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SO! New post today! Because I've had AP testing the past couple of weeks, I haven't had much time to write, so there isn't a lot for me to post for a Short Snippet Saturday. Because of this, I've decided that now, every *other* Saturday will be a Short Snippet Saturday, and the other Saturdays will be Saturday Story Update Saturdays.
What is a Saturday story Update? You may ask.
Exactly what it sounds like. I'll pick a story I'm working on and give you an update on how the book's going, and any other news you might need to know about the book. 
Today's book is Super Ordinary. For a while there, I had absolutely no idea where this story was going, and the truth is, I still kind of have no idea, but Tuesday, I made myself outline The Assassin, and when I finished, I did part of Super Ordinary. And, I'm really pleased with how it turned out, except for the minor detail where I have to go re-write half of what I have already. *sigh* 
So, I've got until June 6th to do that.
Why June 6th? You're asking yourself, right?
Well, that's when I'm posting Super Ordinary on inkpop. And for the special occasion, I'm posting with Nella, Marisa, and Sharon. It's going to be a big night, so if you're on inkpop, be sure to be there! All of these ladies are super talented and their stories will be great!

Lani de Louise didn't believe in superheroes. Until she had to save one.

Lani de Louise is sick of superheroes. Before her mother died, she was fascinated by them. A year after her mother’s death, Lani can’t escape the rumors of a secret superhero society that can save a war-stricken world.
When she wakes up, totally unaware of where she is, she’s only more shocked to find that she’s ended up at the home of this secret society. The rules soon become clear. A dark secret has almost shattered the superheroes in two and saving the world is the only thing keeping them together. Will, the leader, has his eyes set on Lani.

Until he goes missing.

The superheroes elect Rob, the group misfit, to go out and find him, in hopes that Will will be able to save the world, once Rob saves him. Lani begs Rob to take her with him, in hopes to escape, and possibly grow closer to the mysterious boy who seems so against the world.

As the war rages on, Rob and Lani must travel across the world in hopes of finding Will and saving the world before it’s too lat

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LReneeS said...

Can't wait to see the book up on inkpop. Remind me about it, okay? And I totally understand why you haven't been able to post a lot on saturdays. AP testing was not fun at all:( I'm surprised I've been able to do anything with all I've been caught up with.

By the way, what are you doing with The Assassin? Are you just going through more edits with it or what?


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