Some Things of Note

If you guys remember, for about month, I was a part of the Treehouse Gang. We closed, it just wasn't working. Life got in the way. *shrugs* It happens.
But, I did learn some things.
Like, I need to get a origination pattern down for when I post. Tuesday, I'm starting a new *non* writing series, and I do Short Snippet Saturdays. I'll probably do another writing series on Thursdays. But, my question is, would you guys want to know what I talk about ahead of time?
On the treehouse gang, Evie put together a calender, and that actually helped me a lot, so would you guys want a calendar? Or am I the only one who'd benefit from it?
Let me know you guys!

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Riv Re said...

I think that a calendar would definitely help you, the blogger, tons. I only blog three times a week, but I know that if on Tuesday I have to post a review, a review is what I'm posting on Tuesday. A review would also help your readers that come visit the site daily by having bookmarked it or something, as opposed to those who can see it on their GFC blogroll.

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