New Music Tuesday - Taking the Long Way1

Today's New Music Tuesday album is the Dixie Chicks' 2006 album, Taking the Long Way. This was the first album they released after the George Bush comments (let's not get into those), and it's a very well done album.

  1. The Long Way Around
  2. Easy Silence
  3. Not Ready to Make Nice
  4. Everybody Knows
  5. Bitter End
  6. Lullaby
  7. Lubbock or Leave It
  8. Silent House
  9. Favorite Year
  10. Voice Inside My Head
  11. I Like It
  12. Baby Hold On
  13. So Hard
  14. I Hope


100 Follower Contest

I know, I *know.* I don't actually have a hundred followers yet, but I'm a 90, so until I get there, we're gonna have a contest!
So, here's the contest rules. Comment on this post, and you need to leave your name and email address. I'm fine if you write your email address like lauratennisketter [at] live [dot] com. I do that all the time.
Here's how you enter.
+1 for being a follower, or if you begin to follow my blog
+2 for blogging about it on your blog (leave the link in your comment)
+2 for tweeting about it (either leave the link to the tweet or mention @tennisketter in your tweet)
+3 for liking myfacebook page

One person will win a five page critique from me for any book they want....
One person will win a blog makeover from me

If you don't write, let me know, because it'd be silly if you won the critique from me, and if you don't have a blog, let me know that too, so I can give each prize to someone who can use it. Sound good? The contest will probably run until I have somewhere between 100-105 followers, so be sure to keep updated so you know when it's over!


Short Snippet Saturday

I know today should be whatever the other Saturdays are, but frankly, because of my relationship woes, I haven't worked on anything in the past few weeks, so this is what you get. Another short snippet Saturday. It's a pick up of where the last one left off.

