Character Thursdays - Seth Edwards

Oh, yes, it's Seth Edwards. *rolls eyes* I'll admit, I like him a lot more than when I first met him. Truth is, he actually started out a serial killer.
Yes, you read that right.
Serial killer.
Then, he kind of morphed into the serial killer's brother and the serial killer became Trevor. This is in book seven of The Assassin Saga, this Trevor dude. So, yes, you will be seeing a return of Seth Edwards in this series, if you like him.
Anyways, I realized that Seth couldn't be Trevor's brother and not know that Trevor is a serial killer, and, I need to stop.
I''m only telling you all of this about book seven in hopes that y'all will forget it all by the time I get to book seven.
Anyways, so I un-brothered Trevor and Seth and Seth became a friend of Cassie's. Then, during one of my many, many re-writes of The Assassin, lo and behold (did I really just use that term?) Seth popped up in the scene.
Was I upset? Not really, he made a wonderful entrance (see this past weekend's Short Snippet Saturday to read that entrance), and with an entrance like that, how could I get rid of him? He also helped expose a side of Cassie that I'd never seen, and I liked it. In fact, HarperCollins liked it too, so that's always a plus, right?
So, Seth is your typical bad boy that's secretly good. He's a smooth talker and knows exactly how to get what he wants when it comes to girls.
Except for Cassie.
When Cassie and Seth first meet, Cassie has little to no experience with boys. So, when Seth comes along and takes interest in her, she basically shuts him down because she doesn't know what else to do. Over the series, Cassie and Seth go through a lot, and even though I grumble about him because I like another character more than him, I really do love Seth in his own special way and the funny stuff he brings to the story.

love, lala

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