A New Year

I apologize in advance, this should have gone up yesterday, but my computer didn't work. 

2011? My how the time flies. It's crazy to think I'll be eighteen in eleven, almost ten months. In eighteen months, I'll be graduating. In twenty months, I'll be a freshman in college. *Falls over* It's scary to think about sometimes. I mean, it's scary to think that people trust me to make rational decisions regarding the rest of my life. 
I've met some amazing friends this past year because of my writing, Evie, Marisa, Andrea, Lindsey, Jeyn, Morgan, Sharon.... the list goes on and on. All of these guys have helped me in one way or another and I'm so lucky to have met them this year. 
This year, I finally cut the ground with my writing. In January, I discovered inkpop, which I've been a part of since. In fact, my one year anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks (including the debut of Snatched). The Assassin ended up at number three for the month of October, after almost ten, long, exhausting months of getting people to read it and like it. I posted parts of the first two Assassin sequels later in the year, and while they haven't gotten nearly the attention of the first one, both have been met to good reviews.

So, I stole this idea of the top five lists from Evie (I love you!), and here's some of my lists of top fives.

Overall favorites:
1. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead (I finished this New Years' Eve, it counts!)
2. Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen
3. Metro Girl by Janet Evanovich
4. Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich
5. Insatiable by Meg Cabot

Favorite sequels:
1. Motor Mouth by Janet Evanovich
2. Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich
3. Royal Flush by Rhys Bowen
4. The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory
5. Frostbite by Richelle Mead

Favorite Authors:
1. Janet Evanovich
2. Richelle Mead (and she's edging her way up to my favorite author)
3. Meg Cabot
4. Rhys Bowen
5. Philippa Gregory


Also from Evie's blog, are some goals I've got. Life goals, writing goals, reading, you name it, I've probably got a goal for it.

Writing goals: Finish Snatched *grumbles*, edit and revise it, edit and revise it again, edit and revise it again, edit and revise The Assassin, try to get The Assassin onto the publication route. I'll probably start the sequel to Snatched, though, I'm not sure if I'll even ever write it. I probably need to start Just Perfect, and there's some paranormal ideas I've got, plus some more mysteries I want to do. I've also got the Elly Ellis books I've got to work on, and a possible vampire book....?

Reading goals: Finish Vampire Academy, read all of the Janet Evanovich books, and try to read more authors, I'm picky. 

Blog goals: Not to constantly redesign it constantly, though it will get a non-wintery one in the next few days/weeks. Write better posts. I might steal another Evie idea with a spin-off of her "What's What Wednesdays" which are blog posts specifically about her. I just have to ask.... Plus I'm still gonna do The Assassin blog.
Also, coming sometime hopefully this month:

I'm really excited about it, and I'll be sure to post more about it!

love, lala


Evie J said...


LReneeS said...

You definitely have a lot to look forward to, and I'm so glad last year you managed to deal with whatever madness I mentioned with Write Here switching over a thousand times and the blog being like.... ugh whatever.
This had to be one of the longest posts I've seen you upload, but hey awesome! Thanks for mentioning me. *hugs*
Catch ya around.


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