I'm Back!

I'm back! So, needless to say, the site has changed. A LOT. A lot o freakin lot. Like for instance.

  • New name. I mean, come on, let's face it. This really is a site where I ramble on and on and on and on and on and- you get the point. And the name has a cute little ring to it, right? Right? Of course, Laura, of course it does. Good, we're all on the same page.
  • Book review: Alright, I brought them back, I'm not very good though, as you can obviously see down below.
  • Leave me a comment! Do it, just do it, and be amazed at the awesomeness...
  • I'm pretty sure that's it.
OH! I LIED! Everyone, you need to go check out Peace, Love, and Books (Evie's blog) like now! She's helped me so much with this, like the coding for practically everything. And, you should also check out her new blog, Dreaming in Open Fields, which was inspired by.... well... me. Not to brag or anything, but I'm quite honored. :D

Deadly Little Secrets by Laurie Faria Stolarz

Until three months ago, everything in sixteen-year-old Camelia’s life had been fairly ordinary: decent grades, an okay relationship with her parents, and a pretty cool part-time job at the art studio downtown. But when a mysterious boy named Ben starts junior year at her high school, Camelia’s life becomes anything but ordinary.Rumored to be somehow responsible for his ex-girlfriend’s accidental death, Ben is immediately ostracized by everyone on campus. Except for Camelia. She’s reluctant to believe he's trouble, even when her friends try to convince her otherwise. Instead, she’s inexplicably drawn to Ben…and to his touch. But soon, Camelia is receiving eerie phone calls and strange packages with threatening notes. Ben insists she is in danger, and that he can help—but can he be trusted? She knows he's hiding something... but he's not the only one with a secret.From the best-selling author of Blue is for Nightmares comes a new series that's sure to be a thrilling and chilling teen favorite.

First thoughts: I was really excited to read this, I found it a couple of months ago on goodreads and added it and the sequel to my to-read list. Finally, I got to this book.
Writing: The style was simplistic, nothing too fancy, Present tense, which worked for this book, and it flowed well for simplicity.The story was told in Camelia's POV, but every few chapters, there was this mysterious male POV. I originally thought it was a main character, and I found that really creepy the way he talked, but about 3/4s of the way in the story, it dawned on me that there was no way it could be who I was, and the male who had his own POV really shocked me.
Characters:  The main character, Camelia, was okay. She's a sculptor, which Stolarz really worked into the story. But, that was about the coolest thing she ever did. The characters are pretty well rounded, I really liked Kimmie, her best friend. But, at some points, Camelia seemed borderline obsessive with Ben, and it made me a little crazy.
Plot: The plot was pretty good. It was suspenseful. I finished this at 11pm and I refused to go to sleep. It wasn't until the climax that the plot got amazing and it all made sense, but that's how suspense stories work, right?
Final thoughts: While this wasn't quite as great as I expected it to be, it was still a good read, and I'm going to read the two sequels.


New Music Tuesday

Today's New Music Tuesday album is Outlaws Like Me by Justin Moore. It's a great album, and features his current hit "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away." For anyone who's ever experienced the loss of someone special, this is a song you need to listen to. In fact, do it. DO IT NOW I SAY! :D

So, here's the track listing:

  1. Redneck Side
  2. My Kind of Woman
  3. If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away
  4. Run Out of Honky Tonks
  5. Beer Time
  6.  Bait a Hook
  7. Flyin' Down a Back Road
  8. If You Don't Like My Twang
  9. Guns
  10. Sunshine Babies
  11. Til My Last Day
  12. Bed of My Chevy
  13. Outlaws Like Me


On My Mind Monday #3

Nooks. Books. My OCD-ness. What do they all have in common?
Well.... a lot of things actually.
Last week, while I was in Bryan-College Station, Texas, my mom and I stopped at Barnes and Noble. Oh, how I love that place. I ended up getting two books.

