Character Thursdays - Lani de Louise

Today, I'm talking about Lani de Lousie, the main character from Super Ordinary. Lani is a lot like Cassie, just rougher and a little bit more to the extreme. Lani uses her hands to do all the talking, but since she's only 5'1" that tends to be a problem. 

Lani lives in the future, but at an undetermined date. The world is run by the leaders and they're at war with the rest of the world. During a raid, both of Lani's parents are killed and she's forced to live out on the streets where she takes up petty crime to survive. Super Ordinary opens up with Lani working with a bunch of guys to steal this top secret, almost urban legend, drug called "Adenalin." She wants to ransom it back to the leaders in order to have money to survive.
Well, the guys she's working with turn against her and the super heroes find her. Well, the super heroes work for the leaders, and Lani is basically held captive against her will at the super hero complex. There she meets Will, the leader, and Rob, the outcast. <3 (Take a guess at which one I like :P)
Right now, Super Ordinary has kind of taken a backseat since I'm at a total standstill on what happens next. I will finish it, I assure you of that, it may just be a while. 


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