Short Snippet Saturday

Today is kind of two "short snippet saturdays" in one. The first part is the end of chapter two from The Assassin. The second part is *all* of chapter three, it's a flashback.....


I ENDED UP having most of my classes with Seth Edwards, and he never skipped an opportunity to call me out during the day. As I rode up on the elevator at home, I decided there had to be something done about him. I couldn’t have him accusing me of checking him out on a regular basis. He seemed to have almost completely ignored Lorraine, and she’d practically thrown herself on him.
            There had to be a way to get him off of my back.
            The door opened and I walked out into the hallway. I opened the front door to the loft I shared with my dad, Joe, and dumped my bag underneath the bar in the kitchen. Joe was probably at work, giving me the two story apartment to myself. Joe was a the Vice President of some company that sold gift baskets to the celebrities when they came to New York.
            I went to the kitchen to find a snack and when I came back out, I froze. The door to the back patio was open. It was never open. Joe and I hardly ever used it for it to be open.
            I walked over and closed the door, unsure what to think. Had we been robbed? I mean, it was New York after all, and people were robbed in New York all the time. But, I couldn’t imagine how someone would get in. We were up on the twelfth floor. Sure, we had a fire escape, but there were a lot of other places in our building to rob before you got to our floor. I locked the door, double checking it, and began to look for anything that could be missing. The dining room looked to be okay, and the TV was still here, so I didn’t know what they could possibly be looking for.
            I peeked in Joe’s room, but everything seemed to be in place there. I tried to shake off the feeling that something bigger was happening, but if someone broke into our loft and then didn’t steal anything, something was wrong.
            I went and walked upstairs to the row of bedrooms that opened up to the bottom floor. There were three in a row, plus another one at the end. My bedroom was the middle one in the row.
            The door was slightly opened, caught on the doorframe. I gave it a quick kick and it swung open.
            I froze. The room had been trashed, ransacked. It was a disaster.
            “What on earth-”
*end of chapter two*

 Chapter Three

She knew something bad would happen that night. It didn’t take a genius to guess that much.
            She didn’t think it would be too far fetched to believe that she would die that night. The Lord only knew he’d threaten to kill her so many times that sooner or later, he would kill her.
            For ten months she’d been here, never going outside. Most people here probably didn’t even know she, or her baby, existed. How could you live somewhere for ten months and still be nonexistent there?
            She didn’t need to look out the window to know that he was coming. She’d developed this sixth sense about him. She knew when he was anywhere near her.
            “Open the door!” He yelled from outside. “Open this door, or I will kill you!”
            I’m sure you will anyways, she thought. She bit her lip and stood where she was. She knew he had a key, if he really wanted to come in, he could. If he didn’t have the key, she was sure he’d just break the door down.
            She was right. The sound of the wood splintering was unmistakable. “I told you to open the goddamn door!”
            There was the sound of something hitting a wall, probably his shoes. “Answer me!”
            “You have a key,” she said. Four little words were all it took to send him off the edge.
            She didn’t cry when he shoved her into the counter. “Even if I have a key, I still expect you to open the door when I say so.” He grabbed the front of her shirt and pulled her to him until their faces were just inches away from each other. “Do you understand me? It happens again, and I will kill you.”
            “You’ll kill me anyways,” she said. “You’re crazy. They should lock you up and never let you out again-”
            Both stopped to hear the cries of the baby in the nursery. “Maybe I won’t kill you. Maybe I’ll kill her instead.” Hs mouth curved into an evil smile.
            “Stay away from her!” That baby was the only thing she had left in the world; he’d taken everything else from her.
            “If you want her to live, there’s only one thing you need to do,” he said. “Give it to me.”
            She broke free from his grip. “I don’t know what it is! Can you not just tell me?”
            “Oh, you know exactly what it is.”
            “But, I don’t! If you want money, I’ll give it to you. I’ll give you whatever you want; just tell me what it is!”
            “You know what it is, and if you won’t give it to me…” He reached into the waist band of his pants and pulled out a gun. “There’s only one thing I can do.”
            “Wait. Before you kill me, you need to know something about the baby.”
            “Haha, like what? Did you have one of your little “visions” again?” he asked.
            “Yes. You need to know that if you kill me with that – that thing, she will be better at this than you could ever imagine!”
            “You think so?” he laughed. “I think you’re insane, not that it really matters. It’s time.”
            He held the gun up, aimed for her forehead. “There’s one other thing you need to know.”
            “I’m sure whatever it is, it isn’t that important.”
 He pulled the trigger. She was dead.

love, Lala


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