100 Follower Contest

I know, I *know.* I don't actually have a hundred followers yet, but I'm a 90, so until I get there, we're gonna have a contest!
So, here's the contest rules. Comment on this post, and you need to leave your name and email address. I'm fine if you write your email address like lauratennisketter [at] live [dot] com. I do that all the time.
Here's how you enter.
+1 for being a follower, or if you begin to follow my blog
+2 for blogging about it on your blog (leave the link in your comment)
+2 for tweeting about it (either leave the link to the tweet or mention @tennisketter in your tweet)
+3 for liking myfacebook page

One person will win a five page critique from me for any book they want....
One person will win a blog makeover from me

If you don't write, let me know, because it'd be silly if you won the critique from me, and if you don't have a blog, let me know that too, so I can give each prize to someone who can use it. Sound good? The contest will probably run until I have somewhere between 100-105 followers, so be sure to keep updated so you know when it's over!


Riv Re said...

*claps* Not entering, but congrats, Lala! I'm almost at 100 too, but I've got no ideas on what to do for it, and I'm insanely busy anyhow. :)
Enjoy, and good luck to the entrants!

Tegan ♥ said...

Tegan Herrick

+1 for following and +3 for ze FB page :)

Bianca McCray said...

Bianca McCray crazybeing101@yahoo.com I have a blog and here's the post: http://biancamccrayauthor.blogspot.com/2011/06/lauras-100-follower-contest.html I write, but I don't have much written...so just the blog please. :)

Autumn said...

Autumn Green
Email: a.m.greenforever@gmail.com

Following, and I just mentioned the contest in one of my blog posts. Here's the link:


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