New Music Tuesday

Today we're going back in time to the 20th century! Today's New Music Tuesday is Shania Twain's hit album, Come On Over. It had hit songs like Man! I Feel Like a Woman; That Don't Impress Me Much, Come on Over; You're Still the One; just to name a few.... Last weekend, I was going through my music and I found this CD and freaked out. It's Shania Twain, how can I not?!?!

  1. Man! I Feel Like a Woman
  2. I'm Holdin' On to Love (To Save My Life)
  3. Love Gets Me Every Time
  4. Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)
  5. From This Moment on (with Bryan White)
  6. Come on Over
  7. When
  8. Whatever You Do! Don't!
  9. If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask!
  10. You're Still the One
  11. Honey, I'm Home
  12. That Don't Impress Me Much
  13. Black Eyes, Blue Tears
  14. I Won't Leave You Lonely
  15. Rock This Country!
  16. You've Got a Way
So, if you're a fan of her, you should have this album, it's been her biggest album, and for good reasons too!


No Short Snippet Saturday

Hey guys, sorry, but there's no short snippet Saturday this week. I was busy all week and didn't get any writing done, and I'm off at a college visit.
I promise I'll post lots of pretty pictures of my trip tomorrow!

love, lala


New Music Tuesday - The Band Perry

New Music Tuesday time! This week's album is the debut album from The Band Perry, and it's self titled. They had a major hit with If I Die Young, which is a great song!
Here's the track list for The Band Perry.

  1. You Lie - current single, top twenty
  2. Hip to My Heart - 1st single, top twenty
  3. If I Die Young - 2nd single, number one
  4. All Your Life
  5. Miss You Being Gone
  6. Double Heart
  7. Postcard from Paris
  8. Walk Me Down the Middle
  9. Independence
  10. Quittin' You
  11. Lasso
To buy this album on iTunes, click here.
to buy this album on amazon, click here.


Short Snippet Saturday - The Assassin

If you remember, a while back, this little company called Harper Collins read my book, The Assassin. They gave me a great review, and yesterday,. I finally stared revisions based on the review. I ditched the prologue with Sarah's murder in favor of revealing it through flashbacks, and the opening is now a murder that Cassie is supposed to do, but something goes a little wrong. Here's the first chapter I've edited (actually, I re-wrote the whole thing). Let me know what you think!

It was eerie inside the apartment. There was no other word for it; it was just too damn eerie. But, I couldn’t place my finger on it..
            The night was approaching fast, and daylight was creeping away quickly. It was the best time of day to pull off my mission.
            The apartment was open, and wide. The furniture wasn’t homey; just there to take up space. It was a sleek, modern look that one would expect to find amongst New York’s finest bachelors.
            It was a shame he wouldn’t be around to live in it much longer. He was Jonathan Walker. He played for the New York Yankees as the up-and-coming rookie, but his career had hit a hard point when he’d gone on trial for multiple counts of sexual assault.
            That’s where I came in. The women who’d been his victims were not too pleased that he’d walked after the trial.
            So, they wanted him dead.
            The front door opened and the lights turned on, but I didn’t have to worry about him seeing me.
            I was perched up on one of the beams, high above him. By the time he saw me, he’d be dead.
            He tossed his jacket on the couch and walked to the kitchen, whistling a little tune that I didn’t know. He made himself a snack and walked back to the couch to watch TV.
            Lightning flashed across the darkening sky and he looked up. “Damn rain,” he muttered as he walked over to close the curtains.
            Then, Jonathan spun around and looked towards the bedroom. “Who’s there?” he called out.
            Silence. No one was there. I was the only person there, and I was up in the ceiling.
            He walked towards the bedroom, but stopped at the table by the couch to grab something out of the drawer in the table.
            The next strike of lightning reflected off of the object in his hand and it became apparent he was armed. That would just make my job that much harder.
            I used the distraction to my advantage and slid down the beam to the kitchen floor.
            “I don’t know who you are, but stay back. I’ve got a gun and I’m not afraid to use it.” Uh, such a typical response from someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing.
            The floor shook with the thunder and something fell in the bedroom.
            Jonathan let the gun loose and the sound echoed, making my ears ring.
            I took a few more steps towards him, waiting for him to turn around so I could make a clean kill.
            Another bullet whizzed by, throwing me off. Whoever was in that room was willing to put up a fight.
            I took a step back, if this was going to be a battle of guns, I’d surely lose with nothing but some daggers.
            I slipped back into the kitchen and waited a moment.
            “Look, whoever you are, just come out and we’ll talk about this. I promise I won’t hurt-”
            It didn’t take a genius to know what had just happened. It wasn’t the gunshot that gave it away, but the sound of his body falling to the ground. If the gunshot had knocked him to the ground, he’d be dead in a few moments.
            I heard the sound of footsteps across the apartment. “It’s been a long time since I’ve done that,” a man chuckled.
            I peered out from behind the refrigerator and squinted my eyes at him.
            Get out; he’ll kill you if he finds you. He’ll kill you one way or another.
            My mind told me to leave, but my feet wouldn’t move.
            In the back of my mind, I knew this man. The terror I felt wasn’t just because he beat me to the kill.
            But why?
            The man walked out the front door, calm and casual, as if nothing had happened. The door closed and I waited a moment.
            When it felt safe to come out I went and walked over to Jonathan Walker’s body. He was dead, that was for sure. He’d probably chocked on some of his own blood.
            I bit my lip to keep myself from smelling the blood, and to keep the nausea away.
            Laying there was Jonathan Walker, dead, but not because of me. Someone had ripped me off.
            I should have killed him.
            I was the Assassin. 


