Sarah Palin's hair

I *promise, promise, PROMISE* that I will not get into politics.
But, I was updating the book covers over there and the next book I'm reading is Sarah Palin's new book. As I was updating it, I realized....
I am jealous of her hair. She's got pretty, brown curly hair.
And, even if you think she's the stupidest person on the earth, she still has pretty hair.
And, yeah, I know she's got stylists and all, but would they come do my hair like that!
Then again, my hair won't even curl right. I curl my hair and I get results like this:

That is not curly hair! My hair is ugh! Instead, my hair is always straight. And it's strawberry blonde.
I'm not even a real blonde!
So, I am jealous of Sarah Palin's hair.
I probably need to get help.
And this is the end of my rant. :D

Love, Lala

P.S. If you're looking for some great new music, here's what you need to go listen to! Stronger by Sara Evans. This is her first album in six years and it's great!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, and any political comments about Ms. Palin will be deleted.
Even if I agree with them.

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