Pride and Prejudice is for AP Senior English. Bleh. I have to read it along with 1984 by George Orwell. I'm much more excited about 1984, as my newly graduated friends who read it last year actually liked it. My friend, Alyssa described it to me, and it sounds like a dystopian! Love those books! Anyways, I've seen the Pride and Prejudice movie a few times, and I always get super bored.... and yes, the one with Keira Knightly, so I don't really have high hopes for this book. We'll have to see....
Uncommon Criminals! This book is about a teenage criminal, and it's actually a sequel. How could I not get it? I got the first one back when I bought Shania Twain's From This Moment On and I'm so excited to read them! 

Anyways, that's not the point of the post. The point is, while I had to buy Pride and Prejudice, I didn't have to buy Uncommon Criminals, but I still did. When I showed up with it, my mom asked, "Don't you have a nook you can buy these on?"
Yes, Mom, yes I do.
For Christmas, I got a fancy nookcolor. They've got commercials all over the place for them.

Does it look familiar? I can't imagine why not. Anyways, this little nook is really handy. You can pre-order books, and they download the night before the book is actually released. I just preordered Meg Cabot's new book, Overbite. Anyways, with this, you can hold thousands of books on one little nifty device, and I love my nook, I really do. It's super easy to read, and while I was one of those that wanted nothing to do with e-readers, I'm so glad I got my little sucker. I was a little anti e-reader.... like this lady: 

And, honestly, part of the reason I still buy real books is.... I'm OCD. Like, extremely so. If I buy a book that's a part of a series, an actual hardback book, by golly, I'll buy the rest of the series in hardback, not on my nook. If I get a book on my nook, the rest of the series will be on the nook. I can't not have it that way! So OCD!
So, do any of you guys have nooks or kindles? Or do you just go with regular books? And if you do have an e-reader, are you OCD like I am? 

love, Lala


Saturday Story Updates (2)

Once again, I'm gonna talk about Super Ordinary. Oh boy, does it need work or what! It's pretty rough, and the inkpoppers who've read it agree. So, I guess the next week, I'll be editing it and doing some major rewriting....
Next week, I'll start off Short Snippet Saturdays with the new improved Super Ordinary!


New Music Tuesday -

Today, I'm featuring Crystal Shawnanda and her debut album, Dawn of a New Day. She's Native American, and her last name actually means "Dawn of a new day." Pretty cool, right? She's got this rough sound to her voice, and while I'm usually not a fan of the rougher sounding singers, she pulls it off very well.

  1. Evolution
  2. My Roots are Showing
  3. Tender Side
  4. Baby You're Back
  5. Dawn of a New Day
  6. You Can Let Go
  7. I Need a Man
  8. What Do I have to Do
  9. Your Cheatin Heart
  10. Try
  11. You Can't Take It Back


On My Mind Monday #2

inkpop...... Oh inkpop.... How I used to adore you, back when I could open the home page and see things like this:

Or this: 
 I had a cute little star next to The Assassin.

But now, I get this: 

And the HC review is gone. All of the top picks have lost their reviews. That really bites. I mean, yeah, I saved it because I loved it, but STILL!
I bet by the end of the month, I'll be a goner, unless they seriously fix up their site.
Oh yikes.


