Short Snippet Sunday (#3)

Jeez, I'm so bad at this. Yesterday was a busy day yesterday. So, here's the short snippet Sunday for this week.
This one isn't from Snatched, it's from Super Ordinary. This is part of the first chapter. Enjoy!

“Alright, are you guys ready to do this?” I asked before pulling my mask on over my head.
            They all nodded in agreement. “Felix, you’re in charge of cutting the security line on the cameras. Eli, distract the guards, Jett, you’ll be watching to make sure no one comes in during the robbery, and Aero, you’ll be waiting in the car for us to make our getaway.”
            “Yeah, what makes you think you’re so special you get to steal the vials?” Aero asked.
            “Because I came up with the idea,” I snapped. “Got a problem with it?”
            He didn’t respond, but instead looked around at the other guys, hoping for help. Not that it mattered. I was going to be the one with vials in my hand, and I’d be the one making money off the ransom. Without them.
            “Let’s go,” I said. I stood up and scanned the street, no police. Not that it would matter, I’d been doing stuff like this for a year, and the police wouldn’t stop me.
            Besides, in the middle of a war, why would they bother worrying about a seventeen year-old girl? The only reason they’d be suspicious of me was the four big guys sitting at my feet.
            The four men followed me. “Places guys.” I went and hid behind the side of the building to wait.
            I tried to focus on the positive. After I stole the vials, I’d be able to live again. I wouldn’t have to worry about freezing at night, or going hungry. I’d be able to ransom it off for millions of dollars, and never have to worry about anything again. After a year of living on the streets as an orphan and a thief, I was ready for a new tune to dance to.
            Of course, once these guys realized that I’d be ditching them and cutting them out of the ransom deal, I’d have to worry about them, but I’d leave that for another time.
            My mind was racing down different thoughts, scattered and nervous. This was a robbery unlike any other. Most of the world didn’t even know what Adenalin was, let alone how deadly it would be if the vials broke.
            Adenalin was the secret weapon of the leaders. They knew if things got really bad in the war, all they’d have to do was install little vials in major buildings across the world and people would drop like a potato.
            And I was going to see how much they’d pay to keep it all a secret.
            “We’re ready de Louise,” Felix said in his thick accent across the walkie-talkie.
            “Got it,” I said, trying not to shutter at my last name, it was not the time to think about stupid superheroes.
            I slipped into the building without anyone noticing. “Eli, you good?” I asked.
            “Yeah, go,” he said.
            I walked down the long hallway to the door. “This is it,” I whispered.
            Right beyond these doors was the vials. The vials of Adenalin.
            I took a moment to calm down. This wasn’t anything too horrible. It wouldn’t go wrong. Before anyone even knew that the vials were gone, or before the boys realized I’d conned them, I’d be gone, waiting for someone to figure out I was waiting.
            Jett walked up next to me. “Here’s the key,” he said. “You’ve got five minutes to break the safe open, get the vial, and walk out of this door before the security goes off and let’s the big man know we’ve been here.”
            “Got it,” I said, taking the key from him.
            “Nervous?” he asked.
            “Please, I’ve been robbing these guys for a year. This is a piece of cake,” I said.
            I slid the card into the key pad and watched the door open. “Show time.”
            The room was almost made of complete steel. The walls were, and the floor was sleek steel. Probably so no one can break out, I thought.
            I turned when I heard the door close. I quickly went back into focus. The walls were tall. Almost too tall. I needed a way out of here before my five minutes were up.
            Then I saw it. The little window at the top of the dome: my way out.
            I pulled out a knife from my bag and went to go to the safe, surrounded by a wall of glass.
            I figured it’d just be easier to take the safe, to keep the vials safe, but the safe would be too hard to carry. I’d have to risk breaking the vials if I was going to get away with them.
            I leaned my knife against the glass wall and listened to the glass start to crack. I gave the wall a kick as it crumbled to the floor. Noise wasn’t important anymore, not yet, anyways. They would be expecting me to break all the glass.
            I stepped over the bits of shattered glass and looked at the safe. I pulled the paper out of my pocket that had the combination. I’d stolen it a week ago when I heard two government employees talking about it, and it had sent my plan into action.
            I turned the dial and watched the little door spring open. I slid my hand into the safe and pulled out ten little vials made of steel, marked “Dangerous” in bold, black letters.
            I stared at them for a moment. Vials made of steel? They must be really paranoid to bottle the Adenalin in steel vials.
            I dropped the vials into my bag, one by one.
            “A minute left,” Jett said.
            I didn’t respond, but took the rope out of my bag. I walked to the middle of the room and swung the rope up to the flag pole that was on the wall. It was extremely high up, but close enough to the window that I could get creative to escape.
            I pulled myself up and began to climb. “Fifteen seconds.”
            I was halfway up the rope when the alarm went off. “Shit,” I muttered.
            “de Louise, get out of there,” Jett cried as the doors opened. He stopped when he saw what I was doing. “Hey!”
            I pulled myself up again, only a few more feet until I was at the pole, “Stop, stop right now!” he called.  
            “Stop me!” I hissed.
            I heard footsteps coming down the hall. “Where is she?” Felix cried.
            “Trying to escape,” Jett answered.
            I reached up, my hand about to wrap around the pole, when the pole shattered and I fell to the ground. “Uh.”


love, lala


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