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So, the little button managed to disappear when I got the new layout, and I never remembered to put it back up, but remember this?

Well, today, I'm interviewing Marcus from the book, Breathe. It's a really sweet book, so you guys should read it!

  1. What was it like working for Jax Stone?
Easy until Sadie showed up. I’d only worked there one other summer. Ms. Mary was my boss and other than serving a few meals to Jax, I hardly saw the guy. The parties he threw occasionally were cool. Serving celebrities drinks wasn’t a bad gig. 

2.   When you first meet Sadie, what do you think?
What in the Hell was Ms. Mary thinking? She was gorgeous, sweet, and so incredibly naive. I knew there would be trouble but I figured it’d just end with Ms. Mary letting Sadie go. 

3.   You make it no secret how you feel about Sadie. Did you ever think she'd fall for you??
I thought I had a chance before Jax made his move. Competing with a rock star isn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done.

4.  You have some fun times with her (Sadie). What was your favorite?
The day I taught her to water ski. She laughed so hard each time she crashed and burned. Instead of freaking her out it only made her more determined to master it. The smile on her face when she stayed up for a whole two minutes was priceless. 

5.  Other than Sadie has there ever been another girl that you really cared for? 
Um, well kind of, I mean yes. It’s complicated and like Sadie it’ll never happen. I’ve known her a long time and there are too many reasons why it’d never work. Some things are better left alone. She’s one of them. 
6. Is any of Jax Stone's songs on your iPod? What are the top five songs on your favorite playlist right now? I rarely listened to Jax before Sadie. I tend to lean toward country music. Right now the most listened to songs on my iPod are: 

  1. Knee Deep by Zac Brown band
  2. Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean
  3. Country Must Be Country Wide by Brantley Gilbert
  4. Country Girl by Luke Bryan
  5. Give Me Everything  by Pit Bull 
Random facts
M&M or Skittles? M&M always chocolate. 
Coffee or tea? um... beer.
Jeans or tux? I didn’t even wear a tux to my prom. 
Blonds or brunettes? and red heads... I like ‘em all.  
Steak or burger ? Thick ribeye right of the grill.  
Cake or pie? chocolate cream pie
Peanut butter crunch or crunch berries? biscuits and gravy. I don’t do cereal.  

Contest Time!

One lucky winner in Lala Land will win an e-book of Breathe. All you have to do is leave your name and email address in the comment box and you're entered. 
Also, if you leave a comment on every post in the tour, you'll be entered to win a grand prize, like...

Come on, who doesn't want a Barnes and Noble gift card? 

Or, you could win a Breathe prize pack that includes a Breathe waterbottle, a beach towel, a cooler and a frisbee! 

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