I'll Never Understand Northerners.

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I really will never understand how people live in -8 degree weather. See that 43 in Texas? That would be where I am, and it's still too cold! I think, if it's going to be this cold, it should at least snow!

Those are pictures from last February when it snowed almost a foot. That's a lot of snow.
When I end up going to college somewhere up North, everyone will know I'm from Texas when it snows and I have my nose pressed to the window going "so much snow!" I can totally picture myself doing it, too. I hate cold weather, snow included. It's cold and when it melts it's still cold and your toes go numb and *Shivers.* I'm sorry, I'd rather take 110 degree weather than snow.

love, lala


(=*Brookie*=) said...

Ugh, I hate cold weather! Thanks for following and commenting on my blog! It means a lot! This blog is awesome!

Kristen said...

(laugh) When I moved to PA in the fourth grade my family and I were like, "4 feet of snow is too much!!" I loved PA. Now I've moved back to my home southern state, where temperatures aren't so extreme.

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