I went two days before I asked him about it. I was too shocked. Sean would never want to assassinate the governor of Texas. That was absurd. He thought violence was never the answer. He didn’t play shooting video games, didn’t watch war movies, none of that. It just didn’t add up. But, in those two days before I approached him, it suddenly became very clear that he wanted to.
            Governor Perry showed up in the news about the budget several times, and Sean would always get tense. His actions would be easy to miss if I hadn’t known about what he was planning to do.
            “Sean,” I said. I had to do this, because if he really was serious, I had to try and stop him. Just because I found horrible notes didn’t mean I could go running to the police. I needed to be positive that he was going to do this.
            “What?” he asked. The microwave beeped and he pulled out a bag of popcorn. “Want some?” He stuffed a handful is his mouth.
            I took a deep breath. “Do you have a problem with the governor?” I asked. Good, I could lead into the big question.
            “Well, I think he’s doing an awful job, but Texas elected him to be our governor, so I guess I just have to wait another four years.”
            “Well, I mean, couldn’t you do something about it? There are always ways to get around it, right?” I asked, trying to set him up to mention something about the assassination plot.
            “Like what?” he asked. He grinned down at me. “Have you been reading mystery thrillers?”
            He carted the bag of popcorn into the living room and sat down on the couch.
            “Sean, I’m serious. Are you sure that all you’re going to do is wait until he’s up for reelection and hope he loses?”
            “Yeah, why would you think something else?”
            “Sean, I – I… I saw your letters,” I said.
            The amused, little grin vanished as his eyes turned cold. “You what?” He grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me toward him until our faces were just inches away from each other.
            “I… I… I saw the letter and the notes about Governor Perry. About how you wanted to kill him-”        
            “Shut up!” He shoved me backward and I fell to the ground. “You shouldn’t know anything about that, and if you tell a single soul about what I’m trying to do, I will kill you when I finish, do you understand?”
            “Sean, you can’t honestly expect that you can get away with this-”
            The slap across my face ringed in my ear. “You better keep quiet.”
            He kicked me in the leg, hard enough to make me slide across the hardwood floor.
            I let out a gasp for air that came out as a sob.
            “Maybe that’ll teach you to stay out of my stuff.” He turned around and walked away, leaving me on the floor, crying.
            The next time I saw Sean, he acted like nothing had ever happened. It didn’t matter that my left leg was covered in a bruise from when he kicked me.
            “Hey, Babe,” he said. “How are you?”
            I didn’t answer, but instead, I watched as my mom drove off. I hadn’t had the heart to tell her the story of my bruise, and instead, I told her I’d hit my leg on the door handle on the refrigerator. While she hadn’t looked like she believed it, she hadn’t questioned me. She must have decided that if I was going so far to make up such a pathetic lie, she probably didn’t want to know what had really happened.
            And, in a way, she probably didn’t need to. What had happened was between Sean and I. This time I’d be ready and I’d fight back if he tried to hurt me, but I didn’t plan to let him hurt me again.
            “Morgan, are you okay?” he asked.
            “Yeah, I’m fine.” I silently dared him to ask about the bruise, but he didn’t.
            “Well, that’s good.” He walked back into his house, and I followed.
            “Now, here’s the thing,” he said once we got to the kitchen. “What you saw in those letters was all a misunderstanding.”
            “It was?” I asked. I felt a sense of relief; I knew it wouldn’t be like Sean to plan to assassinate the governor.
            “Yeah,” he said. “It was. And, I’m sorry about your leg.” He nodded down at my leg, and when I looked down, my brief relief ended when I remembered the bruise.
            “Oh, yeah. It’s just a bruise, it’ll heal,” I said, acting like it was no big deal, but inside I was starting to become furious. If those letters had been just a misunderstanding, why had he needed to kick me? Why had he needed to kick me in the first place? 
            “I’ve got to go,” I said. I turned around to walk out the front door.
            “Morgan, wait! You’re not okay, tell me what’s wrong.”
            “No,” I said.
            He grabbed my arm, but I yanked it away. “Leave me alone!” I walked out the front door and started walking away from his house.
            “Wait!” He was following me. “Look, I’m sorry about what happened; I guess I just got mad that you’d think that of me. I’m sorry, I really am. What can I do to make it up to you?”
            “It’s not about making it up to me, Sean. I could understand why you’d be mad if all of this was a misunderstanding, but those letters were about assassinating the governor of Texas. That’s serious, and if you know anything about someone planning to kill him, you should report them to the police.”
            “Why would I do that?”
            “Sean, just because you don’t like the man, that doesn’t mean his life isn’t any less important than yours.”
            “Morgan, if I tell you the truth-”
            “I don’t want to hear it!”
            Then, from what seemed out of nowhere, something hit me on the back. I stumbled over, and Sean grabbed my arm. “Come with me.” He dragged me up back into the house.
            “Sean, let go of me!”
            He closed the front door and pulled me into the living room. He shoved me down onto the couch. “You know too much.”
            “Wait, what? Are you serious? You’re really planning to-”
            Sean slapped his hand over my mouth. “Shut up. Someone will hear you. You’re already a threat to my plan, if someone else hears about this, then I’m as good as dead. Tomorrow when he goes to give his speech at the Arboretum, I’ll be there.”
            It suddenly dawned on me that he was serious. He’d put a lot of thought into this plan, maybe too much planning.
            “The media is having a field day with this speech, and he isn’t dead yet!”
            “What… what do you mean?” I asked.
            He turned around and turned the TV on. At the bottom of the TV a headline read “Perry cancels Arboretum speech.”
            Sean stood there for a moment, I guess reading the screen. “No…” he said.
            While Sean stood frozen, in shock about his defeated plan, I said a silent prayer, thankful that Sean’s plan was ruined.
            “If you think that his cancelled appearance will stop me, you’re wrong!” Sean cried.
            “Sean, don’t!”
            “Be quiet. Morgan, no matter what you do, you will not talk me out of this. In fact, now, I only have to options for you. You can keep quiet and I’ll let you live, and you’ll come with me when we escape to Mexico. Or, if you insist on being loud and trying to talk me out of this, I just might kill you.”
            He turned around and walked away. He was halfway to his bedroom when he said, “don’t even think about trying to leave.”
            He didn’t have to warn me. I was so scared I would have stayed on the couch regardless. Had he really just threatened to kill me too? What had happen to him? All of the sudden he was monster.
            In the past month and a half, my friends had all been excited for me. I was dating a charm guy, but now, his true colors revealed, he was just….
            I was dating a crazy monster. A man who wanted to kill the governor of Texas. But, he couldn’t. No one would gain anything if he did.
            This wasn’t happening. It couldn’t happen. Sean was only eighteen, too young to kill someone. 


An Apology

Hey guys.
Sorry for the lack of updates, if you noticed.
I just went through my first break up on Tuesday, and it just really devastated me. I mean, I loved the guy, but it just didn't work out and I've been crying and mad and a lot of other things, and hopefully, I'll be back next week with posts, but, for now, I just gotta figure this all out. It isn't easy.