Query Contest

Some of my writing friends down at YAtopia are hosting a query pitch contest with agent Ammi-Joan Paquette. Now, currently, she is not accepting queries, but just for YAtopia, she's taking a look at them. The rules can be found  here, on YAtopia.
Hope you guys think about submitting it!


New Music Tuesday

So, I'm starting a new post series called New Music Tuesdays. The title is a little misleading, because the music might not always be new. But, every Tuesday, I'll post about an album that I think you guys should listen to.
Now, remember, my iTunes library consist of mostly country music, so, if you don't like country, don't click on the links.
The first album is Stronger by Sara Evans. 
This was Sara's first album in six years. If you think she looks familiar, she probably does. She was on the third season of Dancing with the Stars, but pulled out to deal with a messy, public divorce. Now does she sound familiar? 
Well, she's finally come out with her sixth studio album, her last one was Real Fine Place, released in 2005.  This album was better than I could have possibly imageined. I love every track on it, including the slow ones, which is surprising. 
My top three favorites, I'd have to say would be Wildfire, Life Without Losing, and What That Drink Cost Me. All of these are stand out tracks, and you should check her album out, as well as her other albums (which are, in newest release date to oldest: Greatest Hits; Real Fine Place; Restless; Born to Fly; No Place That Far; and Three Chords and the Truth).

Here's the track list for Stronger. 
  1. Desperately 
  2. A Little Bit Stronger - 1st single, currently in the top twenty on the country charts
  3. My Heart Can't Tell You No
  4. Anywhere
  5. Alone
  6. Ticket to Ride
  7. Life Without Losing
  8. What That Drink Cost Me
  9. Wildfire
  10. Born to Fly (Bluegrass version)
  11. Cabana Boy (iTunes Bonus Track)
To check this album out on itunes, click here.
To check this album out on amazon, click here.


Some Things of Note

If you guys remember, for about month, I was a part of the Treehouse Gang. We closed, it just wasn't working. Life got in the way. *shrugs* It happens.
But, I did learn some things.
Like, I need to get a origination pattern down for when I post. Tuesday, I'm starting a new *non* writing series, and I do Short Snippet Saturdays. I'll probably do another writing series on Thursdays. But, my question is, would you guys want to know what I talk about ahead of time?
On the treehouse gang, Evie put together a calender, and that actually helped me a lot, so would you guys want a calendar? Or am I the only one who'd benefit from it?
Let me know you guys!


Short Snippet Saturday #8

Short Snippet Saturday. I have the SAT today, but here's a treat, the end of chapter three. Hopefully, I'll have a little surprise next week for my short snippet!

