To Series or Not to Series?

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To Series or Not to series? Yes, I just played off of Shakespeare. 
That's a good question when it comes to writing. Remember, these are just my thoughts, and feel free to disagree with me.


Pros: I am certainly a series girl, I'm never satisfied with just one book. There's always the question, what happens after? If they get the happy ending in the first book, does it stay a happy ending? Series always expand more on the aftermath, which I like. Series give you the chance to get to know characters better. Also, once you've been published and established, series bring in more revenue for the publisher (but that isn't why you should write series.)
Cons: Sometimes series can go on.... and on.... and on..... to the point you ask, "why?" The plots get old, and reused, and the characters can get annoying if they become flat and don't grow.  If you have nothing changing over the series, the series is pointless.

Stand Alones:

Pros: That's it. There's no agonizing over the wait for the next book. If the story or characters have no where else to go, the stand alone is the best way to do it. It tells the story and it's fulfilled it's job. By only having one book, you've kept the characters fresh, and you don't have to worry about reusing the plot over and over again. New characters keep readers on their toes.
Cons: There's always the question of what if? Even after a series ends, you still want more, how is one single book supposed to work? Also, once you become published (or so I'm told) people will want series because they know the characters.

Remember, this is all just my own opinion, so feel free to disagree, I'd love to hear what you think!

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Evie J said...

Personally, I think a series is only necessary if the story clearly will take more than one book. Some stories are stronger as a single novel. Sometimes they're stronger as a series.

I think if one only writes series because they like to read series or likes to play with the characters, then their head is in the wrong place. To me, it should be about the story. Does the story need more than one book? If it doesn't, but one feels like they can expand on the story for good reason, then that's one thing. But to create more and more and more books just because one doesn't want to leave the story and the characters can actually do more harm than good.

Series and novels are just as good as one another depending on the story. Sometimes it's good to just write a story. One story with a beginning, middle, and end, instead of 3+ books all the time. I also think if a writer can do both, then that shows versatility.

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