Super Short Snippet Saturday

Because I only started this yesterday morning during forensics and I was gone all day today, this is going to be *super* short snippet Saturday.
Opening to chapter two! Wahoo!

The next morning, my best friend, Mia, was waiting for me outside of my apartment. “Bye, Dad,” I said as I walked to the hall to meet her. She was standing there, frantic about her hair. It was light blonde, almost white. Mia always debated with herself on whether to wear her hair down or up.
            “Hey,” I said. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and headed for the elevator. I lived on the twelfth floor, so the stairs were a bit much in the morning.
            “Did you hear about that murder last night?” she asked. Murders in New York weren’t big news, but Mia was fascinated by them, and I could see her becoming a lawyer, or a police officer.
            “Mia,” I said as I stepped into the elevator. “Murders happen on a regular basis.”
            “But, this one was in the building next to mine!” she cried.
            That was true, it was. I should have known better than anyone else. That murder would forever have a bad memory in my mind. Someone had beaten me to the job.
            Killing wasn’t something I was proud of; I didn’t take joy in it. It was sick, but something made me do it. As long as I could remember, I’d been the Assassin. It had all started as a big misunderstanding, but, before I knew it, it was too late to just quit.
            “Cassie, are you even listening to me?” Mia asked. “Cassie Dreandry, are you there?” No doubt she was mad that I’d zoned off, but that murder had just bugged me. Why would someone else be there to kill him?

See?!?! I told you it was short....
Super short.

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Riv Re said...

No! Want more! This sounds really cool. I really want to read it! Loved the SSS, in case you didn't notice...

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