            “Lani, babe, why would you run away like that?” I was sitting in Will’s office, with a towel wrapped around me.
            “First off, if you ever call me ‘babe’ again, I will be responsible for your broken nose. And second, I don’t belong here. This is a place for superheroes, not girls found in closets. I want out.”
            “Ah, I wish it were that simple, Lani,” he sighed. “But, we need to find who ever did this to you before we let you go. We need to make sure you’ll still be safe after we let you go. We can’t find you in another closet.” He was trying to be diplomatic, but he was flirting. Not a doubt about it.
            “I know who locked me up in the closet and I’m capable of making sure they suffer. When I find those jackasses, I’m going to kill each and every one of them,” I screamed, banging my hands on Will’s desk.
            “Woah, Lani,” he said, standing up. “Killing them isn’t going to solve anything.”
            “Oh yes it will!” I cried. “You don’t even know the half of it! You don’t know what they did to me! Locked me in a closet and stole my bag!” I yelled.
            “Lani, calm down.” The flirting had stopped and he was trying to keep the situation under control. “Lani, violence is not the answer.”
            He managed to get a hold of me and tried to get me to sit down. “Let me go!” I managed to fling him off, turned around, let my fist connect with his nose, and ran out of his office before he realized what had happened, I turned the corner, and ran straight into….
            “Woah, where are you going?” he placed his hands on my shoulders to steady me.
            “Out of here, get out of my way.”
            “Were you talking to Will?” he asked.
            I nodded. “But, I’m leaving before he decides he doesn’t like the look of having a broken nose.”
            Rob chuckled. “You broke his nose?”
            “Yes, now move.”
            He shook his head. “Whatever,” he said.
            I stormed off, wishing I could reach his nose to break it.
            “I’m going to get you!” I heard Will cry. I froze. No doubt he was after me.
            “Woah! Will, calm down!” Rob said.
            I ducked back behind the wall and listened.
            “I’m going to get her! She broke my goddamn nose!”
            “Will, calm down. Trust me, you don’t want to do that. You’ll hate yourself for it later.”
            “What do you mean?” Will asked, accusingly.
            “Well, it’s pretty obvious you’ve got the hots for her. If you hurt her, you’ll never live it down later. Leave her alone.”
            “Oh, and what are you going to do?”
            “I’m going to go talk to her. Go sit in your office, Will.”
            “No, you’re crazy, Rob. I see how you looked at her. You think I’ve got the ‘hots’ for her?” he asked. “Yeah, well, it looks like I ain’t the only one, buddy.”
            “I doesn’t really matter what I think, now does it? You’ll get her anyways. Just because you’re Will. So, just go sit in your fancy little office and leave me alone.”
            “Oh, someone’s jealous is he?”
            Were they really arguing over me? This wasn’t happening. “It doesn’t matter if I am or not. You always win. Just leave me alone. But, let me tell you something, if you hurt her, at all, I will kill you. You get that?”
            “You’ve got awfully strong feelings for someone you’ve known for a day or so.”
            “Shut up,” Rob said. I could almost picture the embarrassment and anger on his face.
            I stood up and ran out to the main corridor of the building. I sat down on a bench and sighed.
            Okay, so what did I know? Will obviously thought he liked me. But I already knew that. He really needed to find a girl who knew how to swoon. Not a girl like me who beat guys up for trying to make moves.
            And, Rob felt something for me? My heart did a flip at the thought of it. I had to guess the feeling was mutual, I’d never felt this way before. Ever. All my life I’d just seen boys as people to play with, to wrestle with and play with balls. They were just friends…. I’d never thought I’d ever feel like this for a guy.
            Rob…. Just thinking about him…. Oh jeez…. This wasn’t happening. Not at all. I mean, a boy? This was just…..
            Illogical. My life had always been about doing the logical thing. I had no money, so the logical thing would be to find a way to get money. So I tried to steal the Adenalin. Sure, that obviously backfired, but it had been a good idea at the time.
            When my parents died, the logical thing to do? Find a way to take care of myself. So, I did. I started robbing people who had way too much stuff to begin with. With the way the war was going, most of the stuff I stole didn’t go for much, but it was enough to keep me fed.
            Logical was what my life was made of, and now…. Logic had abandoned me.
            I saw Rob stride out of the hallway and look at me across the corridor. He shook his head in disgust and walked towards the stairs.
            I stood up and ran after him. “Rob, wait!”
            He didn’t stop. I finally caught up to him and looked at him. “What?” he asked. “What could you possibly want from me?”
            “Nothing.” He opened the door to the stairs and I followed him up.
            “What are you talking about?”
            “Don’t tell me you didn’t hear my argument with Will. I know you were there, hiding behind the wall around the corner.”
            “But…. I.”
            “So, you’ve been a busy girl with Will, haven’t you?” I took a step back, almost waiting for him to punch a wall. Or kill me.
            “I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. I haven’t talked to him except when he showed me my room.”
            “Oh, I bet he showed you real well.”
            “Woah, are you trying to suggest something romantic or sexual happened between us?”
            He stopped dead in his tracks. “Didn’t it?”
            “Ew, God no. With Will? Kill me instead. I’d never….”
            I saw his shoulders relax. It was heartwarming in a way.
            “Really?” he asked after a moment.
            “Never. I’m not one for pick-up lines.”
            He laughed at that one. “Trust me, his pick-up lines aren’t that great.”
            “I know. He’s tried them on me.”
            “Did you actually hear any of what Will and I said?”
            I decided that lying was the best idea. There was no real reason why I thought so, but I did. Maybe I was afraid of being with someone. I mean, what if Rob decided he didn’t actually feel the same way for me as I did for him? “No, I left after you did. I didn’t hear anything.”

