5 Apps I'm Addicted To

Okay, maybe "Addicted" isn't the right word, but this is a new series I'll do every Friday. "5 Things...." So, today, I'm starting with iPod apps.

1. Tiny Tower - click here on the icon to view.

I found Tiny Tower a few months ago. Basically, you build your tower from the bottom up. You add floors that can be anything from apartments to a book store (Lucky Evie - she has a book store) to a pizza place. I even have a night club in mine. If you're one Apple's gamecenter, you can add friends (Lala Tennisketter - I think) and see their towers too! Here's a picture of my tower, using another app, instagram:

All my floors are some shade of purple, yes I am that obsessed.

2. Instagram - click on icon to view.

Instagram is this cool little photo editor. It comes with a bunch of filters that you can apply to a photo, like the tower above. That tower doesn't really look all that red, even though the floors are purple. Like the cupcakes?

3. Words with Friends - click on icon to view.
Everyone knows about Words with Friends. There's a reason it's so popular. I love, love, love this game. Evie J and I play constantly. (My user name is Lala Tennisketter if you wanna play with me). Of course, she always beats me. 

4. Twitter - click icon to view

I am such a Twitter nerd. I constantly update this sucker just to see what's happening in the world. Twitter is pretty crazy, but it 's so much fun to see what people are talking about. Want to follow me? @tennisketter

5. Period Tracker Deluxe- click icon to view

This app is a lifesaver! I have such an unpredictable period, so being able to track it month to month is such a lifesaver! It's nice to have a narrow window of days to start as opposed to "oh, it'll happen eventually."

Those are the five apps I am super addicted to. Have any questions about em? Go ahead and ask away, and be sure to check back next Friday when I talk about something else! 

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Evie J said...

*like* Haha!

Paige said...

I love those apps! Especially Tiny Tower and Twitter! I used to be OBSESSED with WWF, but then it became a chore more than fun to me. I was playing so many people, Evie included! But I am still currently obsessed with tiny tower! I'll have to check out that other app too!

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