Short Snippet Saturday

I kicked at Sean but he side-stepped me and I fell to the ground. I managed to grab his shirt and he fell down with me.
            He tried to break free from me with a hard push across the grass, but I had his shirt in a death grip and I wasn’t going to let go.
            “Jesus, Morgan, let go,” he yelled.
            The other guy grabbed me and picked me up off the ground. “Let’s go,” he said.
            “Look, missy, you’re coming with us whether you want to or not.” The guy pulled me across the lawn and shoved me into the back of the van.
            The door slammed shut and I jumped up, pounding at the window. “Let me out of here!”
            “No,” Sean said. “You just shut up, Morgan. There is no way I’m going to let you out now. You know way too much and you will go talk to the police if I don’t stop you. I don’t want to kill you, but if this gets leaked, I will.”
            He stared at me, and for a moment, I completely believed him. He would kill me if I wasn’t quiet. So, it was obvious, I’d be quiet.
            But, I couldn’t be. Someone’s life was at stake, and it wasn’t mine. I wasn’t the one who decided whether or not to let the governor live.
            “Let’s go.” The guy turned the van on and started to pull away from the curb. I looked out the window and sighed. Was I really being kidnapped?
            I buried my face in my hands and bit back a sob. Then, I realized my phone was in my pocket. I still had a chance of escaping and warning the police.
            “Hand it to me,” Sean said. He leaned over his seat and held his hand out expectedly.
            “Hand you what?”
            “Hand me the phone, Morgan. Or, I will come and take it from you.”    
            My face fell. How did he know? He couldn’t know.
            “I don’t have my phone. It’s up in my bedroom.”
            “Liar, it’s in your pocket.” He pointed to the pocket and sure enough, you could see the bulge where my phone was.
            I looked at him and then I looked at the window. I rolled the van window down and threw my phone out the window. It shattered when it hit a mailbox and tiny pieces of glass and plastic hit the car as it sped by.
            Sean stared at me for a moment, shocked. “I can’t believe you just did that.”
            I met his glare and didn’t look down. “Well, I did.”
            The guy laughed. “Rick, shut up,” Sean said.
            “She’s pretty funny, it’s a shame we have to kidnap her,” he said.
            “No, it isn’t,” Sean said. “We have to make sure she doesn’t tell the police.”
            “See, I don’t know why you would think I’d tell the police,” I said. The guy laughed again. I could use his sense of humor to my advantage. If I could figure out how to use it.
            “That’s not the point,” Rick said. “I’m just pointing out that she’s funny. Is that a crime?”
            Sean just shot him a nasty look. “Would you be quiet?”
            “No,” Rick said. “I’m the one in charge of this operation, I’ll decide when I want to be quiet or not.”
            Sean just turned back around to the front and sulked.
            I sat there in the back, trying not to roll around too much. There weren’t any seats, so I was forced to sit on the floor.
            We’d reached the end of the neighborhood and we’d come to the main street in town.
            “Duck down, Morgan,” Sean said.
            “Why?” I asked.
            “We don’t want anyone seeing you back there.”
            He was crazy if he thought I was going to lie down in the back of the van. “No.”
            He looked back at me. “Excuse me?”
            “You heard me, Sean. I said ‘no.’”
            “I heard what you said, but I don’t care if you don’t want to, Morgan. Just get down there.”
            “No,” I said again. “I am not going to lie down on the floor. If someone sees me, then they’ll see me.”
            “Don’t make me come back there,” he said.
            “You sound like my mother.”
            Rick laughed in his seat. “She’s right; you do sound like a mom.”
            “Thank you,” I said.
            “I didn’t ask you, Rick,” Sean said. “And, don’t roll your eyes at me.”
            “I’ll roll my eyes at whoever I want to,” Rick said.
            The two started arguing and yelling at each other. I slid over towards the door, and seeing that the van was unlocked, I threw the door open and jumped out.
            “You think you-Hey! Morgan, get back here!” Sean called out. But by the time they realized I was gone, I was halfway down Main Street, running just to put space between us.
            There was a McDonalds up ahead that I had my eye on. It was the middle of the day with kids running in and out of the place. Surely I could hide in there. I mean, there’d be people everywhere getting lunch, playing on the playground.
            I didn’t look back. I just ran. When I finally made it to McDonalds, I ran for the playground room, where there were kids at every turn. If I could just blend in, Rick and Sean would never notice me.
            “Hey, you’re too old to be here,” a boy said.
            “Listen, kid, I don’t have time to listen to you tell me that I’m too old to be here. I’m trying to hide from some people.”
            “Why are you hiding from people?”
            “Because they aren’t very nice.”
            “Are they bad?” Another kid came up and stood next to the boy.
            “Yes, they are very bad.” I felt like a teacher, standing up in front of her class lecturing her students on bad guys. “That’s not the point though. The point is I need to hide from them.”
            “You can hide up there,” the boy said. He pointed to the tube at the top of the play scape.
            You’ve got to be kidding me, I thought. Those things were gross and unsanitary. Kids probably puked in them.
            “You check McDonalds, I’ll check Starbucks,” Rick yelled from outside.
            “Alright, let’s go,” I said.
            The kids followed me and gave me directions as I tried to navigate through the stupid tunnels.
            We finally made it to the top where I could see Sean in the dining area. He was trying to avoid little kids as he looked around.
            “Do you want us to go down and distract the bad guys?” the little boy asked.
            “No, what’s your name by the way?” I asked.
            “I’m Carter, and I really wanna beat up a bad guy.”
            “Not this bad guy, Carter, trust me,” I said. “Just go down the slide and ask like you don’t know me. If he stops you and asks you, tell him you don’t know me, okay?”
            He nodded. “See ya later,” I said. Thankfully, he picked up the hint and crawled away.
            I could see Sean walking into the play ground area. He looked up at the top, and for a moment when our eyes met, I thought he knew it was me.
            But he looked away, and I sighed in relief.
            He didn’t know it was me, and I was safe.
            For now.