            Something was wrong.
            Something wasn’t right. I didn’t know what or how, but something was wrong. I stood up from my bed and walked outside and looked down to the corridor. People were running frantically. There was a woman screaming.
            I think I figured out what was wrong. I turned around and banged on Rob’s door. “Open up!”
            After a moment, he opened the door. I had to steady myself for a moment. He’d been asleep, his hair was everywhere, he had no shirt, and he still looked adorable. “What?”
            “What’s going on down there? It looks like World War Four broke out down there.”
            He rolled his eyes. “I really doubt it.” He turned around, grabbed a shirt, and shoved it on. We walked over and looked down at the corridor. “Holy shit, it does look like it.”
            He turned around and started towards the stairs. “What are we going to do?” I asked.
            “Figure out what’s happening.”
            We made it downstairs when people stopped. The screaming and yelling came to a deafening halt. “Why does this make me feel uncomfortable?” I asked.
            “I don’t know, but I bet we will in a moment,” he responded.
            “You,” a man who I’d never seen said. He was pointing his meaty fingers at us. “You are responsible for this.”
            “Marcus, what are we responsible for?” Rob asked. He towered over everyone. He was either a hell of a whole lot taller than I thought, or society was becoming a lot shorter.
            “Don’t play dumb with me, Robert. We all know how you felt about him.”
            “About who? I was upstairs sleeping. I have no idea what’s going on.”
            “Then why is it the last person who was seen with him was you?”
            “What? Who?”
            “Will is gone. And you made him disappear.”


Sarah Palin's hair

I *promise, promise, PROMISE* that I will not get into politics.
But, I was updating the book covers over there and the next book I'm reading is Sarah Palin's new book. As I was updating it, I realized....
I am jealous of her hair. She's got pretty, brown curly hair.
And, even if you think she's the stupidest person on the earth, she still has pretty hair.
And, yeah, I know she's got stylists and all, but would they come do my hair like that!
Then again, my hair won't even curl right. I curl my hair and I get results like this:

That is not curly hair! My hair is ugh! Instead, my hair is always straight. And it's strawberry blonde.
I'm not even a real blonde!
So, I am jealous of Sarah Palin's hair.
I probably need to get help.
And this is the end of my rant. :D

Love, Lala

P.S. If you're looking for some great new music, here's what you need to go listen to! Stronger by Sara Evans. This is her first album in six years and it's great!


Short Snippet Saturday #7

Short Snippet Saturday time! Today is the beginning of chapter three from Super Ordinary. I'm working on chapter four, and after I finish this chapter, my plan is to upload all of what I have a post it on the excerpts page so you can read all of it without having to find all the separate posts.

Also, probably starting at the beginning of April, I'll start doing a weekly or bi-weekly writing series. Like the Short Snippet Saturdays.... But the thing is, I need to know what you guys want me to talk about. So.... Some of y'all are friends with me on facebook, so you could tell me there, email me, or click here (The Assassin Saga Facebook Page)here (my author facebook page), or here (Lala Land facebook page) and tell me what you want me to write about. You can also leave a comment on this post.
So, here's the short snippet for the week.

