Short Snippet Saturday #8

Short Snippet Saturday. I have the SAT today, but here's a treat, the end of chapter three. Hopefully, I'll have a little surprise next week for my short snippet!

            “Lani, babe, why would you run away like that?” I was sitting in Will’s office, with a towel wrapped around me.
            “First off, if you ever call me ‘babe’ again, I will be responsible for your broken nose. And second, I don’t belong here. This is a place for superheroes, not girls found in closets. I want out.”
            “Ah, I wish it were that simple, Lani,” he sighed. “But, we need to find who ever did this to you before we let you go. We need to make sure you’ll still be safe after we let you go. We can’t find you in another closet.” He was trying to be diplomatic, but he was flirting. Not a doubt about it.
            “I know who locked me up in the closet and I’m capable of making sure they suffer. When I find those jackasses, I’m going to kill each and every one of them,” I screamed, banging my hands on Will’s desk.
            “Woah, Lani,” he said, standing up. “Killing them isn’t going to solve anything.”
            “Oh yes it will!” I cried. “You don’t even know the half of it! You don’t know what they did to me! Locked me in a closet and stole my bag!” I yelled.
            “Lani, calm down.” The flirting had stopped and he was trying to keep the situation under control. “Lani, violence is not the answer.”
            He managed to get a hold of me and tried to get me to sit down. “Let me go!” I managed to fling him off, turned around, let my fist connect with his nose, and ran out of his office before he realized what had happened, I turned the corner, and ran straight into….
            “Woah, where are you going?” he placed his hands on my shoulders to steady me.
            “Out of here, get out of my way.”
            “Were you talking to Will?” he asked.
            I nodded. “But, I’m leaving before he decides he doesn’t like the look of having a broken nose.”
            Rob chuckled. “You broke his nose?”
            “Yes, now move.”
            He shook his head. “Whatever,” he said.
            I stormed off, wishing I could reach his nose to break it.
            “I’m going to get you!” I heard Will cry. I froze. No doubt he was after me.
            “Woah! Will, calm down!” Rob said.
            I ducked back behind the wall and listened.
            “I’m going to get her! She broke my goddamn nose!”
            “Will, calm down. Trust me, you don’t want to do that. You’ll hate yourself for it later.”
            “What do you mean?” Will asked, accusingly.
            “Well, it’s pretty obvious you’ve got the hots for her. If you hurt her, you’ll never live it down later. Leave her alone.”
            “Oh, and what are you going to do?”
            “I’m going to go talk to her. Go sit in your office, Will.”
            “No, you’re crazy, Rob. I see how you looked at her. You think I’ve got the ‘hots’ for her?” he asked. “Yeah, well, it looks like I ain’t the only one, buddy.”
            “I doesn’t really matter what I think, now does it? You’ll get her anyways. Just because you’re Will. So, just go sit in your fancy little office and leave me alone.”
            “Oh, someone’s jealous is he?”
            Were they really arguing over me? This wasn’t happening. “It doesn’t matter if I am or not. You always win. Just leave me alone. But, let me tell you something, if you hurt her, at all, I will kill you. You get that?”
            “You’ve got awfully strong feelings for someone you’ve known for a day or so.”
            “Shut up,” Rob said. I could almost picture the embarrassment and anger on his face.
            I stood up and ran out to the main corridor of the building. I sat down on a bench and sighed.
            Okay, so what did I know? Will obviously thought he liked me. But I already knew that. He really needed to find a girl who knew how to swoon. Not a girl like me who beat guys up for trying to make moves.
            And, Rob felt something for me? My heart did a flip at the thought of it. I had to guess the feeling was mutual, I’d never felt this way before. Ever. All my life I’d just seen boys as people to play with, to wrestle with and play with balls. They were just friends…. I’d never thought I’d ever feel like this for a guy.
            Rob…. Just thinking about him…. Oh jeez…. This wasn’t happening. Not at all. I mean, a boy? This was just…..
            Illogical. My life had always been about doing the logical thing. I had no money, so the logical thing would be to find a way to get money. So I tried to steal the Adenalin. Sure, that obviously backfired, but it had been a good idea at the time.
            When my parents died, the logical thing to do? Find a way to take care of myself. So, I did. I started robbing people who had way too much stuff to begin with. With the way the war was going, most of the stuff I stole didn’t go for much, but it was enough to keep me fed.
            Logical was what my life was made of, and now…. Logic had abandoned me.
            I saw Rob stride out of the hallway and look at me across the corridor. He shook his head in disgust and walked towards the stairs.
            I stood up and ran after him. “Rob, wait!”
            He didn’t stop. I finally caught up to him and looked at him. “What?” he asked. “What could you possibly want from me?”
            “Nothing.” He opened the door to the stairs and I followed him up.
            “What are you talking about?”
            “Don’t tell me you didn’t hear my argument with Will. I know you were there, hiding behind the wall around the corner.”
            “But…. I.”
            “So, you’ve been a busy girl with Will, haven’t you?” I took a step back, almost waiting for him to punch a wall. Or kill me.
            “I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. I haven’t talked to him except when he showed me my room.”
            “Oh, I bet he showed you real well.”
            “Woah, are you trying to suggest something romantic or sexual happened between us?”
            He stopped dead in his tracks. “Didn’t it?”
            “Ew, God no. With Will? Kill me instead. I’d never….”
            I saw his shoulders relax. It was heartwarming in a way.
            “Really?” he asked after a moment.
            “Never. I’m not one for pick-up lines.”
            He laughed at that one. “Trust me, his pick-up lines aren’t that great.”
            “I know. He’s tried them on me.”
            “Did you actually hear any of what Will and I said?”
            I decided that lying was the best idea. There was no real reason why I thought so, but I did. Maybe I was afraid of being with someone. I mean, what if Rob decided he didn’t actually feel the same way for me as I did for him? “No, I left after you did. I didn’t hear anything.”

            Something was wrong.
            Something wasn’t right. I didn’t know what or how, but something was wrong. I stood up from my bed and walked outside and looked down to the corridor. People were running frantically. There was a woman screaming.
            I think I figured out what was wrong. I turned around and banged on Rob’s door. “Open up!”
            After a moment, he opened the door. I had to steady myself for a moment. He’d been asleep, his hair was everywhere, he had no shirt, and he still looked adorable. “What?”
            “What’s going on down there? It looks like World War Four broke out down there.”
            He rolled his eyes. “I really doubt it.” He turned around, grabbed a shirt, and shoved it on. We walked over and looked down at the corridor. “Holy shit, it does look like it.”
            He turned around and started towards the stairs. “What are we going to do?” I asked.
            “Figure out what’s happening.”
            We made it downstairs when people stopped. The screaming and yelling came to a deafening halt. “Why does this make me feel uncomfortable?” I asked.
            “I don’t know, but I bet we will in a moment,” he responded.
            “You,” a man who I’d never seen said. He was pointing his meaty fingers at us. “You are responsible for this.”
            “Marcus, what are we responsible for?” Rob asked. He towered over everyone. He was either a hell of a whole lot taller than I thought, or society was becoming a lot shorter.
            “Don’t play dumb with me, Robert. We all know how you felt about him.”
            “About who? I was upstairs sleeping. I have no idea what’s going on.”
            “Then why is it the last person who was seen with him was you?”
            “What? Who?”
            “Will is gone. And you made him disappear.”


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