One Year?

So, today is the one year anniversary of me starting Lala Land. This is crazy! I've been through so much.
A year ago, I was a little sophomore with a cold from Spirit Retreat.
Now, I'm a bigger junior with allergies.
I didn't have any followers, and now, I'm only 25 followers away from one hundred. It's a bit crazy.
I was a kid who'd recently found inkpop and wanted to be in the top five so badly. August was my goal. Didn't make it in August (though Evie and I had a great plan to be top five buddies) but I did in October, largely in part because of Evie. Thanks!
I've been writing like crazy the past year. Three-ish Assassin books, Snatched, and Super Ordinary. Writing, writing, writing. And reading too!
Life has been crazy too, I was in Latin this year, and now I'm in forensics. <---Best class ever.
This is just my mini-reflection of the past year since I started. Wow!

love, Lala


Evie J said...

You're welcome!

Amanda said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! <3

Lala said...

Thanks guys!

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