Character Thursdays - Alexis Dreandry

This, this is Allie. One of my best friends.

 The other is Courtney, but right now, we're talking about Allie. Allie is a lot like me, crazy, loud, and if you don't know us personally, you might find us a bit annoying, but that's okay, we just like to have fun. 
Allie is the main inspiration for a character, Alexis Dreandry.
Alexis isn't introduced into Cassie's world until the second book, but she appears in every book afterword. She's another foster child Joe takes under his wing, eventually adopting her, and she and Cassie are best friends.
Alexis isn't afraid to speak her mind, and neither is Allie. They're never afraid to take up a challenge. Both of them are just looking to have fun with friends.
But, Alexis isn't Canadian like Allie.
But, once you meet Alexis, if you know Allie, you'll agree, they're so much alike. :D


Matthew MacNish said...

Awesome. Basing characters off of people is great fun!

Jack said...

I agree with Matthew, characters based on people you know, or people you want to meet is a great idea! I've done that, but I've never told anyone my characters are based on them...they'd be shocked, I tell ya! Utterly shocked!

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