Short Snippet Saturday #4

Short Snippet Saturday time! Once again, I've got a snippet from the first chapter of Super Ordinary. In the end of the first chapter, Lani and her buddies managed to steal the drug but her buddies conned her and ended up locking her in a closet as the took the Adenalin. Now a group of people are searching the building and Lani has to debate whether she wants to be saved and risk being caught trying to rob the government, or be left behind.

After moments of nothing, I finally gave up and slid to the floor. “How did this go so horribly wrong?”
            I leaned my head against the wall and started at the wall. It was too dark in the closet, just a small bit of light coming out from the bottom of the door. I imagined the wall to be white, probably cracked with age. The leaders didn’t take much time to make their buildings pretty, they were too busy making sure people couldn’t do anything to stop them.
            The war had changed everything. Both of my parents were dead from it, and I was living on the street, committing petty crimes to survive. The leaders had stolen all of my dad’s stuff before I could get it. Stuff that had value, not just monetary, but sentimental too.
            And some of that stuff could have helped me live. But no! The stupid leaders didn’t want anyone being able to live, except for their families. It was stupid.
            Everyone was calling the war a “world war” but I didn’t think it was. We weren’t fighting any other country. The world had become one country, sorta. It was more all these guys took over multiple countries and decided they wanted to rule together. And boom, the world was a country and everyone hated it.
            But could you blame people for hating the leaders when they stole everything that meant anything to people?
            They claimed it was to “distribute to those less fortunate” but no one believed that. They didn’t distribute to anyone.
            Except the superheroes. But no one even believed in the superheroes anymore. They hadn’t helped us when we needed it, they worked for the leaders.
            I sighed. I needed a way out of the closet. I couldn’t spend the night, it’d have disaster all over it. I had to get someone’s attention. The guards that had been knocked out during our attack? No, they’d ask too many questions that I didn’t have answers to. But the guards were the only ones that would be there. What was I going to do?
            I opened my mouth to yell again, but decided against it. I need to figure out my story before I got help.
            “Alright, let’s go. Check everywhere for evidence as to who might have stolen those vials. We don’t find them; the government will yank our chain. Make sure you look for any victims as well. We can’t leave anyone here.”  
            Great, a swat team. As if I wasn’t in enough trouble already.
            I slid further down to the ground. I was almost lying on my back, but my legs were tucked up. I was too tall for the closet.
            “This sucks,” I said to the ceiling that I couldn’t even see.
            Besides the orders that the guy had given, I hadn’t heard from the swat guys. They must have gone the other way.
            Good, I told myself. I didn’t want to be rescued by a swat team. They’d probably just lock me up in jail and kill me in some inhumane way.
            I shivered at the thought. I didn’t want to die, not yet anyways. Seventeen and dead. It just didn’t have any appeal to me.
            I didn’t want to be another victim; I wanted to be a survivor. I wanted to be the one that stumped the leaders.
            “Check every room, even if you think otherwise.” It was that guy again. The swat team guy.
            Just stay calm. They won’t find you. You’re better off being found by the guards. Better off being found by the guards…
            “What about in here?” another guy and he was closer.
            I heard a door open nearby. It must have been on the other side of the wall. I could hear chairs being flipped over, and maybe a table, but I couldn’t be sure.
            Then something hit the wall next to me and made me jump. The rope cut into my skin as my arms jerked. “Ow,” I moaned softly.
            “Nothing in there,” someone said.
            “Check in there,” the first guy said.
            “But, that’s probably just a closet,” a third guy. He didn’t sound too happy. “Why should we waste our time searching a closet?”
            “That’s it,” the first guy said. “Everyone else move on, you get to search the closet by yourself.”
            I sat straight up. Someone was going to find me. This was bad. I didn’t need them to find me.
            “Fine,” the unhappy guy said. He yanked the door open and light streamed in. I knew he wouldn’t see me behind the boxes. I had tucked my legs up to keep from being seen.
            “This is pointless, you know!” he yelled. “I don’t see what I’m going to find in a closet!”
            He stood there, hands on his hips. “Knowing my luck, I’ll find a stupid corpse.”
            How about a live one? I thought.
            I really hoped that he’d decided against his orders and just abandon the closet. Oh how I wanted him to.
            “Pointless. God, I hate him. Mr. Perfect,” he muttered. He had opened the box in the front and was looking through the stuff in it. “Yeah, a rusty, old, wooden box, don’t think that will help.” I saw him toss it in his hand, debating what to do with it.
            Don’t throw it, don’t throw it. Do not throw it.
            Too late.
            “Ow,” I cried when the box hit my head.
            I heard him gasp. He definitely hadn’t expected that. “Hello?” he asked after a moment. “Who’s in here?”
            I could almost picture this guy getting on guard. Probably reaching for his gun. Or something to beat me up with. “Whoever you are, stand up and show yourself..”
I ignored him. I reached up and rubbed the spot where I’d been hit. “You’ve got to learn how to throw,” I said.
            I threw the box at the wall.
            “Yeah. Nice to meet you too.”
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love, lala

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I love how you post little snip bits of your work? I just found your blog.... is this a book you are writing?

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