Specifically, Sam Houston Sate University, home of the Bearkats.
That's all!


Good Morning, Sunshine

A little treat when I walked outside this morning, the pretty sunrise.


One for the Money Movie Trailer

Where do I even begin?
I'm not sure where to begin.

Two problems I have overall with this, then I'll get into the little details, and there a few of those.
1. I already have my own version of what all the characters look like in my head. Jason O'Mara is not Joe Morelli.
2. THOSE DANG JERSEY ACCENTS! - Okay, I'm from Texas, we have our own annoying accent too, but do Jersey people actually talk like that? Like, that over the top? If anyone knows, I'd love if you could tell me.

Okay, things I like:
1. First thing Mrs. Plum says is that Stephanie needs a husband. 17 books later, it's still a running gag. At least they gave her that.
2. Grandma Mazur shoots the chicken! That is one of the funniest scenes in the whole book. So glad it made it into the movie.
3.Favorite line that wasn't in the book? "How does a person eat like you eat and look like you do?"
4. At least Joe Morelli sorta gets in his "it's my car" line. Throughout the books, when ever someone refers to something that's theirs, like if Stephanie would call his car "my car" he'll always go "First off, it's not your car, it's my car." He does that a lot. And while the words weren't exact, at least they got it in there.

Things I dislike:
1. Joe Morelli's bail was $100,000 - not $50,000.
2. The way Ranger acts.... It could confuse people, I mean, he's acting gay. There's nothing wrong with that, except the fact that Ranger is, like, the furthest thing from gay. I mean, look at him! The actor, who's name I can't remember, yeah, he's too much of a pretty boy. Come on, is that a wink, or is his eye just having a spasm?
3. Your turn, Mr. O'Mara. That is 100% unattractive. Joe Morelli would never do that.
4. And, just, I don't think either of the men were cast right. That pretty much sums it up. 


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Have questions? 
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Bad Example

Brooke Robinson won. She won her freedom, her chance to live again, but it came at a heavy price.

Two days after the verdict that shocked the nation set her free; Brooke Robinson leaves the place she’s called home for the past two years: jail. Acquitted of first degree murder for a crime she didn’t commit, Brooke fears for her life as the nation’s anger at her turns into threats.

Knowing that she’ll never to continue on with her life, she enlists the help of her lawyer’s son, Cody, and the two begin looking into the murder that changed her life. She’s willing to do what no other acquitted murder has done. She’s going to be a bad example for future acquitters. She’s going to find the man who committed the murder.

So, that my friends, is the very, very rough draft of the pitch for the book, Bad Example. Yeah.... It's awful, I know, but I slapped it together in about five minutes. Besides it's over-all awfulness, what do you think? 


Casey Anthony and Her Weird Powers Over Me

Yes, I'm talking about this Casey Anthony.

(c) Getty Images
Anyways, if you follow me on tumblr, about a week ago, you might have seen a post with a picture of her coming out of jail and the caption reading "I get to do my research project on her. This ought to be fun." Or something along those lines...
Well, we started our research projects in English this week (it's all to do about perceived heroes and villains) and I've been immersed in Casey Anthony tidbits. Anyways, doing all this research got me thinking. How on earth will she adjust to living as a free woman, but hated by virtually all of America?
I'm writing a book.....
Well, not yet, but I probably will after I finish The Assassin. It's not about Casey Anthony's trial, I made my own trial up, but it's about a girl who's on trial for murder in the first degree, and her trial has become a national event.
I have no pitch, no synopsis, and I might change the MC's name. But, this is something new for me, it's in present tense. I wrote a little teaser, so, if you want to read it, let me know what you think. 


ABCs of Me

So, this post has been making its way around the blogging world, so I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and tell you a little bit more about myself.

 A. Age: 17
B. Bed size: Full. It's a hand-me down, everyone else has bunk beds.
C. Chore that you hate: sweeping. Don't get me started.
D. Dogs: One now, Aggie, the one with the broken toe, and I used to have a black lab named Clifford, but he died.
E. Essential start to your day: shower. I can't start my day without one. I just feel dirty.
F. Favorite color: purple
G. Gold or Silver: Uh.... silver, to match all my rings.
H. Height: either 5;7" or 5'8". They can never make up their minds
I. Instruments you play: Played piano for five years, and I sing in the choir. Tried the guitar.
J. Job title: Full time student, who used to be an intern.
K. Kids: I'm a fifth grade teacher, and I'm planning to teach high school - you know, after I graduate from it. 
L. Live: in Texas
M. Mother’s name: Julie
N. Nicknames: Lala, that's really the only nickname I have.
O. Overnight hospital stays: None.
P. Pet peeves: text talking, people who complain about easy stuff, people who aren't motivated, stray hairs on someone's shirt. Little kids with too much energy.... the list goes on and on.
Q. Quote from a movie: Uh..... Uh.... I got nothin.
R. Right or left handed: lefty.
S. Siblings: Three younger siblings: a brother, a sister, and another brother.
T. Time you wake up: My alarm goes off at 7am, but since I don't have to be at school until 9:45ish, I usually sleep in for another thirty minutes.
U. Underwear: what about em?
V. Vegetable you hate: spinach.
W. What makes you run late: I'm not usually late. I'm always early. So, I guess other people?
X. X-Rays you’ve had: bladder - well, that was a sonogram. 
Y. Yummy food that you make: Don't really cook.
Z. Zoo animal: Elephant!


