On My Mind Monday #3

Nooks. Books. My OCD-ness. What do they all have in common?
Well.... a lot of things actually.
Last week, while I was in Bryan-College Station, Texas, my mom and I stopped at Barnes and Noble. Oh, how I love that place. I ended up getting two books.

Pride and Prejudice is for AP Senior English. Bleh. I have to read it along with 1984 by George Orwell. I'm much more excited about 1984, as my newly graduated friends who read it last year actually liked it. My friend, Alyssa described it to me, and it sounds like a dystopian! Love those books! Anyways, I've seen the Pride and Prejudice movie a few times, and I always get super bored.... and yes, the one with Keira Knightly, so I don't really have high hopes for this book. We'll have to see....
Uncommon Criminals! This book is about a teenage criminal, and it's actually a sequel. How could I not get it? I got the first one back when I bought Shania Twain's From This Moment On and I'm so excited to read them! 

Anyways, that's not the point of the post. The point is, while I had to buy Pride and Prejudice, I didn't have to buy Uncommon Criminals, but I still did. When I showed up with it, my mom asked, "Don't you have a nook you can buy these on?"
Yes, Mom, yes I do.
For Christmas, I got a fancy nookcolor. They've got commercials all over the place for them.

Does it look familiar? I can't imagine why not. Anyways, this little nook is really handy. You can pre-order books, and they download the night before the book is actually released. I just preordered Meg Cabot's new book, Overbite. Anyways, with this, you can hold thousands of books on one little nifty device, and I love my nook, I really do. It's super easy to read, and while I was one of those that wanted nothing to do with e-readers, I'm so glad I got my little sucker. I was a little anti e-reader.... like this lady: 

And, honestly, part of the reason I still buy real books is.... I'm OCD. Like, extremely so. If I buy a book that's a part of a series, an actual hardback book, by golly, I'll buy the rest of the series in hardback, not on my nook. If I get a book on my nook, the rest of the series will be on the nook. I can't not have it that way! So OCD!
So, do any of you guys have nooks or kindles? Or do you just go with regular books? And if you do have an e-reader, are you OCD like I am? 

love, Lala


Autumn said...

I was at that exact Barnes and Noble on Saturday :) *Huggles Barnes and Noble* We should have met up!

We're thinking about getting my dad a Nook for his upcoming birthday, but he's starting to lean towards wanting a new phone, so...

Riv Re said...

I have to read A Tale Of Two Cities this summer. (NOT looking forward to it.)
Ooh! A Nook! Why did I not know about this? The Nook is so cool. I'm super happy about the new one that was released, I think I'll get it. (And to think I almost bought the original *scoffs*) Loved the Kindle commercial, by the way. Fist time I saw it.
Good luck with Pride and Prejudice!

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