Short Snippet Saturday

Today, I'm posting something different. This semester I'm in creative writing, and for our final, we have to write a 40 page short story, so for the next couple of weeks, I'm going to post that.
Just a quick run down. This story was partly inspired by the Arizona shootings and I'll let you find out the rest.

“Miss Adams, you do realize that we will need a written statement from you,” the police officer says. The words seem like a question, but the way he says it tells me I have no option into what I’m about to do.
            “Yes, sir, I do.” I hope he can’t tell how nervous I am. How afraid I am. Sean is in here somewhere, sitting in a cell.
            “Let me get you paper and something to write with so you can begin,” he says. He flips through a file, probably Sean’s, gives me a quick nod, and he’s gone.
            So, here I am, sitting here, waiting to tell my story about everything that has happened. I’m the only one who knows what has really happened, except for Sean, but he’ll do everything he can to cover his tracks.
            Outside, I can hear the quiet buzz of a TV. It’s probably on Fox, or CNN, running the breaking news coverage about what happened. They’re probably racing on their way to the fairgrounds, where it all happened. There’ll be blood on the stage, but not nearly as much blood as Sean would want there to be. He wanted Governor Perry dead, and he would have killed the governor if it weren’t for me.
            “Miss Adams, are you ready to begin?” the officer asks. She’s holding a packet of paper and a box of pens. How long do they expect my statement to be?
            “Miss Adams, when you write this, I want you to go as far back as you can. From when you first realized that Mr. Lewis was planning to assassinate the governor, all the way up to this morning’s events. Do you understand me?”
            I nod, what else can I do? “Yes ma’am.”
            “Alright. You have as much time as you need, and if you need anything, press this button.” She holds up a small, red button and places it on the table. She pushes the paper and pens at me. “You can begin.”
            She turns around and walks out, and once again I’m left in silence.
            Since I’m all alone, and I know they won’t let me out until I finish, I guess there’s only one thing to do: Tell them my story.


Foto Frenzy Friday

Bluebonnets! Bluebonnets are the official state flower of good ole Texas. There's a bunch popping up in front of the mound in my home town, and my friend and I had to go take a snap.
So pretty!


Character Thursdays - Beautiful People

Today, I found this great post called "Beautiful People." Basically, you have a set of questions that you have to answer about your character. If you want more information about "Beautiful People" click on the picture.

So, I thought today I would do questions on Cassie, who is basically my fictional baby. Here we go!
1. What type of laugh does he/she have?
It's not obnoxiously loud, but Cassie isn't really a quiet person, so it isn't quiet either.
2. Who is his/her best friend?
Well, it depends on what book you're reading. Most of the series, Cassie's best friend is Alexis, but she doesn't come until book two. Alexis is a lot like Cassie, a no-nonsense kind of girl who grew up tough.
3. What is his/her family like?
Cassie lives with her single dad, Joe, who does corporate business stuff. He has a girlfriend named Beth. (I really do love Beth as a character, more on that later.)
4. Is he/she a Christian, or will he/she eventually find Jesus?
Well, she does believe in God and Jesus, and her birth mother was a devout Catholic (like me!), but since she is an assassin and all, God and her don't mix too well. 
5. Does he/she believe in fairies?
6. Does he/she like hedgehogs?
She lives in New York, she doesn't have to worry about whether or not she likes hedgehogs.
7. Favorite kind of weather?
Right after sun set on a summer night.
8. Does he/she have a good sense of humor? If so what kind? (Slapstick, wit, sarcasm, etc.?)
sarcasm, all the way.
9. How did he/she do in school, or any kind of education they might have had.
In high school most of the series.
10. Any strange hobbies?
Does killing people count?

love, lala


New Music Tuesday - Wicked Soundtrack

To continue to expand on music other than country, today we're doing Broadway. Wicked is one of the biggest Broadway hits of the century. I've seen it twice on tour, and it is amazing!
Everyone needs to see this musical, no if, ands, or buts about it. You have to see it. It's totally worth it!

  1. No One Mourns the Wicked
  2. Dear Old Shiz
  3. The Wizard and I
  4. What is This Feeling?
  5. Something Bad
  6. Dancing Through Life
  7. Popular
  8. I'm Not That Girl
  9. One Short Day
  10. A Sentimental Man
  11. Defying Gravity (FYI, my favorite song *ever*)
  12. Thank Goodness
  13. Wonderful
  14. I'm Not that Girl (reprise)
  15. As Long as You're Mine
  16. No Good Deed
  17. March of the Witch Hunters
  18. For Good
  19. Finale "Wicked"


ARC Contest!

