Desparate Voices

Desperate Voices

17 year-old Natalie Ryans can hear a voice. Ther voice of her dead sister, Emily. Emily died after a brutual date rape gone bad three years earlier.
When the man suspected of killing Emily comes back to town, Natalie begins to hear her sister's voice, Her sister wants her murderer in jail, and she wants Natalie to help put him there.
But this man is determined to stay free and keep Natalie quiet, no matter the costs. With her life on the line, Natalie must make the choice, fight for her sister and die, or let the voices continue.
The choices are clear, but Natalie only wants one thing: to stop the voices.

So, I'm starting to play around with this idea? What do you guys think? Questions, comments, concerns? Let me know!

love, lala


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