            “Lani, let me tell you something.” He stood up and walked across the room to close the door. “You are never going to get out of here, not unless Will lets you.”
            “Why does Will have to let me? Why can’t you let me?”
            He looked down at me. And then he laughed. “Because Will’s in charge. He runs everything here, and it’s quiet obvious that he’s taken an attraction to you, to say the least. He’s in charge, there’s no way in hell he’ll let you just ride off into the sunset.”
            “So, no one else can let me out? Not even late at night?”
            “No one is going to go against Will’s ruling. And if you ask him, I’ll guarantee you he’ll say ‘no.’ He likes to abuse his power.”
            “Well, can’t you just, I don’t know, rebel as a group and kick him out of power.”
            “Why not?” I asked.
            I could tell I was pushing his buttons, but I was willing to take the fury. There was something strange about the whole superhero society, and I was eager to find out what made it that way.
            “Because I’m the only one who doesn’t like him,” he said after a moment. “Will’s the golden boy, the boy that everyone loves.”
            I could have sworn he muttered something like “everything I’m not.”  Then again, I could have just imagined it.
            “Why are you here, anyways? I mean, you seem to hate them all, and-”
            “Let me guess, Will gave you the ‘Rob’s a freak’ speech.” He glared at me, over his shoulder.
            “Doesn’t mean I believe it.”
            He turned around and looked at me. Surprise this time. “You…you don’t?” he asked.
            “Why should I? I don’t think you’re a ‘freak.’ I mean, freak is simply an opinionated word, and I don’t like Will’s opinion.”
            “Wow.” He said after a moment. Then some awkward silence. “Thanks, I guess.”
            “For what?” I asked.
            “For not believing everything Will says. You’d be the first since I got here.”
            “No problem. So, are you going to help me get out of here?”
            He sighed and shook his head. “You don’t catch on fast, do you? You can’t. You think I’d still be here if it were possible?”
            Eh, he had a good point, but I’d never been one to be told it couldn’t be done and just accept it. I’d always had to break the rules to get what I want.
            And what I wanted was out. “Bet you fifty bucks I’ll get out.”
            He looked at me with a crooked grin on his face. “Are you serious?” He crossed his arms across his chest and leaned against the wall. “You really think you’ll get out?”
            “Yeah, and I won’t get caught.”
            “Alright, fifty dollars says you’ll get caught within the first twenty-four hours.”
            “In the first twenty-four hours?” I asked. “You’re on. I happen to be a professional-” I stopped. I couldn’t tell him I was a professional criminal. That hiding from authority figures had become second nature.
            “You’re a professional what?” he asked.
            “Nothing. But, you’re still on.” I held my hand out and he shook it.
            “Good luck. I hope you’ve got fifty bucks stashed somewhere.”
            “I won’t need it.” I walked out of his room, certain to win our bet. As soon as I figured out how to get out of there.
            “Oh,” he called out as he walked to his door. “Did I mention that you won’t be able to get out of here?”
            “Wait and see, Rob. Wait and see.”
            He just shook his head again. “Whatever.”

            I took a deep breath. It was only three stories. I could handle three stories. I mean, it was just a long jump. Sure, I’d probably break my arm, or leg, or some other limb that I didn’t know I had, but I wanted out.
            I took a deep breath and-
            “Lani, what the hell are you doing?”
            I almost fell off, and thought the worse. Until I realized I hadn’t actually fallen. “What do you want?” I hissed in the dark.
            “You aren’t serious about escaping, are you?”
            “Yes, I am. You can come with me, but this is your last chance.”
            “Nice try,” he said. Before I could react, he’d grabbed me by the arm and yanked me off the ledge of the window. “You’re not getting away that easily.”
            I fell over on top of him, but in the moment of awkwardness, he was completely unfazed. He simply set me to the side, like it was all in day’s work.
            “And why not?”
            “Because, if you escape, they’ll just catch you. We aren’t superheroes because we sit around all day.”
            “Oh, yeah? Well, I’ll get out. Whether it’s when you leave my room, or two days from now, I will escape. There is nothing you can do about that.”
            “Alright, then I’ll just stay here tonight.”
            What?!” I cried. “You can’t just stay here all night. You….” But he could. I mean, who was going to stop him?
            He leaned against the railing and crossed his arms. “You sure about that?”
            “Hmph,” I said as I walked back into the bedroom. “Just go away.”
            “Nice try. I’m not leaving.”
            “Wait, shouldn’t you want me to go out there?” I asked. “I mean, if I do get caught, which I’m not saying I will, you’d win.”
            The little grin that had been playing across the corner of his mouth froze. I’d caught him in his own trap. He looked down, and I could have sworn he was trying to hide from me.
            “That’s not important. The point is, do you know what will happen if they catch you? People will start to wonder why you escaped, and they’ll get suspicious, and then, Will will have an investigation ordered into your background. If there is anything you’re hiding from us, and I’m pretty sure you are, it will come out when they catch you.”
            I fought the urge to swallow. Yikes, my whole entire past? Exposed because they caught me? Panic began to build up in me and I fought the urge to scream. Instead, I took a deep breath and looked Rob up in the eye. “I’ve got nothing to hide. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m leaving.”
            I tried to get my foot up onto the balcony, but Rob simply picked me up and dropped me back onto the ground. “You aren’t getting away with this, so quit trying.”
            I walked back to my bed and flopped down on it, in a act of defeat. But, I knew it would only be a few hours before he fell asleep, and then I’d make my escape.