Hey guys, I'm here to tell y'all about a great contest that's happening.
My good friend, Jeyn Roberts, is giving away a signed ARC (advanced reader copy) of her new book, Dark Inside.
Click on this here link (gee, I sound like a hillbilly today), and go enter!

love, Lala


Saturday Story Updates (1)

SO! New post today! Because I've had AP testing the past couple of weeks, I haven't had much time to write, so there isn't a lot for me to post for a Short Snippet Saturday. Because of this, I've decided that now, every *other* Saturday will be a Short Snippet Saturday, and the other Saturdays will be Saturday Story Update Saturdays.
What is a Saturday story Update? You may ask.
Exactly what it sounds like. I'll pick a story I'm working on and give you an update on how the book's going, and any other news you might need to know about the book. 
Today's book is Super Ordinary. For a while there, I had absolutely no idea where this story was going, and the truth is, I still kind of have no idea, but Tuesday, I made myself outline The Assassin, and when I finished, I did part of Super Ordinary. And, I'm really pleased with how it turned out, except for the minor detail where I have to go re-write half of what I have already. *sigh* 
So, I've got until June 6th to do that.
Why June 6th? You're asking yourself, right?
Well, that's when I'm posting Super Ordinary on inkpop. And for the special occasion, I'm posting with Nella, Marisa, and Sharon. It's going to be a big night, so if you're on inkpop, be sure to be there! All of these ladies are super talented and their stories will be great!

Lani de Louise didn't believe in superheroes. Until she had to save one.

Lani de Louise is sick of superheroes. Before her mother died, she was fascinated by them. A year after her mother’s death, Lani can’t escape the rumors of a secret superhero society that can save a war-stricken world.
When she wakes up, totally unaware of where she is, she’s only more shocked to find that she’s ended up at the home of this secret society. The rules soon become clear. A dark secret has almost shattered the superheroes in two and saving the world is the only thing keeping them together. Will, the leader, has his eyes set on Lani.

Until he goes missing.

The superheroes elect Rob, the group misfit, to go out and find him, in hopes that Will will be able to save the world, once Rob saves him. Lani begs Rob to take her with him, in hopes to escape, and possibly grow closer to the mysterious boy who seems so against the world.

As the war rages on, Rob and Lani must travel across the world in hopes of finding Will and saving the world before it’s too lat

Foto Frenzy Friday

This flower is actually orange, bright orange. But, I couldn't focus the camera and get the orange color at the same time.
Maybe next time?

love, lala


Writing Time Thursdays - Point of View

Point of View:
The two most commonly used POV's are third and first. 
Third person is he, she, and They, where first is "I." Personally, I like first person, and here's a few reasons why.

  • In first person, you get inside their mind.
  • People think in first person, so it's natural.

Third person seems so.... wooden to me. I've gotten so picky, that I almost refuse to read a book that is written in third. Now, don't get me wrong, there are good third person books.... and here's a few:


But, besides these few, it almost always has to be from an author I already like in order for me to read a third person story. 
First person seems more natural, and when I open up a word document, first person just flows out. The voice in first person is more distinct, like, some of Cassie Dreandry's best lines wouldn't work in third person. In some of the earlier drafts, there's one point where Cassie, to put her role as the Assassin in perspective says 
"You see, I have an alter ego. Sort of like Hannah Montana, except my alter ego doesn't sing. She kills people."

A line like that just wouldn't have the same appeal in third person, at least in my opinion. I mean, if I convert it into third person, it'd be something like:

Cassie had an alter ego. Her alter ego was like Hannah Montana, but instead of singing, her alter ego killed people.

Can you say a snoozer or what? I mean, I have a very sarcastic writing tone that I use a lot, and sarcasm just doesn't run as well in third person as it does first person.
I mean, humans think in first person, and it just flows better. And, remember, this is just my opinion, feel free to disagree.... So, here are some of my favorite first person books.

love, lala


We're Back!!

Yes, Write Here's blog is back! Click on the magical picture below to go see us!

love, lala


New Music Tuesday - Superhero

GUESS WHAT! Today, I am not featuring a country album, instead, this is more of a pop and R&B album.
*insert collective gasps*
Today's album is Superhero by Shoshana Bean. She was a Broadway star, playing Elphaba in Wicked, then left to record her own album. So far, it's the only album she's released, but I sure hopes she puts out another one soon!