Thunderstorms, Sexy Dresses and a Limping Dog

Admit it, this is a pretty legit photo. You know it is. How often does an amateur photographer get lightning? 
Um, how about, like,.never? 
Yeah, all the super big storms with 70 mph winds and baseball size hail formed in the city right next to us. And it didn't come our direction. So, no rain for us. Though, it did rain at work Friday night. It was a little ironic. At work (actually, I'm unemployed now as the show is over) the kids were doing The Magical Land of Oz. And there was a thunderstorm, like, a big one. They all thought there was going to be a tornado.
The irony of it all?
Two years ago, at Studio B, where I was working, we did a community production of The Wizard of Oz, with "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" and all. The first night of rehearsals, there was a tornado that ripped the air conditioner off the roof over the stage.
I think we should ban any play that goes to Oz at our studio. It's just too creepy. 
But, on top of working all weekend, this morning my dog broke her toe. 
My poor dog. She can't go on a walk for 8-12 weeks.
Which leads me to my next point. The sexy dresses.
I'm a size 12, which is considered "plus-size" but under the average pant size of 14. Pretty dumb, if you ask me. I never look that great in dresses, they show off my unflattering side. Like....
I mean, look at those arms! Gah, I hate my arms... and my thighs.... and my stomach.... and my butt....
And don't get me started on my face and it's ever going plot to make me look bad with freckles and pimples....
So, obviously, my body and I are at war with each other.
And I am going to win.
My mom and I decided tonight that we are going to lose weight, exercise (I usually walk my dog, but I can't anymore obviously) and eat healthier. 
We are going to be size eights (or smaller) by graduation so I can wear a sexy dress for graduation. 
My mother just know about the sexy dress part. XD


I should complain

About the weather more often! Look: it's gonna rain!!


Oh, Clouds, How You Taunt Me

 Be honest, do these look like rain clouds or what?
 Yeah, it isn't going to rain any time soon. It's too freaking dry.... Summer of 2011 isn't over.
Remember my rant on how pathetic this summer was? This one?  Well, Summer of 2011 did not like that little post, and decided to get revenge. Yesterday, it was 106, making it the 69th day of the year - and, therefore tying the record for the most days....
Then today.... It hit 107, we have a new record.
And no sign of rain anytime soon....
So, clouds, I hate you. post signature

Book Review - Bloodlines


The first book in Richelle Mead's brand-new teen fiction series - set in the same world as Vampire Academy. When alchemist Sydney is ordered into hiding to protect the life of Moroi princess Jill Dragomir, the last place she expects to be sent is a human private school in Palm Springs, California. But at their new school, the drama is only just beginning.
Populated with new faces as well as familiar ones, Bloodlines explores all the friendship, romance, battles and betrayals that made the #1 New York Times bestselling Vampire Academy series so addictive - this time in a part-vampire, part-human setting where the stakes are even higher and everyone's out for blood.

Okay, confession time.
I finished this, like, a week ago. I've just been incredibly lazy and not in the mood to do a book review, but today, I decided enough was enough....
And, let me just say.
HOLY SMOKES! Richelle Mead could be a freaking god. She is just amazing. This book picks up well from the end of the Vampire Academy series, and many of the characters are the same, but then again, they seem knew because we don't see them from Rose's perspective.
Honestly, I can't think of who would be better than Sydney to give an opposite perspective of characters from Rose. Rose is a warrior in fighting, Sydney is a warrior with her knowledge.
Once again, there were several plots going within the book, but Mead does an excellent job by balancing them, and I feel like I could go on and on about this book....
The point?
READ THIS BOOK! (After you read all the Vampire Academy books, that is.)
Five stars. post signature


"And the Greatest is Love"

Ten years ago. Ten years ago, America changed.

