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First off, this weekend, I got to see this handsome fellow again. =D (I couldn't choose my favorite picture. I think I'm leaning towards the picture of him and Pascal. Their faces are priceless!)
My mother told me she was truly worried for me and that having crushes on fictional characters is not normal.
I laughed at that. I'm a writer! I'll never be normal!
But, that's not the point of this post. (I wish it was :P)
The point is,


I mean, I need to do a run through of Snatched, probably this weekend, since I have a four day weekend thanks to finals! TWO MORE CLASSES! But after that, I need to work on something else before I go and edit Snatched hard core.
So, I've got a few ideas, and they're all really under-developed, but what do you guys think sounds like the one I should write next?
These are really rough ideas, so just go with it:

- A girl involved in a shooting (partly inspired by the Arizona thing), like her abuisve boyfriend tries to shoot the president or something like that. (Book 1)
-Just Perfect, the pitch is on Lala Land
- A fantasy-ish world about a girl who's romantically invovled with a superhero, and when he goes missing, she has to go save his butt. (Book 2)
-Tried, the sequel to Snatched
-Secrets Revealed, the third Assassin book.
So, what do you guys think? You can ask questions about them. 
There's a poll over there ------------->>>>> Please, pretty please, vote. I'll probably leave it up until Snatched goes up. 
Please? *puppy dog eyes*

love, lala


Evie J said...

Just Perfect is a novel, right? I voted for that one because I want to see you write a novel and not a series. :P

Lala said...

To be quite honest, my dear, I don't even know anymore.
But the shooting and the superhero ones would be both stand alones.....

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