Short Snippet Saturday

            When my mother finally picked me up that afternoon, I tried to act casual, but she knew better. “Morgan, what’s wrong?” she asked.
            We drove down the street, and while I knew Sean was probably waving from his porch, I couldn’t look back. “Nothing, Mom,” I said.
            “Morgan Elizabeth, do not tell me that nothing is wrong. Something is wrong, it’s written all over your face, and what really happened to your leg?”
            I looked down at my leg, and once again, I was forced to realize that my boyfriend had kicked me.
            “I told you what happened already,” I said.
            “Morgan, sweetie, you really are a bad liar,” she said, grinning.
            You wouldn’t be grinning if you really knew what was wrong, I thought to myself. “Jeez, thanks.” I rolled my eyes.
            She pulled up into the driveway and I went upstairs to my bedroom. I opened up my laptop and started searching for some of the governor’s appearances. If I could pinpoint where Sean would try to kill him, I could go to the police and stop him. Granted, his plan was already ruined because of the governor’s cancelation, but Sean wasn’t one to let that stop him. He’d probably just go to the next one. Sean wasn’t someone to just quit.
            It was strange to think that his determination to see things through had been one of the things I’d found most attractive when we first started dating, and now, it was something I had to stop.
            The first appearance listed on his website had a bold, red “Cancelled” next to it. The second one listed wasn’t for another three weeks, down in Houston. Sean wouldn’t make the trip from Lubbock to Houston, would he?
            “You’ll come with me when we escape to Mexico.”
            He would go to Houston just to get to Mexico? I pulled up Google Maps and started adding up the numbers. If Sean went from Lubbock to Juarez, Mexico, it was roughly 338 if he cut through New Mexico to avoid Texas officials. From Houston to Herocia Matamoros, Mexico, which was right on the southern most border of Texas, it was only 297 miles.  But, the distance from Lubbock to Houston was almost 500 miles. It’d be illogical to go all the way to Houston just to kill the governor.
            Now, I was berating myself for not taking the notes and the bags with money and fake IDs. If I had them, I could have gone to the police to explain Sean’s plan. But, I didn’t, so the chances of them taking me seriously weren’t likely.
            I still had to go talk to them, that was certain. I couldn’t just let him get away with this. I wrote down the mileage from Lubbock to Jaurez and then the mileage from Houston to Herocia Matamoros.
            “Morgan!” My mom called from downstairs.
            “What?” I asked.
            “The phone’s for you,” she said.
            I walked out to the desk in the hallway and picked up the phone. “Hello?”
            “Sean told me about you,” the man said. His voice was deep and low, the kind of voice you heard in nightmares, the kind of voice that sent chills down your back.
            “Uh…. Who is this?” I asked.
            “You don’t need to know that, but, if you try to stop Sean and I-”
            “Morgan! Hurry up, I need to use the phone,” my mom yelled.
            I slammed the phone into the cradle, not wanting to hear anymore. Sean had a partner? Now, I had to find out who the partner was, and tell the police that.
            I walked downstairs into the kitchen. “Morgan, who was that on the phone?” my mom asked. She was cutting up fruit for dinner, trying to balance the phone between her ear and shoulder.
            “Oh, no one. Wrong Morgan, I guess,” I said. I flipped the lock on the back door and locked the dead bolt, just to be safe.
            My mother sent me a worried look, but I ignored her as I crossed the house to the front door and locked that too.
            I went to the window to close the blinds and froze when I saw Sean and another guy walking out of the car.
            “Mom!” I called. “I’m going out for a walk. I’ll be back in a bit,” I said, more to calm my own nerves than anything else.
            She didn’t respond.
            I flipped the lock back and opened the door. Sean was just reaching for the doorbell when I opened it. “What?” I asked.
            “Come with us,” the man said. It was the same man from the telephone.
            “I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.” A pretty slick response considering I could hear my heart beating over the sound of my voice.
            “Well, then you can come with me. I’m not a stranger.” Sean grabbed my arm and yanked me off the front porch.
            “Jeez, what is your problem?” I asked. I pulled my arm away and went back to close the door. “Is that how you treat all your girlfriends?”
            The guy laughed. Now that I was standing here, near him, it was obvious that his voice matched him. He was tall and chunky. The kind of guy you’d expect to knock down walls with his shoulders. I just hoped he didn’t knock down walls….
            “Shut up,” Sean said to him.
“Well, hurry up.”
            “Morgan, please, don’t make this difficult.”
            “What? Are you planning to kidnap me?” I asked.
            “Don’t think of it as kidnapping. Think of it as keeping you safe so when they start investigating, you won’t get tangled up in all of this. You’re going to stay somewhere where no one will ever find you.”
            “Yeah, see, Sean, here’s the thing. I’m kind of busy at the moment.” I pushed him off to the side and started walking down the sidewalk to the car.
            “Where are you going?” the big guy called out. They were following me.
            I opened the car door and climbed in. I turned the car on and rolled the window down. “Somewhere where you’ll never find me,” I said.
            “I don’t think so,” he said. The guy yanked the car door open and grabbed me out of it. “Sean, open up the back door and let’s get her in!”

love, Lala


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