            It was completely dark. I couldn’t even see my hand when I waved it in front of my face. This was going to be a problem.
            I could hear him breathing softly, and evenly. He was asleep. Just the way I needed it.
            I gave my eyes some time to adjust to the darkness and then I stood up. Instead of jumping off the balcony, I decided I was going to go out the door, downstairs, and hopefully out the front doors. At least that was my plan.
            I tip-toed to the door and opened it. I froze when it squeaked. I turned my head, listening to Rob. He was still asleep, thank God.
            Five minutes later, which seemed like a lifetime, I was finally outside. It was cool outside, and I regretted not having a jacket. It was the first time I was outside of the building and I was shocked by what I saw. It was a forest.
They didn’t even exist anymore. All the forests had been knocked down because they stood in the way of development. Trees were planted in the middle of medians on the sides of the roads. Not in bunches like this.
            Now, I was really screwed. I had no idea how to navigate my way out of the forest. It all looked the same. Maybe Rob was right, maybe I was going to get caught.
            Who knows how long I spent looking, wandering, for something or someone. Then I heard it.
            The unmistakable sound of dogs, barking. Then shouting. Was it….
            It was Will.
            Shit, I can’t get caught, I thought. I ran to a tree and looked it up and down, I needed to get up it.
            I tried to climb, my foot in the little cut where kids had probably climbed it before, but I got halfway up, reached for the branch and missed.
            The ground hurt, I won’t lie. The ground was tough, I wasn’t. I had landed on my arm and I was afraid to move it. I’d probably broken it.
            “Hey, Will, over here!” It was Rob, there was no doubt about that. And he was getting close.
            The grass around the tree was tall, so I was covered by that at least. But Rob was easily six-one or six-two.
            I heard the footsteps, closer and closer. “Alright, Lani,” I heard him whisper. “I know you’re out here somewhere. I’m going to find you.”
            I wanted to cry, so badly, but if I cried, I’d be doomed. Rob would find me for sure. Even though, I’d much rather have him find me than Will, I told myself.
            A giant foot landed just inches away from my face. “I believe you owe me, Lani.”


One Year?

So, today is the one year anniversary of me starting Lala Land. This is crazy! I've been through so much.
A year ago, I was a little sophomore with a cold from Spirit Retreat.
Now, I'm a bigger junior with allergies.
I didn't have any followers, and now, I'm only 25 followers away from one hundred. It's a bit crazy.
I was a kid who'd recently found inkpop and wanted to be in the top five so badly. August was my goal. Didn't make it in August (though Evie and I had a great plan to be top five buddies) but I did in October, largely in part because of Evie. Thanks!
I've been writing like crazy the past year. Three-ish Assassin books, Snatched, and Super Ordinary. Writing, writing, writing. And reading too!
Life has been crazy too, I was in Latin this year, and now I'm in forensics. <---Best class ever.
This is just my mini-reflection of the past year since I started. Wow!

love, Lala


TAKS and The Hunger Games

So, yesterday I had to take this little test called "TAKS" or, in fancier terms, the "Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills." It's a joke. I'll tell you that. I took my exit level ELA, or English Language Arts. We answer a bunch of reading comprehension questions, some editing and revising questions, and write an essay. Well, being a writer and avid reader, it didn't take long. So, doing the only think we're allowed to do now that we can't even sleep after TAKS, I read.
I finished Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting, and while I think I liked The Body Finder better, this was just as engaging as the first one and had me on the edge of my seat. I can't wait for the next one, and I highly recommend the book to all y'all. It's written in third person, which is something I don't like, but I think it flowed well for the story.
Since I only had, like, fifty pages of that, I read another book by Carrolly Erikson, and I can't even remember the name of it. It was about the Romanov family and it was a bore, but because reading was all we were allowed to do, I read the sucker. 300 something pages. It was.... not her best work.
Then, I got to The Hunger Games. I'll admit, I was skeptical, everyone loved the book and at first, I really struggled to see what the great idea was. I mean, great plot, but the writing was just simple. But, now that I've finished it, I loved it and I can't wait until tomorrow when I start the sequel, Catching Fire. This book is most certainly a read.... It starts off slow, but it's a great ending.
I gave it five stars on Goodreads.....
I think.

love, lala

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