Observations of a Girl Who Ought to be on Summer Vacation

It's June, I should be out of school. Junior year should be done and behind me, and God only knows how much I wish it was. It's been a year of heartache, that's for certain. I've lost people that mean a lot to me this past year, no, no one died, but in some cases, they might as well have, since I never hear from them. Ever.
That, and my schedule this past year was so out of whack, it wasn't even funny.
But, here in good ole' Texas, we've hit 90 degrees or higher the past, like, ten days in a row. IT'S FREAKING SUMMER ALREADY!!
Don't believe me?

My family went to the pool yesterday afternoon for the first time. When you're going to the pool, it's time to be out of school. In fact, I'm pretty sure every other freaking school district in Texas is out.
But are we? NO! 
If it's June, we should just be out.
I don't care what Barak Obama says. We need a break for all the crap they try to teach us.
But, in a few days (Thursday), I'll be out of school and a senior! Did I mention that because of all my senior friends, I already have senioritis? That'll be something to look forward to next year. If it's bad now, it'll be horrible next year. :D


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