The Very Beginning

Bahah! What a cheezy title, right? Well, I'm coming home today! Wahoo! But, today is a special post. I was inspired by Marisa when she posted the very first chapter of her book, Dancing Through Life. Like, the original draft chapter. Click here to read her post. So, today, I bring y'all the first few chapters of the original version of The Assasin. Get ready for this...


No one really knows what happened that night, only one girl holds brief memories of that horrid night. But only being a baby, she struggles to remember.


“Please don’t do this. It’s a terrible mistake. You don’t have to do this.” Sarah begged as she walked backwards toward the wall in fear. She looked over at the crib and sighed. She knew this was going to be a horrible end for both of them. She had to save Cassie; that was the most important thing.
“Too late, it’s almost over for you.” He said with a hint of pride in his voice. “Any last words, my dear?” She observed the details of what she knew would be her last moment.
“Yes I do.” She declared straightening herself up. “If you kill me with that- that thing,” She pointed to the gun,”You’ll be creating a monster.”
            “What?” Brent asked, slightly amused. He needed to hurry; Melania and triplets were waiting in the car.
            “If you shoot me with that…that thing, she will come back to haunt you. She will kill people; she will be a better assassin than you. She will be the death of you.  You can try to kill her too, but if you shoot me, she will survive, even if you shoot her first, she will be the one to have the last laugh.” Sarah blurted out, not even believing her own crazy words.
            “That’s ridiculous. You know that?” With that he locked the trigger in place, no turning back now.   
            “There’s one last thing you need to know. The baby, she’s not-” Sarah tried to warn him.
            “Oh save it for your grave.” And with that he let the bullet fly. Sarah fell to the ground and died instantly from a head wound. Brent turned to Cassie and pulled the trigger again. He could care less about what Sarah said. He did what he needed to do in order to be with Melania that was what mattered.

Chapter 1

Brent Rossett
January 2007

San DiegoCalifornia. Yesterday marked the beginning of freedom for one man. Brent Rossett was released from jail after spending thirteen plus years there for one charge of murder for the death of his girlfriend, Sarah Marlay, and one charge of attempted murder of his daughter, Cassie Rossett. He was arrested on that night after neighbors reported fighting and gunshots.
Reasons for his release? He managed to gain an agreement with the judge and jury from his trial twelve years ago. In exchange for his freedom, he would have to track, hunt, and kill the famous Assassin. He said “I know exactly who this person is, and I will make it my sole duty to see the Assassin dead in a grave.”
Rossett was very careful to not give any hints of who the Assassin was, or what genders the infamous killer is… a puzzle even criminal investigators struggle with.
When asked how he knows who this criminal person is, he simply laughed and replied “let’s just say I helped make the Assassin the feared murderer who people fear today.” Rossett was not available for any other comments.
So what’s the first thing he will do? He will go home and probably enjoy some time with his wife, Melania Rossett, who he had married before the whole Sarah Marlay ordeal broke. Until the time is right, the Assassin will still be on the go, armed and dangerous. We all are ready and anxious for the death of the Assassin.
From the Associated Press

            “Wonderful.” I placed the paper down and sighed. What the paper didn’t mention was that I got a full year off to enjoy myself to the fullest. I had Melania over in the gym working out and life was good. I was working on a plan, and it included kidnapping the one man the Assassin couldn’t live without. Joe Dreandry: take him away; and her little girl hormones would go all over the place. She’d have to give up.
            “Brent, you do know that you have thirteen years worth of taxes and bills to pay? They’re in the closet for you.” Melania, my wife, sighed.
            “Sure. I’ll get to it later.” I closed my eyes and though to the last time I had been with Melania, without a bar in the way. It was fifteen years ago, she was only seventeen. I had just killed Sarah, she was useless anyways, and Cassie was dead; or at least I though.  I was shocked to learn that the news of the Assassin was my past coming back to haunt me.
            I had immediately made the connection. An anonymous killer that was trained and no one could find. I remembered Sarah’s words at that moment, and never really seemed to forget it.
            “Brent, wake up. They didn’t let you out of jail to sit around and day dream all day.” Melania smirked at me.
            “Ma’am, I won’t condone that type of attitude.” I loved her, but someone had to show her who was boss. She was young and wild, and free. I couldn’t stand it.
            “Well, get used to it. That’s how I act.” She threw her towel over her shoulder.
            “Excuse me?” I snapped.
            “That’s how I act. Get over it.” She hissed back.
            “This is unacceptable.”
            “What are you? Some anti-feminist freak?”
            “Maybe I am.”
            “Get out of my house then.”
            “I believe this is my house.” I retorted.
            “I don’t. Actually I know that it isn’t.” She started looking through some files.
            She handed me a letter, folded nice and neatly, and I snatched it out of her hand.
            I opened the file and was shocked to see that, in the event of me being jailed for what had been life, the government had given all of my property to Melania.
            “If you have a problem, I will call the police and have them escort you out.” She said.
            She walked out and left me with the letter and took my dignity.


