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This week is going to be strange in terms of posting. I'm actually on my way to New Mexico, Santa Fe to be exact, with my best friend. So, I've got some surprises lined up for you while I'm gone. Trust me, they're good surprises!
Today, though, I'm going to show you my playlist for my book, Super Ordinary. All 62 63 songs. I've added it to youtube, so click here to see my playlist. I'm just going to touch on a couple of songs on the list and talk about why they're on there.

1. "Holding Out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler
This song is all about waiting for a superhero to come and save her, and when I'm writing a book about superheroes, how could I not include this one?

2. "I Won't Say (I'm in Love)" by Susan Egan and the Muses
Okay, this is one of my favorite songs. Not one of, my favorite. I love, love, *love* Susan Egan. And Lani spends a lot of time trying to convince herself that she doesn't like Rob, and that she isn't falling for him. But, do you think that's gonna stop her?

3. "Nobody's Side" by Idina Menzel and the Soloists
This song talks about how you can never really know who to trust, and Lani suffers from that a lot, especially at the beginning of the book.

4. "Nothin' Better to Do" by LeAnn Rimes
Lani is a criminal, robbing people! This song is all about getting into trouble as a teenager, and it fits well.

Those are just a few. Here's the link to the playlist, which doesn't have all of the songs.... I'll come home and add more, I promise!

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Riv Re said...

Sante Fe? *breaks out in song, trying to mimik Christian Bale*
Well, enjoy! I'm definitely going to check out that playlist. 63? Mine pales in comparison...
*checks out list*
I have Miss Independent on one of my book playlists, too. Fits perfectly ;)
Enjoy New Mexico!

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