records. The longest streak of consecutive 100+ degree days, 42. We were at day 41, and a line of thunderstorms blew through, and we only got to 97. So, we stand at number two with 40 days.
1980 - most days of 100+ degree days total - 69. I believe today is 68.... I think. Or 67. One of the two.
Take a wild guess what's coming tomorrow!
If you guessed a cold front, you're right! You win nothing!

See, this one says we won't even get to one hindered today. It's uber depressing that we tripped at the end on both of these records. It's the revenge of 1980, though I'm not sure why.
BUT! We did break one record. It was the hottest summer here. Ever. How? Well, they took all the lows and the highs of everyday this summer, and it was the first time the average temperature was above 90 degrees. It was 90.7, I believe. So, I mean, at least we got that record. And, it's gonna be in the eighties this week! Everyone is joking how they need to crank up their heaters because the lows have been in the eighties, not the highs.
So, enjoy your labor day weekend, hope it's as nice as mine is supposed to be!

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The Divine Writer said...

haha. This one made me smile. Sorry you guys are in a drought. You could always come up here to visit me! :)

Lala said...

Test test test test

Lala said...

lala land
the assassin
super ordinary
ready to fall
"we'll be walkin in the medow in the early spring, you'll be twirlin in a sundress, you'll be wearin my ring. all i ever wanted was you."

Riv Re said...

So sorry to hear it. You're a crackup, Laura. ;)
Love the new layout! Are you going to stick with this one?

Lala said...

Hey Riv!
Why thank you! And, for a little while, I'll have to change it eventually, I can't have it the same too long.

Evie J said...

Your site is all big!!! haha! It scrolls me all the way over there---->


Lala said...

Yeah, I noticed that too, I thought it was your footer, but when I took it out, it was still really big.
I like the typewriter too! :D

Evie J said...

You have to change the size. :P

Evie J said...

It's not doing it anymore! :D

Lala said...

Yes, I figured that out. :P

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