Book Review - Insatiable

Being single can suck ... but not as much as being undead.
Not only has Meena Harper been cursed from birth with the "gift" of knowing how everyone she meets is going to die, no one will believe her warnings about their impending doom. Until Meena finally meets a guy who doesn't seem to have an expiration date. Have her dreams come true . . . or her worse nightmare just begun? Maybe. Because handsome, charming Lucien Antonescu isn't who he seems to be, and soon Meena has way bigger problems than that promotion she didn't get at work: A good-looking, sword-bearing vampire hunter who claims to be from a secret military unit of the Vatican is pounding on her door, trying to enlist her services . . . . . . to kill her boyfriend, who just happens to be the Prince of Darkness.
Meena Harper has quite a life, I'll say that. She's quite an interesting character, and I liked her. This book was written in third person, which is usually a total turn off for me, but we got to see what happened around Meena through other people as well.
So, to run through the plot: Meena is a dialogue writer for a soap opera, Insatiable, and the main dialogue writer wants to get vampires into the story because the show's main competitor was killing them with their vampires.
Meena doesn't believe in vampires.
Then, one night while walking her dog past the church, she runs into this man and he saves her from an invasion of bats. And the crazy thing is, she can't tell how he's going to die. (She can do that, with living people, that is.) A few days later, her neighbors hold a party for their cousin, the prince, so he can meet people in good ole New York. Particularly young women.
If you guessed that this Prince (of darkness, that is) was the same man who saved her from the bat attacks, you'd guess right. So, they hit it right off and end up spending the night together, and everyone finds out about the prince's new girlfriend and they all want to use her for bait to dethrone him.

So, all and all this book was pretty good. Cabot can write any POV well, at least in my opinion. The story flowed well, and all and all, this really was a good book, even if it had vampires, for some of you going "Pfft! Vampires!"

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