The Rewriting, or Is it Editing?

So, as many of you know, a few months ago, my book The Assassin, was in the top five on inkpop. I got a great review that pointed out the two things I need to work on the most.

  • Develop Cassie and Seth's relationship more
  • Further flesh out Cassie and her background to becoming the Assassin, which I actually did a lot of in the later half of the book, but the editor didn't read it. :/
So, I've decided I want to work on TA again. I miss Cassie and all of her crazy shenanigans. But, my question now is, do I rewrite the whole entire thing? Or do I just edit it?
Of course, I asked this on twitter, and Evie responded with: 
Rewrite parts you don't like, edit parts you do. :D

Easier said than done. A couple months ago, I rewrote part of it, you can read the first chapter here. While I love the chapter, I've become so used to the story opening up with prologue, it's weird to have it not. Editing the story would be easier as I've already got the material, and it would force me to actually edit, something I haven't done in a long time...
Partly because I can never find a good editing partner.... Life always seems to get in the way. :P
But, at the end of school I came up with this outline, a new one, and I love it. It's got this cool system where every third chapter is a flash back of Cassie's parents.
But, the way it ends, I've got my last chapter, and the next one would be a flash back, but I have nothing to flash back to, so it's a total cliffhanger. GAH!
Cliffhanger or editing? What do I choose? Why is this so difficult? Why can't I just wave a magic wand and have it be ready for me to query? 
And then the querying. Oh boy..... But, a lot of my friends have been getting some good responses with their querying, so maybe it'll rub off on me.

If I ever get that far.

So, enjoy y'all's weekend as I struggle to figure out: rewrite or edit? 

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Riv Re said...

I know I'm going to do both when I finally finish my first draft. I plan to edit it, starting big and getting smaller (first plot lines, then scenes, then paragraphs) and then I'm going to completely rewrite the whole thing. I decided to try 1st person POV instead of my current third. My book needs a rewrite anyway, since I started it a while ago and I've definitely become a better writer since then.

Good luck!

Mariella Cecilia Catherine-Rose Hunt said...

hey :)

Certainly it'll rub off on you! I have to edit The Wishing Well and then I'll put my all into getting it somewhere...though admittedly I'm a bit scared about that too...

Since your blog is awesome and all, I was wondering if we could feature your button on a "Book Blog Friends" page I'm working on for Escapism? Because first I have to make sure we can be book blog friends :) otherwise it wouldn't work. Can we be book blog friends? Here's the link if you wanna take a look: http://livingescapists.blogspot.com/

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