Snatched *New Pitch*

17 years. Zoey Lauder had a good life for seventeen years. She's the Junior class vice president. She's got great friends, a family that supports her, and a guy that wants her.

One week. That’s how long it’s been since Zoey stumbled into work late one night and saw an a robbery gone wrong, and her boss laying on the floor, almost dead. But she’s never seen the two men who were trying to kill him. She has no idea why they would try to kill him, but after they try again and succeed, she has a feeling she might be next.
20 days and 20 nights. Zoey Lauder has been missing that long. One minute she's in plain sight; the next, vanished.  It’s not like her to just leave and never call. As time goes on, her family and friends are becoming horrified. There’s no way she could have survived, but as long as there’s no body, there’s hope. But will hope be enough for Zoey’s family when the truth becomes exposed?
 So, I've finally finished Snatched and I'm quite happy to have it finished. I'll still have to edit and edit and edit some more. But just to finally have an ending is such an amazing thing. 
January 28th, it goes up on inkpop. Be there!

love, lala

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TK Knox said...

I like the sound of it! And what a perfect title dear! Feel free to send your latest edited manuscript to me for the Slush Pile, I'll review it for others to read and throw in edits of my own :D That is, if you want....

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