Guest Post by Marisa: Pansting v. Plotting

Hey everyone! I'm Marisa from over at Live to Dance, Write to Live, and one of Laura's BFF's on the interwebz. I'm also known as mleedancerr12 on InkPop. My first book, Dancing Through Life, was an InkPop Top Pick July 2010. Currently I have two other projects up there, another realistic fiction calledPerfection is my Enemy and my brand new dystopia novel Expiration Date. I love dancing, singing, reading, acting, summer, and Grey's Anatomy (lol).

But enough about me. To the point of the blog:

Are you a plotter or a panster? One of the rather infamous questions in the writing world. Are you the kind of person who can just start of with an idea and a few characters and completely run with it, having no clue where your characters are going or how the stories end? Or do you have to sit down and meticulously plan out each and every plot point of the book before you can even attempt write?

I considered myself to be the ultimate pantser. Dancing Through Life was written completely on a whim, and I just let my characters form on their own. When I was writing a scene, I was totally in the now. I had no clue how the book would end, never mind what was happening two chapters from now. And it worked for that story, because I felt like the characters were writing it. Of course when I started it, I was thirteen and barely knew the first thing about writing.

I did the same "pantsing" process for Perfection is my Enemy. Even as I was writing the last few chapters, I never knew exactly how I wanted it to end. Because of this, I had a long period of writers block, because I had no clue where I was going.

Still, I preached the pantsing through and through. I tried REALLY HARD to plot at one point, and it just didn't work out at all. The most I think I've ever done, plotting wise, is character development charts. Whenever I tried to outline, I was left staring at a blank word doc.

Then I started Expiration Date, which is of the dystopia/thriller-esque, and discovered that plotting can indeed be your friend. Usually, when I get started on something, I go with a vengeance, and then the trouble begins around the 10k mark. That's exactly what happened with this story, and I realized that I need to figure out what's going on in this story's case.

So I opened a fresh word document with determination, and low and behold, I have the first eight chapters outlined. It's nothing intense, just about five or six bullets for each chapter, hitting the major points. It's really helping out with the pacing, and I'm finding that an outline may be just what this story needed.

You don't need to define yourself as a panster or a plotter.

In fact, I truly believe that it all depends on the story and the genre.

For me, contemporary fiction is easier to wing, because it's supposed to be real, and therefore the characters should drive and define the story, not the plot. With the dystopia, I need to have a sense of what's coming up and what's going on. I'm still leaving plenty of wiggle room, but this general skeleton is necessary.

Of course, there will be people who will always plot no matter what, and there will be people who will never plot.

And it is possible for the devout pantser to morph into a plotter. 


Guest Blog by Deena

Today, ladies and gentlemen, I've got a good friend, Deena doing a guest post. If you're on inkpop, you might know her as ThatCinderellastory. Be sure to visit her blog! Enjoy her post!

Something everyone wants *cough* needs is to make chapter numero uno the best that it can be. 
Basically because all chances of you ever getting published pretty much rest on its shoulders. 

Here are some random tips that have all come out of the mouths of one or more agents at one point in time or another. Yes, I have revised them to make them more reading friendly and less boring in general.

1. Avoid clich├ęs like the plague. 
They are the figurative equivalent of fingernails on a chalkboard to an agent. 
What your book says: “It was a dark and stormy night” 
What the agent sees: “This book is going to suck” 

2. Avoid being unoriginal. 
You are pretty much personally flushing your manuscript down the toilet when you use an unoriginal concept. 
What your book says: “I’m an original book about a girl who has a secret identity.”
What the agent sees: “Halfway through chapter one, you’re going to forget the main character’s name and description and just picture her as Hannah Montana the rest of the way.”

