New Music Tuesday - Enjoy the Ride

New Music Tueday! Today's new music is Enjoy the Ride, the second album by country duo, Sugarland. This was their first album as a duo. They originally started out as a trio, and were a trio on their debut ablum, Twice the Speed of Life, but then Kristen Hall dropped out, leaving Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles. This album is my favorite from them, before they got too big.

  1. Settlin 2nd single, number one
  2. County Line
  3. Want To 1st single, number one
  4. Everyday America 3rd single, top ten
  5. Happy Ending
  6. These are the Days
  7. One Blue Sky
  8. April Showers
  9. Mean Girls
  10. Stay 4th single, top five
  11. Sugarland


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