D.C. Baby!

Right now, I'm on a plane. Probably biting my lips to keep from crying. I haven't been on a plane since I was four. I'm not a fan of heights. At all.*shivers*
Where am I going, you may ask? Washington D.C. Wahoo!

We're going a lot of different places!

And, we're trying to become a part of this:

The Society of The Ark and the Dove is some fancy society of descendants of people who rode over. That would be my ancestors! Apparently, it's really tiny (the boat), and we're gonna go find out how tiny it really is.
But, while I'm off being a tourist, I've got some great posts lined up for y'all from Evie and Morgan. These ladies have really written some great posts, and you'll love them just as much as I love these two gals!
So, have a great week, unless you're in Texas, then you're probably just sizzling. It was 107 Friday afternoon! Sheesh!

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Riv Re said...

Awesome! Enjoy! DC is fantastic. (I've gone twice.) You've got to hit up the Newseum. And wear a green shirt, too. (I wore a green jacket in front of the green screen. Needles to say, but I was a head and two legs.)

Enjoy! (I already said that) Maybe you'll consider stopping in at NYC for a bit? Hm?

Riv Re said...

Oh. I love the new layout! I'm totally adding your latest button. :D

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