Character Thursdays: Cassie Dreandry

Another new segment today! See, aren't I just full of these? Every (other) Thursday, I'm going to do a little bio on a character from one of my books. You'll just have to wait and see what I do on those *other* Thursdays.
So, for my first character Thursday, I'm going to do the character I've been with the longest, Cassie Dreandry, my little assassin (Oh, that sounds a bit strange).
So, here I go.
Name: Cassandra Marie Dreandry (legal name, her birth name is-well, let's not get into that yet.)
Age: 14 (In the first Assassin book, that is).
Family: Errr.... where to start? Joe, her adoptive dad, and his girlfriend, Beth, I guess would be a good place to start.
Books: The Assassin Saga, all freaking TEN books. Plus, she'd made a few camoes in books that will probably *never ever* see the light of day, and for good reason.
Story: Well, Cassie has been around with me the *longest* time out of any, and for good reason. I first came up with her story in 8th grade. (Reminder: I'm a junior now.) So, that's almost four full years of my short life with an imaginary character.She's sarcastic, a bit of a smart ass, and she doesn't take crap from anyone. She's got strawberry blonde hair, like myself, and blue eyes. Originally, she went through five different hair color changes, so I just made her look like me because then I'd remember what color her hair was. See, that simple! Cassie and I have gone through a lot, more than I can describe on this blog post.

I know, this isn't the greatest post, but give me time, they'll get better. I promise!

love, Lala


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