So.... *kicks dirt*

Super Ordinary has kind of fallen through the cracks again. Trust me; it pains me more than it does you. But, because I'm on this, like, creative high (God, that sounds bad) right now. I've got some news....

I started a new book. Without superheroes. Or assassins. Or girls getting kidnapped. 

yet.... hehe....

Yes, I have started a new book. Right now, it's kind of taking a Janet Evanovich plotline.... Which could turn out to be pretty funny.
Basically, what I've got figured out....

  • One story deal, for the moment, but I can add books on.
  • Main character is Sam Brooks, and she's a white girl like me. A redhead actually.
  • All of my relationship woes from my break up have been dumped on her. If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen this post:
"I was single, and I hope no one considered me a bitch. Well, just my ex-boyfriend, but it wasn’t like I’d been trying to be rude. I’d just had a PMS moment."
  • There's going to be romance, that's just a given, but I'm hoping for it to be it's own plotline side-by-side with the mystery, not just a subplot.
  • It's a murder mystery!
  • Oh, and Sam's romantic interest.... he's a hottie, movie star. :P *insert fan girl screams* You know there'll be some.
Anyways, I've only got like three pages done, about 1,326 words to be exact. But, I've posted what I've got up on inkpop, just so you guys can read and let me know what you think....
be a dear and read it please. click here.  because you love me, right? <3
 If you don't have an inkpopper account, you can leave a comment on here. Please? 


Autumn said...

Definitely going to leave a comment sometime tonight or tomorrow (on Inkpop)!

Evie J said...

MURDER MYSTERY!!! Sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

@Autumn, thanks for the comment.
@Evie, yes, a murder mystery.

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