Short Snippet Saturday

I know today should be whatever the other Saturdays are, but frankly, because of my relationship woes, I haven't worked on anything in the past few weeks, so this is what you get. Another short snippet Saturday. It's a pick up of where the last one left off.

I went two days before I asked him about it. I was too shocked. Sean would never want to assassinate the governor of Texas. That was absurd. He thought violence was never the answer. He didn’t play shooting video games, didn’t watch war movies, none of that. It just didn’t add up. But, in those two days before I approached him, it suddenly became very clear that he wanted to.
            Governor Perry showed up in the news about the budget several times, and Sean would always get tense. His actions would be easy to miss if I hadn’t known about what he was planning to do.
            “Sean,” I said. I had to do this, because if he really was serious, I had to try and stop him. Just because I found horrible notes didn’t mean I could go running to the police. I needed to be positive that he was going to do this.
            “What?” he asked. The microwave beeped and he pulled out a bag of popcorn. “Want some?” He stuffed a handful is his mouth.
            I took a deep breath. “Do you have a problem with the governor?” I asked. Good, I could lead into the big question.
            “Well, I think he’s doing an awful job, but Texas elected him to be our governor, so I guess I just have to wait another four years.”
            “Well, I mean, couldn’t you do something about it? There are always ways to get around it, right?” I asked, trying to set him up to mention something about the assassination plot.
            “Like what?” he asked. He grinned down at me. “Have you been reading mystery thrillers?”
            He carted the bag of popcorn into the living room and sat down on the couch.
            “Sean, I’m serious. Are you sure that all you’re going to do is wait until he’s up for reelection and hope he loses?”
            “Yeah, why would you think something else?”
            “Sean, I – I… I saw your letters,” I said.
            The amused, little grin vanished as his eyes turned cold. “You what?” He grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me toward him until our faces were just inches away from each other.
            “I… I… I saw the letter and the notes about Governor Perry. About how you wanted to kill him-”        
            “Shut up!” He shoved me backward and I fell to the ground. “You shouldn’t know anything about that, and if you tell a single soul about what I’m trying to do, I will kill you when I finish, do you understand?”
            “Sean, you can’t honestly expect that you can get away with this-”
            The slap across my face ringed in my ear. “You better keep quiet.”
            He kicked me in the leg, hard enough to make me slide across the hardwood floor.
            I let out a gasp for air that came out as a sob.
            “Maybe that’ll teach you to stay out of my stuff.” He turned around and walked away, leaving me on the floor, crying.
            The next time I saw Sean, he acted like nothing had ever happened. It didn’t matter that my left leg was covered in a bruise from when he kicked me.
            “Hey, Babe,” he said. “How are you?”
            I didn’t answer, but instead, I watched as my mom drove off. I hadn’t had the heart to tell her the story of my bruise, and instead, I told her I’d hit my leg on the door handle on the refrigerator. While she hadn’t looked like she believed it, she hadn’t questioned me. She must have decided that if I was going so far to make up such a pathetic lie, she probably didn’t want to know what had really happened.
            And, in a way, she probably didn’t need to. What had happened was between Sean and I. This time I’d be ready and I’d fight back if he tried to hurt me, but I didn’t plan to let him hurt me again.
            “Morgan, are you okay?” he asked.
            “Yeah, I’m fine.” I silently dared him to ask about the bruise, but he didn’t.
            “Well, that’s good.” He walked back into his house, and I followed.
            “Now, here’s the thing,” he said once we got to the kitchen. “What you saw in those letters was all a misunderstanding.”
            “It was?” I asked. I felt a sense of relief; I knew it wouldn’t be like Sean to plan to assassinate the governor.
            “Yeah,” he said. “It was. And, I’m sorry about your leg.” He nodded down at my leg, and when I looked down, my brief relief ended when I remembered the bruise.
            “Oh, yeah. It’s just a bruise, it’ll heal,” I said, acting like it was no big deal, but inside I was starting to become furious. If those letters had been just a misunderstanding, why had he needed to kick me? Why had he needed to kick me in the first place? 
            “I’ve got to go,” I said. I turned around to walk out the front door.
            “Morgan, wait! You’re not okay, tell me what’s wrong.”
            “No,” I said.
            He grabbed my arm, but I yanked it away. “Leave me alone!” I walked out the front door and started walking away from his house.
            “Wait!” He was following me. “Look, I’m sorry about what happened; I guess I just got mad that you’d think that of me. I’m sorry, I really am. What can I do to make it up to you?”
            “It’s not about making it up to me, Sean. I could understand why you’d be mad if all of this was a misunderstanding, but those letters were about assassinating the governor of Texas. That’s serious, and if you know anything about someone planning to kill him, you should report them to the police.”
            “Why would I do that?”
            “Sean, just because you don’t like the man, that doesn’t mean his life isn’t any less important than yours.”
            “Morgan, if I tell you the truth-”
            “I don’t want to hear it!”
            Then, from what seemed out of nowhere, something hit me on the back. I stumbled over, and Sean grabbed my arm. “Come with me.” He dragged me up back into the house.
            “Sean, let go of me!”
            He closed the front door and pulled me into the living room. He shoved me down onto the couch. “You know too much.”
            “Wait, what? Are you serious? You’re really planning to-”
            Sean slapped his hand over my mouth. “Shut up. Someone will hear you. You’re already a threat to my plan, if someone else hears about this, then I’m as good as dead. Tomorrow when he goes to give his speech at the Arboretum, I’ll be there.”
            It suddenly dawned on me that he was serious. He’d put a lot of thought into this plan, maybe too much planning.
            “The media is having a field day with this speech, and he isn’t dead yet!”
            “What… what do you mean?” I asked.
            He turned around and turned the TV on. At the bottom of the TV a headline read “Perry cancels Arboretum speech.”
            Sean stood there for a moment, I guess reading the screen. “No…” he said.
            While Sean stood frozen, in shock about his defeated plan, I said a silent prayer, thankful that Sean’s plan was ruined.
            “If you think that his cancelled appearance will stop me, you’re wrong!” Sean cried.
            “Sean, don’t!”
            “Be quiet. Morgan, no matter what you do, you will not talk me out of this. In fact, now, I only have to options for you. You can keep quiet and I’ll let you live, and you’ll come with me when we escape to Mexico. Or, if you insist on being loud and trying to talk me out of this, I just might kill you.”
            He turned around and walked away. He was halfway to his bedroom when he said, “don’t even think about trying to leave.”
            He didn’t have to warn me. I was so scared I would have stayed on the couch regardless. Had he really just threatened to kill me too? What had happen to him? All of the sudden he was monster.
            In the past month and a half, my friends had all been excited for me. I was dating a charm guy, but now, his true colors revealed, he was just….
            I was dating a crazy monster. A man who wanted to kill the governor of Texas. But, he couldn’t. No one would gain anything if he did.
            This wasn’t happening. It couldn’t happen. Sean was only eighteen, too young to kill someone. 


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