3. Avoid hero nicknames. 
If your main character has a name, use the dang thing. Don’t name him Engleburt in chapter one and then call him Burt the rest of the book. One, it’s confusing. Two, that’s totally ridiculous and a waste of precious word count. You could have saved yourself that 25 to 50 words and just called him Burt in the first place.
What your book says: “My name is Engleburt, but I hate that, so call me Burt.”
What the agent sees: “My parents were on crack when they had me, Call me Burt and get confused the rest of the time because Engleburt and Burt don’t even start with the same letter.”

4. Stay away from dream scenes/prologues as an opening. 
It makes a reader feel cheated. 
What your book says: “This is a beautiful dream scene and/or prologue that is important in the last chapter of the book only.”
What the agent sees: “SYKE! You just wasted ten minutes of your life reading this and getting a feel for the book when really, 95% of the book doesn't even have the same feel.”

5. Avoid making your first chapter look like you're reading the character's doctor records. 
Ancestors, hair and eye color, height, weight, facial descriptions, medical conditions, these can all be woven into the actual story.
What your book says: “I’m establishing backstory.”
What the agent sees: “You’re getting sleeeeepy.” 

6. Keep your opening clean.
You want your opening to be original, but don’t do something tasteless. 
What your book says: “I’m the first book in history to start out with a character peeing off the deck!” 
What the agent sees: “There’s a reason I’m the first book in history to start with a character peeing off the deck.”

7. Don’t open a book like it’s a letter to your reader.
That’s just weird.
What your book says: “I’m fun and cute and I’m going to address my readers so they feel like part of the story.”
What the agent sees: “I see you sitting there on your bed reading this book. I’m incredibly creepy and you now feel like someone is watching you.”

8. Save the small talk for when you visit grandma.
Avoid opening with the weather or something else that would lead to small talk and not much else.
What your book says: “This is probably foreshadowing.”
What the agent sees: “The character is making small talk with me, I suddenly have a heightened sense of awareness involving my age and this conversation most likely won’t lead to anything constructive.”

9. Don’t kill a character in chapter one.
Just say N-O to drugs and dead characters.
What your book says: “It was important that this person died here.”
What the agent sees: “HA! I just wasted ten minutes of your life making you like this guy and then I killed him.”

There it is, do's and don't. Of course these are the rules and not the exception. Sure, maybe you are incredibly talented and can make one or all of the above work. If you feel brave enough, shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the SlushPile.


Super Ordinary Playlist

This week is going to be strange in terms of posting. I'm actually on my way to New Mexico, Santa Fe to be exact, with my best friend. So, I've got some surprises lined up for you while I'm gone. Trust me, they're good surprises!
Today, though, I'm going to show you my playlist for my book, Super Ordinary. All 62 63 songs. I've added it to youtube, so click here to see my playlist. I'm just going to touch on a couple of songs on the list and talk about why they're on there.

1. "Holding Out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler
This song is all about waiting for a superhero to come and save her, and when I'm writing a book about superheroes, how could I not include this one?

2. "I Won't Say (I'm in Love)" by Susan Egan and the Muses
Okay, this is one of my favorite songs. Not one of, my favorite. I love, love, *love* Susan Egan. And Lani spends a lot of time trying to convince herself that she doesn't like Rob, and that she isn't falling for him. But, do you think that's gonna stop her?

3. "Nobody's Side" by Idina Menzel and the Soloists
This song talks about how you can never really know who to trust, and Lani suffers from that a lot, especially at the beginning of the book.

4. "Nothin' Better to Do" by LeAnn Rimes
Lani is a criminal, robbing people! This song is all about getting into trouble as a teenager, and it fits well.

Those are just a few. Here's the link to the playlist, which doesn't have all of the songs.... I'll come home and add more, I promise!


