New Music Tuesday - The Band Perry

New Music Tuesday time! This week's album is the debut album from The Band Perry, and it's self titled. They had a major hit with If I Die Young, which is a great song!
Here's the track list for The Band Perry.

  1. You Lie - current single, top twenty
  2. Hip to My Heart - 1st single, top twenty
  3. If I Die Young - 2nd single, number one
  4. All Your Life
  5. Miss You Being Gone
  6. Double Heart
  7. Postcard from Paris
  8. Walk Me Down the Middle
  9. Independence
  10. Quittin' You
  11. Lasso
To buy this album on iTunes, click here.
to buy this album on amazon, click here.


Polka Dot said...

I LOVE "If I Die Young", (especially the music video) and there are some other good ones on this CD. Her voice is lovely!

Deena Shoemaker said...

I love themmmmmmm. :)

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