  1. Superhero
  2. Good Enough
  3. Feel Like Falling
  4. Can't Nobody
  5. Come to Me
  6. Naomi
  7. Ain't No Way
  8. Because of You
  9.  Again
  10. 116th
  11. Press On
  12. Superhero (featuring Da Wax)

love, Lala


Short Snippet Saturday

Today's short snippet Saturday is from Super Ordinary! Enjoy!

            He hadn’t really put up much of a fight now that I thought about it. He almost seemed relieved to have me coming with him. Maybe just because I was a person, maybe he didn’t want to get lonely. Or maybe he figured I’d be entertainment, but besides the reasons why, I was just glad he agreed.
            He was driving, not saying a word. Rob was totally focused on the road ahead of him. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he had probably forgotten that I was even in the car with him.
            He seemed perfectly comfortable in the silence, while, I on the other hand, I was going crazy by it. He was calm and relaxed; I was twiddling my thumbs in anxiety.
            “Are you okay?” he asked.
            I looked up at him. “Who, me?”
            “You would be the only other person in the car, so, yes, you.”
            “Oh, right. Yeah, I’m just not a fan of silence, that’s all.” I shrugged; hoping to make it look like that was all that was bugging me. In truth, there was so much that I didn’t know, and that was the thing eating me at the core.
            Like everything I didn’t know about Rob.
            “You can turn the radio on,” he said, gesturing to the dashboard.
            “I don’t listen to music anymore,” I said.
            “Oh, why not?” he asked.
            “I guess when I was out on the streets, I didn’t have music to listen to, and now I just don’t know any of the music anymore, so no point in listening.”
            “Oh, yeah. I don’t listen to music much either. Just some classical stuff.”
            I looked up and laughed at him. “Classical music?” I shook my head. “Who listens to classical music anymore?”
            “I do.” He grinned. “Do you have a problem with that?”
            “No, that just seems weird. I’d never think you’d listen to classical music.”
            “Well then, what would you think I’d listen to?”
            Oh, he had me there. I had no idea. “Uh….”
            Back to the silence. Back to the agony.
            “So, Lani, are you ever going to tell me what exactly happened to you when I found you in the closet?” he asked.
            I froze. Did he really just ask me that? I mean, I figured he wouldn’t even care. But the real question was, did I actually tell him the truth and risk him getting mad at me? Or did I lie and still risk him getting mad at me?
            “Nope,” I said. I watched his face, and I could feel myself getting tense inside.
            “Okay then,” he said.
            I wanted to tell him. I wanted to so badly, but, Rob already thought I was strange; I didn’t need him to think I was even stranger.
            But, the truth was, I didn’t want him to just think I was like everyone else involved with the robbery gone wrong. Those guys had done it for the fame and money; I had done it for the money to be able to survive.
            And look where that got me.
            “Why not?”
            “What?” I asked.
            “Why won’t you tell me?”        
            “Who do you think you are, my mother?” I snapped back. It wasn’t any of his business as to why I was in that closet.
            “Well, no, but I figured, since I did rescue you and all, you could at least give me some sort of explanation as to why you were in the closet to begin with.”
            Ouch. He had me there. But, I couldn’t tell him, I just couldn’t.
            “Lani, I think it’s only fair to warn you, I will find out one way or another. You can’t keep this a secret from me forever.”
            Yikes. Was he giving me an ultimatum? “Rob, I don’t have to tell you anything.”
            “Oh, you don’t have to tell me. I’ll find out from other sources. One of those men showed up and confessed as we were leaving. I haven’t had time to look at what he said, but I’m sure he’ll tell me why you were in that closet.”
            I fought the urge to swallow. “Who confessed?”
            “A man named Felix, I believe.” He glanced over at me and I could see in his eyes he knew I was panicking.
            He was calm and totally in control, just making me sweat and squirm like a pig. And, he almost seemed to be enjoying it, that is, if Rob ever enjoyed anything.
            “Oh, Felix? Haha,” I laughed. “I wouldn’t take much stock in what he says. He’s not all that smart. Just wanted to be all ‘badass’ and whatnot.”
            “Oh, so you do know this Felix person?”
            “Well, I mean, sort of, kind of…. Not really.”
            “Would you like to choose an answer?”
            “No, not really,” I said.
            He shook his head like he couldn’t believe he was stuck with me. “You positive?”
            “Yeah, I’m positive that I don’t want to tell you whether I know this Felix guy or not.”
            He just shook his head some more.
            “You know, you keep shaking your head like that, and you’re gonna start killing some brain cells.”
            He stopped with the head shaking and just glared at me, but I could tell he was trying not to laugh. “You…. I don’t even know what to do with you.”
            “Well, I’d really like it if you didn’t kill me.”
            “Why would I do that?” he asked.
            Because I’m one of the bad guys. “Oh, I don’t know. You looked pretty annoyed, and you seem like you might want to kill someone who annoys you.”
            “I do?” He had an amused look on his face.
            “Yeah, you do. I mean, I wouldn’t actually know if you are that kind of person, but it’s always a possibility.”
            “Oh,” he said. “I mean, I’m not supposed to kill anyone, but sometimes the rules can’t apply to the situation,” he said.
            “That’s totally understandable,” I said.
            “But, for the record, I haven’t killed anyone. Yet, at least,” he said.
            I just really hoped I wasn’t the first one.