Short Snippet Saturday

            When my mother finally picked me up that afternoon, I tried to act casual, but she knew better. “Morgan, what’s wrong?” she asked.
            We drove down the street, and while I knew Sean was probably waving from his porch, I couldn’t look back. “Nothing, Mom,” I said.
            “Morgan Elizabeth, do not tell me that nothing is wrong. Something is wrong, it’s written all over your face, and what really happened to your leg?”
            I looked down at my leg, and once again, I was forced to realize that my boyfriend had kicked me.
            “I told you what happened already,” I said.
            “Morgan, sweetie, you really are a bad liar,” she said, grinning.
            You wouldn’t be grinning if you really knew what was wrong, I thought to myself. “Jeez, thanks.” I rolled my eyes.
            She pulled up into the driveway and I went upstairs to my bedroom. I opened up my laptop and started searching for some of the governor’s appearances. If I could pinpoint where Sean would try to kill him, I could go to the police and stop him. Granted, his plan was already ruined because of the governor’s cancelation, but Sean wasn’t one to let that stop him. He’d probably just go to the next one. Sean wasn’t someone to just quit.
            It was strange to think that his determination to see things through had been one of the things I’d found most attractive when we first started dating, and now, it was something I had to stop.
            The first appearance listed on his website had a bold, red “Cancelled” next to it. The second one listed wasn’t for another three weeks, down in Houston. Sean wouldn’t make the trip from Lubbock to Houston, would he?
            “You’ll come with me when we escape to Mexico.”
            He would go to Houston just to get to Mexico? I pulled up Google Maps and started adding up the numbers. If Sean went from Lubbock to Juarez, Mexico, it was roughly 338 if he cut through New Mexico to avoid Texas officials. From Houston to Herocia Matamoros, Mexico, which was right on the southern most border of Texas, it was only 297 miles.  But, the distance from Lubbock to Houston was almost 500 miles. It’d be illogical to go all the way to Houston just to kill the governor.
            Now, I was berating myself for not taking the notes and the bags with money and fake IDs. If I had them, I could have gone to the police to explain Sean’s plan. But, I didn’t, so the chances of them taking me seriously weren’t likely.
            I still had to go talk to them, that was certain. I couldn’t just let him get away with this. I wrote down the mileage from Lubbock to Jaurez and then the mileage from Houston to Herocia Matamoros.
            “Morgan!” My mom called from downstairs.
            “What?” I asked.
            “The phone’s for you,” she said.
            I walked out to the desk in the hallway and picked up the phone. “Hello?”
            “Sean told me about you,” the man said. His voice was deep and low, the kind of voice you heard in nightmares, the kind of voice that sent chills down your back.
            “Uh…. Who is this?” I asked.
            “You don’t need to know that, but, if you try to stop Sean and I-”
            “Morgan! Hurry up, I need to use the phone,” my mom yelled.
            I slammed the phone into the cradle, not wanting to hear anymore. Sean had a partner? Now, I had to find out who the partner was, and tell the police that.
            I walked downstairs into the kitchen. “Morgan, who was that on the phone?” my mom asked. She was cutting up fruit for dinner, trying to balance the phone between her ear and shoulder.
            “Oh, no one. Wrong Morgan, I guess,” I said. I flipped the lock on the back door and locked the dead bolt, just to be safe.
            My mother sent me a worried look, but I ignored her as I crossed the house to the front door and locked that too.
            I went to the window to close the blinds and froze when I saw Sean and another guy walking out of the car.
            “Mom!” I called. “I’m going out for a walk. I’ll be back in a bit,” I said, more to calm my own nerves than anything else.
            She didn’t respond.
            I flipped the lock back and opened the door. Sean was just reaching for the doorbell when I opened it. “What?” I asked.
            “Come with us,” the man said. It was the same man from the telephone.
            “I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.” A pretty slick response considering I could hear my heart beating over the sound of my voice.
            “Well, then you can come with me. I’m not a stranger.” Sean grabbed my arm and yanked me off the front porch.
            “Jeez, what is your problem?” I asked. I pulled my arm away and went back to close the door. “Is that how you treat all your girlfriends?”
            The guy laughed. Now that I was standing here, near him, it was obvious that his voice matched him. He was tall and chunky. The kind of guy you’d expect to knock down walls with his shoulders. I just hoped he didn’t knock down walls….
            “Shut up,” Sean said to him.
“Well, hurry up.”
            “Morgan, please, don’t make this difficult.”
            “What? Are you planning to kidnap me?” I asked.
            “Don’t think of it as kidnapping. Think of it as keeping you safe so when they start investigating, you won’t get tangled up in all of this. You’re going to stay somewhere where no one will ever find you.”
            “Yeah, see, Sean, here’s the thing. I’m kind of busy at the moment.” I pushed him off to the side and started walking down the sidewalk to the car.
            “Where are you going?” the big guy called out. They were following me.
            I opened the car door and climbed in. I turned the car on and rolled the window down. “Somewhere where you’ll never find me,” I said.
            “I don’t think so,” he said. The guy yanked the car door open and grabbed me out of it. “Sean, open up the back door and let’s get her in!”

