Character Thursdays - Beautiful People

Today, I found this great post called "Beautiful People." Basically, you have a set of questions that you have to answer about your character. If you want more information about "Beautiful People" click on the picture.

So, I thought today I would do questions on Cassie, who is basically my fictional baby. Here we go!
1. What type of laugh does he/she have?
It's not obnoxiously loud, but Cassie isn't really a quiet person, so it isn't quiet either.
2. Who is his/her best friend?
Well, it depends on what book you're reading. Most of the series, Cassie's best friend is Alexis, but she doesn't come until book two. Alexis is a lot like Cassie, a no-nonsense kind of girl who grew up tough.
3. What is his/her family like?
Cassie lives with her single dad, Joe, who does corporate business stuff. He has a girlfriend named Beth. (I really do love Beth as a character, more on that later.)
4. Is he/she a Christian, or will he/she eventually find Jesus?
Well, she does believe in God and Jesus, and her birth mother was a devout Catholic (like me!), but since she is an assassin and all, God and her don't mix too well. 
5. Does he/she believe in fairies?
6. Does he/she like hedgehogs?
She lives in New York, she doesn't have to worry about whether or not she likes hedgehogs.
7. Favorite kind of weather?
Right after sun set on a summer night.
8. Does he/she have a good sense of humor? If so what kind? (Slapstick, wit, sarcasm, etc.?)
sarcasm, all the way.
9. How did he/she do in school, or any kind of education they might have had.
In high school most of the series.
10. Any strange hobbies?
Does killing people count?

love, lala

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Carol said...

I don't know about the assasin part though...kinda too violent for me...

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