Foto Frenzy Friday

Ever wonder what my hand writing looks like? Well, here you go! I wrote that on my white board a couple weeks ago. I love the blue. <3


Character Thursdays - Lani de Louise

Today, I'm talking about Lani de Lousie, the main character from Super Ordinary. Lani is a lot like Cassie, just rougher and a little bit more to the extreme. Lani uses her hands to do all the talking, but since she's only 5'1" that tends to be a problem. 

Lani lives in the future, but at an undetermined date. The world is run by the leaders and they're at war with the rest of the world. During a raid, both of Lani's parents are killed and she's forced to live out on the streets where she takes up petty crime to survive. Super Ordinary opens up with Lani working with a bunch of guys to steal this top secret, almost urban legend, drug called "Adenalin." She wants to ransom it back to the leaders in order to have money to survive.
Well, the guys she's working with turn against her and the super heroes find her. Well, the super heroes work for the leaders, and Lani is basically held captive against her will at the super hero complex. There she meets Will, the leader, and Rob, the outcast. <3 (Take a guess at which one I like :P)
Right now, Super Ordinary has kind of taken a backseat since I'm at a total standstill on what happens next. I will finish it, I assure you of that, it may just be a while. 


What a Weekend

Jeez, what a weekend we've had this past weekend? I would have posted this earlier, but I've had no time to sit down and write this post....

I mean, the Royal Wedding Friday morning, Pope John Paul II was beautified Sunday (I'll explain that), and Sunday night.... I mean, do I really have to say what happened Sunday night?

The Royal Wedding:

It's a fairytale come true! Kate Middleton, a mere commoner like the rest of us, married the prince of Wales! I mean, how much more fairytale do you get than that? Kate Middleton looked *amazing.* I mean, there's a reason they call it custom made!

The wedding was so picture perfect, and I really do wish them the best. And, who saw the kisses? I did! Right before I left for school. <3 They were awkward, but in such an adorable way. :D

Pope John Paul II's Beautification 

This is a Catholic thing, but basically, when someone is beautified, that's the first step to becoming a saint. So, he's now Blessed Pope John Paul II. I mean, that's pretty cool, to have lived the same time when a saint was around, right?

Osama bin Laden

What can I say? Actually, nothing, let's have good old Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. do the talking.

“I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."

I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm glad the guy can't order thousands of innocent people to die anymore, but I think the celebration was just a bit over kill. The man was human after all. I've heard a lot of people saying how we should leave the war now, but I don't think it's that simple. We've tied ourselves to the region and if we pull out now, I.... it'll leave the area open to retaliation from bin Laden's followers and other terrorists groups.... It's just too late to leave.

Well, what a crazy weekend for us, right? I mean, a fairytale wedding, and the bad guy loses? Somehow, I don't think Kate Middleton thought Osama bin Laden would replace her in the headlines....
Hope you had a great weekend, guys! 

love, Lala


New Music Tuesdays

Today is Kellie Pickler's self titled, sophmore album.

  1. Don't You Know You're Beautiful, 1st single top thirty
  2. I'm Your Woman
  3. Rocks Instead of Rice
  4. Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You 3rd single top twenty
  5. Lucky Girl
  6. One Last Time
  7. Best Days of Your Life, 2nd single top ten
  8. Somebody to Love Me
  9. Makin' Me Fall in Love Again, 4th single top thirty
  10. Going Out in Style

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