Cassie Dreandry
March 2008

            “Cassie, I don’t think you understand, I just can’t go and talk to him!!!!” Mia exclaimed into the phone.
            “And why not?” I asked her. I closed the window on the computer and sighed. The article was confusing and old. From last year, that Brent Rossett guy was a nobody. Stupid Associated Press. What did they know? Brent Rossett couldn’t know my secret. Heck, he wasn’t even my father.
            “Because, the food chain, he’s a whole lot more popular than I am. He would totally tell me no!! Gosh, why can’t you get that through your thick skull?” She muttered. I stared at my desk. Sitting on the chair, was a suit, but not just any suit. It was the suit of the Assassin. The Assassin was a famed murderer, killing anyone who threatens to reveal the Assassin’s secret. The Assassin killed everyone from political leaders and everyday people. The Assassin was part of a legacy, and that legacy all began when my dad picked up the gun.
            “Cassie, are you there? We have a serious problem, like tomorrow is the spring fling dance, the last dance of our 8th grade career, and neither of us have dates.” I sat on the bed and picked up a magazine. “CASSIE!!” Mia cried in my ear.
            “Wait, what?” I cried as I tumbled off of my bed and on to the floor.
            “We need dates!!!” She said again.    
            “What for?” I asked confusingly.          
            “Because, Mercy has a date, and if she does, everyone does.”
            “But her best friend, Lorraine is going solo.  Besides, when does any of this matter to you?” Lorraine and Mercy were the two most popular girls in our        
            “Since I was given the chance to realize that we only have two months until we’re freshmen, and that’s when your place in society really counts. So we have to do something about it now.” She told me.      
            “Well do what you want; I couldn’t care less about my ‘place in society’. Besides, in ways I already have mine.” I told her.
            “Cassie, you have to go.” I heard my dad, Joe call.  Joe had adopted me in an abandoned area in Denver when I was three.
            “Okay, I’ll be down in five minutes.” I screamed back. “Hey, Mia I got to go. I’ll see you at school Monday. Bye.” I hung up the phone and got ready.


            “Here I go.” I lifted up the air vent, took a deep breath and jumped.  I landed in what looked like a laundry room; in a pile of old dirty clothes. “Ew.” I said looking at the clothes. There was beer spilled all over them. I immediately picked up the bitter smell of beer and cigarettes. “Great, now I have to leer him away from the stupid party.” I said when I walked out of the room and heard the loud pumping of rap music.
            I sighed; annoyed at the effort I would have to do to carry out my job. I pulled out a little ball from my belt. It produced a slick black cocktail dress, and I placed it on. Underneath the dress, I had my belt, which carried everything I needed to carry out the mission.
            I walked out into the party, Britney Spears blared through the speakers. I tossed my light bouncy strawberry blonde, but still red, hair. People stopped to stare, why was a 14 year-old teenager doing in a clubbing party? They’d have to ask themselves.
            “Well hello there little miss pretty. I’m Marco Brown, host of this party. How may I help you?”
            “Trust me, you’ve helped me already.” The man was drunk. I turned around, hoping he would follow me. I heard him call for me about a minute later. I turned around to see him pushing his way across the dancing crowd. I started walking towards the stairs where more people were partying. The man caught my arm and I looked at him. “Where are you going?”
            “You want to know?” I asked. I blew my bangs out of my face.
            “Go wait in there. I have a surprise for my host.” I smiled. I pointed him to a quite bedroom and he walked over. “I’ll be right back.” I shoved my way out of the people and back to the quiet simplicity of the laundry room. I changed back into my black dress and boots and climbed into the air vent. I started wandering until I passed a room where I saw Marco sitting in a room.
            “I can’t help but wonder who that girl was.” He said, almost poetically. I picked up the cover and hooked my rope to the edge. I slid down the rope. He was looking out the window. I dropped silently and closed the door. He was still drinking a beer, but suddenly appeared sober. I looked at him from behind. Wait, was I starting to feel regret? No, I don’t do regret, I though bitterly.
            “You just had to ruin it didn’t you?” I asked. I leaned against the wall and smiled coyly.
            “Who the hell are you?” He asked.
            “Oh. No cussing, that’s a bad way to end it all.”
            “End it?” He asked curiously.
            “Yeah. Because of your little raising hours and cutting pay, there are quite a few employees who think you need to pay.” I took a dagger out and showed him.
            “I know…I know that someone has some significance with those daggers.” He said. He was starting to shake in fear. He looked at the window and his facial expression was undeniable.
            “Don’t even think about it.” I said. He suddenly shoved the window open, but right in sync, I threw the dagger at him and he slumped over the window. I laughed solemnly and looked at him. “Dead as a doornail.” I laughed again, but this time satisfied. I moved him over to the bed and arranged him so it looked like a surprise attack. I picked up the beer bottle and tossed it out the window. I picked up the phone that was sitting on the night stand and dialed the infamous number.
            “Hello?” A man asked on the other end of the line. I placed the phone on the table and listened. “Hello? This is 911 operations. What is your emergency?” After that I slammed the phone back on the receiver and smiled.
            “Mission accomplished.” I said. I walked over to the window. “The Assassin strikes again!” I laughed wickedly.
            I was the one and only Assassin.

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Evie J said...

Baha! Oh, how far you've come! *tackle hugs*

This is my favorite part:

"Cassie, I don’t think you understand, I just can’t go and talk to him!!!!"

Ahahaha! So many exclamations! You know, it's just that vital that I not go talk to him!!!! Ahaha!

Lala said...

*hides in corner*
Mia is quite a drama queen. You'll want to kill her when she's introduced. She's a dumb blonde.

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