love, Lala



And, in honor of summer:

Beach towels!!


Writing Time Thursdays - Stereotypes (And Why Realistic Fiction Needs Them)

Yes, yes, you read that right. The title does indeed say "Why realistic fiction needs them." Yes, I do believe that realistic fiction needs stereotypes, to make it realistic.
Here's why.

1.) The Lorraine Benson factor.
Who's Lorraine Benson? Why does she get her own factor?
A: Lorraine Benson is the mean girl in The Assassin. You know, the typical, blonde mean girl. Like the ones in the movie (which I've never actually seen). She's the daughter of a billionaire, gets the cute boys, and she's shallow.
Now, I live in a town full of middle to upper class families. Poverty is almost nonexistent in my town. I joke that my school is the rich druggies school because kids have all this money to do with whatever they want. Kids get cars for Christmas at my school. But, I didn't. There are plenty of Lorraine Bensons at my school. In fact, you can probably find a Lorraine Benson in every American high school. They're all over the place, which is how they become stereotypes in stories.
If the stereotypes exist in real life, why can't they exist in books too?
2.) Hot Boys Let Their Looks Go to Their Head
It's true, I've seen it happen. Some of the best looking guys at my school are a bunch of assholes because they know their looks will save them in any situation, at least when they're in trouble with a girl. My school certainly can't be the only one with guys like this.
3.) The quiet one did it....
I believe that the quiet ones are the ones to watch. I really do.... My best friend, Courtney, talks to about five people, she's just shy. I've had people ask me if she can talk.... I swear, she's a evil genius, well, we both are. My ex-boyfriend (never thought I'd have to write that :P) is quiet too. And he's in the army, and loves guns. He's this 6'5" guy in the army....I swear, some day, the quiet kid will do it.... Just you wait.

See, there are plenty of stereotypes that we know of in books that show up in real life. In my opinion, real life created the stereotypes, not the books.

love, lala


New Music Tuesday - Knock on the Sky

Today's New Music Tuesday is from the sister trio SHeDAISY. This album, Knock on the Sky, is a country type pop. It's their worst selling album to date, but I really love it, it's got great songs.

  1. Mine All Mine
  2. I'm Lit
  3. Man Goin' Down
  4. Get Over Yourself
  5. Rush
  6. I Wish I Were the Rain
  7. Repent
  8. Everybody Wants You
  9. Now
  10. All Over You
  11. The First to Let Go
  12. Turn Me On
  13. Keep Me
  14. Knock on the Sky (hidden track)


On My Mind Monday #1

Today, I'm doing a new segment, called On My Mind Mondays. This will be for me to talk about anything on my mind, like work, or a boy.... or in today's case,. a book!
Yes, a book. What's on my mind this Monday? Well....


Yes, today, later this afternoon, I'm posting Super Ordinary. *dances around* I'll post the first four chapters up on my excerpts page later tonight too, so if you don't want to read it on inkpop, you can read it here. :)

Lani de Louise didn't believe in superheroes. Until she had to save one.

Lani de Louise is sick of superheroes. Before her mother died, she was fascinated by them. A year after her mother’s death, Lani can’t escape the rumors of a secret superhero society that can save a war-stricken world.