I don't remember that day very well, honestly, I was in second grade, only seven years-old. I remember the day after much better.
My mom woke me up early, saying my dad wanted to tell me something. When he finally told me what happened, I failed to realize how serious it was. 
But, that day changed my perspective on how bad guys weren't just in books or movies, they were here, home, and they were after us. 
It wasn't really, until freshman year that I understood what happened that day in detail. Sure, I knew what happened after September 11th, with the War on Terror and trying to find Osama bin Ladin. 
Freshman year, we watched a documentary about the survivors of the Twin Tower attacks.  One woman was still in one of the towers, being rescued by firefighters when the building collapsed on them.
All of them survived. 
And the man who's office was in the second tower. He was sitting at his desk when the second plane came right at him. He ducked under his desk; the plane took the top half of the desk right off.
He survived. 
Moments that like show you the true power of God. 
Yesterday morning, I woke up, and a song was playing on the radio. Maybe you know it. It reminds us, that even though the attacks were a terrible thing, so terrible, words can't even describe, love will always win.

Either way, this song is so powerful.

  post signature


2 Characters that Inspired Cassie Dreandry

This is becoming more of a biweekly thing, huh.
Anyways, today, I'm going to talk about two different characters that helped influence how Cassie is. It would be five, but right now, I'm coming up with a total blank. Maybe I'll find more later! Little quirks or tricks and stuff like that. Ready? Here we go!

1. Shego  
As a kid, Kim Possible was my favorite show. End of story. I loved everything about it, and Shego was my favorite villain. She has such a history about her, going from good to evil. She's totally kick ass and, admit it, we all want the green fire glowin' in our hands.

2. Kim Possible
First, purple shirt!! Heck yes! But, honestly, out of all these characters, I think Kim is the most influential on Cassie. There have been a lot of changes in the new draft I'm working on, including the fact that Cassie now works as sort of a freelance government agent. You'll just have to wait to get the details. Kim has the spunky type personality, the typical redhead traits that make redheads so freaking notorious  Cassie's like that too.
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Titanic and Vocab

  1. The Titanic was very corpulent.
  2. The pilot of Air Force One was glib in the language that pilots used to talk to each other.

This is my lesson for procrastinating.
My first five sentences have to have the name of a ship or aircraft.
I used Titanic because I watched part of it, I think, Saturday night.
Yeah, this Titanic. 

I have no idea why I watch this movie. I can not stand Leonardo di Capio. He and his pretty boy face. But, Kate Winslet is super pretty. I love her hair. I am jealous of her hair. 
Then again, I'm jealous of Sarah Palin's hair too.

That ^^ My favorite part of the movie. Except, you know, when Jack dies. I really have no heart for him, I don't know why. I just get genuinely annoyed by Jack. 

I think the only reason I like this movie is because as a kid, I was obsessed with the ship. I mean, a ship so big - so portentous <----vocab word right there, and it sunk so easily. 
Kind of creepy. 

Looks like the Titanic wasn't the only White Star Line to go down. That is the Britannic. She went down in World War One.
In fact, the White Star Line only has one ship left.
'Tis a sad, sad little world.
So, I will go back to vocab, and all of you who love little Jack Dawnson can tell me how wrong I am.  

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2011 - The Summer of Epic Patheticness

Yes, I'm pretty sure I made up a word right there. Get over it, I'm an author, it's what I do.
So, if you've been reading my blog for a while now, you know that I live in Texas. The Dallas-Fort Worth area (that'll be the only time I actually call it that, look for things like "DFW" or "the metroplex" when I talk about my wonderful home).
So, if you live anywhere near a TV, I wouldn't be surprised if at least once this summer, you heard about the heat and the drought that's plagued Texas, and I mean all of Texas. It's a big state.

^^^ And that is a very big drought. :/
And, of course, what's brewing out in the gulf, taunting all of Texas?
Yeah, we all sit here, doing crazy rain dances, and it goes to Louisiana! Darn Lee!

Anyways, as the summer went on, we broke a bunch of meaningless records, like highest low temperature, and stuff like that.
But, the two biggest records we wanted to break? Yeah, we tripped at the finish line. I bet the summer of 1980 is laughing at us and our patheticeness.
1980 was the summer of the records. The longest streak of consecutive 100+ degree days, 42. We were at day 41, and a line of thunderstorms blew through, and we only got to 97. So, we stand at number two with 40 days.
1980 - most days of 100+ degree days total - 69. I believe today is 68.... I think. Or 67. One of the two.
Take a wild guess what's coming tomorrow!
If you guessed a cold front, you're right! You win nothing!

See, this one says we won't even get to one hindered today. It's uber depressing that we tripped at the end on both of these records. It's the revenge of 1980, though I'm not sure why.
BUT! We did break one record. It was the hottest summer here. Ever. How? Well, they took all the lows and the highs of everyday this summer, and it was the first time the average temperature was above 90 degrees. It was 90.7, I believe. So, I mean, at least we got that record. And, it's gonna be in the eighties this week! Everyone is joking how they need to crank up their heaters because the lows have been in the eighties, not the highs.
So, enjoy your labor day weekend, hope it's as nice as mine is supposed to be!

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