When she wakes up, totally unaware of where she is, she’s only more shocked to find that she’s ended up at the home of this secret society. The rules soon become clear. A dark secret has almost shattered the superheroes in two and saving the world is the only thing keeping them together. Will, the leader, has his eyes set on Lani.

Until he goes missing.

The superheroes elect Rob, the group misfit, to go out and find him, in hopes that Will will be able to save the world, once Rob saves him. Lani begs Rob to take her with him, in hopes to escape, and possibly grow closer to the mysterious boy who seems so against the world.

As the war rages on, Rob and Lani must travel across the world in hopes of finding Will and saving the world before it’s too late.

I'm super excited for the book, and I've gotten a renewed interest in it! I'll be sure to post the link to it tomorrow in my New Music Tuesday post!

love, lala


Observations of a Girl Who Ought to be on Summer Vacation

It's June, I should be out of school. Junior year should be done and behind me, and God only knows how much I wish it was. It's been a year of heartache, that's for certain. I've lost people that mean a lot to me this past year, no, no one died, but in some cases, they might as well have, since I never hear from them. Ever.
That, and my schedule this past year was so out of whack, it wasn't even funny.
But, here in good ole' Texas, we've hit 90 degrees or higher the past, like, ten days in a row. IT'S FREAKING SUMMER ALREADY!!
Don't believe me?

My family went to the pool yesterday afternoon for the first time. When you're going to the pool, it's time to be out of school. In fact, I'm pretty sure every other freaking school district in Texas is out.
But are we? NO! 
If it's June, we should just be out.
I don't care what Barak Obama says. We need a break for all the crap they try to teach us.
But, in a few days (Thursday), I'll be out of school and a senior! Did I mention that because of all my senior friends, I already have senioritis? That'll be something to look forward to next year. If it's bad now, it'll be horrible next year. :D


Foto Frenzy Friday - Leaves


Character Thursdays - Alexis Dreandry

This, this is Allie. One of my best friends.

 The other is Courtney, but right now, we're talking about Allie. Allie is a lot like me, crazy, loud, and if you don't know us personally, you might find us a bit annoying, but that's okay, we just like to have fun. 
Allie is the main inspiration for a character, Alexis Dreandry.
Alexis isn't introduced into Cassie's world until the second book, but she appears in every book afterword. She's another foster child Joe takes under his wing, eventually adopting her, and she and Cassie are best friends.
Alexis isn't afraid to speak her mind, and neither is Allie. They're never afraid to take up a challenge. Both of them are just looking to have fun with friends.
But, Alexis isn't Canadian like Allie.
But, once you meet Alexis, if you know Allie, you'll agree, they're so much alike. :D


Wrapping Up the Month of May

How the heck is it June already? Jeez! Time goes by so fast. I've had such a crazy month. But, this month will be so much better as I'm going to Houston and Santa Fe. :D
In May, I read a measly 8 books. :/ I had AP testing the first two weeks, and then the last week and a half, well, it's been, not fun to say the least. But, between all the car rides, and long days without school, I'm going to probably read that many books in a week.

I'm about to start Shania Twain's book From This Moment On. It's her autobiography, and I'm so excited to read it. I grew up listening to her!
My goal this month is to read twenty books. I've fallen really behind on my reading with all the stress of school, but I've got a list of books to read. Here's a few:
  1. The Last Boleyn
  2. A Rose for the Crown
  3. Deception Point
  4. Deadly Little Secret
  5. Deadly Little Lies
  6. Digital Fortress
  7. The Wide Awake Princess
  8. The Informationist
Plus so many more. If you want to see what I'm reading, visit me on goodreads and check out my to-read shelf.

Writing wise wasn't much better. After AP testing, I stalled because I was so relieved that was over. I'd written six, hard core essays in a period of a few days, and I didn't want to think about writing. As soon as I felt like I was ready to write again, I got dumped. *sigh* It's okay, I gave him what he deserved yesterday. I need to hit 10K by Monday on Super Ordinary, so I can post it on inkpop Monday night.
Beyond that, I'll be gone so much, I'll be lucky to get any writing done at all. So, let's just say that's my goal for this month.
Life has been pretty crazy the past month, so my normal responsiblities and joys fell through the cracks, but I'll be back.

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