outta chapstick // a look back at 2011

Yes, you read that right. I summed up my year from the lack of chapstick. It seems like every time I turn around, I need chapstick.

And I never have any.

I also lived my life by a little saying that I felt matched my life several times this year:

"even on my weakest days, I get a little bit stronger." I SWEAR! If you haven't heard this song already from the amount of times I've talked about it, you're living under a rock! 

But, besides that song, I've found a lot of songs that applied to my life, especially this year. Best album of the year?

Two way tie between Hell on Heels by the Pistol Annies and Four the Record by Miranda Lambert (one of the three pistol annies.)

Best books? Well, the Vampire Academy series, duh. This one is kind of a tricky subject since I read the first one in 2010, started the second one the last day of 2010 and finished the series this year. I reread the series in July when I went to Washington DC. They're a great read, if you haven't, you need to read them, now!

This year was a year of struggle too. I went through some tough stuff at the beginning of the year with a friend. Everything is okay now, but I was really worried about her. 

Then there was that little disaster of the boyfriend, but that's all I'm going to say about that.

Senior year has been no easier, personally, than I expected it to be. The death of my grandma kind of summed it up. 

2011 was about finiding myself even when others can't. I learned just how much BS I'm going to take before I blow up in your face (it's not much). I found out where I'm going to go next year (you'll soon find out too), I found out what I'm going to do with my life and hopefully what life will bring me next.

Writing has kind of been a dud, no finished books, though I did start Super Ordinary in February and worked a lot on The Assassin. 

2012 will be a good year. 

As long as I don't lose my chapstick.

Happy new year! 


sponsor spotlight // so-hi

about me: Hi there! The name is Rach and I am just a high school senior obsessed with fashion, beauty, and life. I am going through all of those senior adventures and time is flying by! I can't wait to see what will happen in the future! So exciting, right?

blog: I blog about what I love, fashion, makeup, and overall beauty. I have tips, tricks, pretty much anything and everything you want in a blog. ;) I have random hotties of the day, saturday secrets, tutorials, and diy's. See? Everything. 

christmas memory: Every year we make cookies and ice them together with the family, I love walking into the house to the smell of freshly baked sugar cookies and I love letting out all of my creative juices while icing them. Oh, and spending time with the fam too, i guess. ;)


what a mess

Sorry for the lack of posts guys, my job has kept me busy at doing nothing.

Yeah, I worked 16 hours this week as a greeter. Aka- the most boring job ever. The least they could do is give me a book or some paper to write with. 

Oh well. 

I've got bigger things to worry about...

Like, how my book is such a big mess right now. I kind of changed paths halfway through and now, I'm not sure what's going on. 

You know what I'm talking about? 

But, there's been so many changes in this draft, hopefully for the better, from the last draft. In fact, the last full, finished draft was the one Harper Collins read. 


*facepalm* I haven't finished a single draft of anything this year. I've been so scattered brained this year. 

But, the year is almost over, and despite the fact I get to kick off 2012 with "Hi, welcome to Main Event," I have a feeling this next year could be a good one. 

I mean, this one has been such a lackluster one, it's time for a good one again, right? 


(this is where you all nod and say "yes.")

This next year will be a good one. I've got so much to look forward to, it has to be. 
Anyways, if you're bored, go follow me on bloglovin' please? I've got two followers....

  Follow pens & a camera lens

Adios amigos.


sponsor spotlight // christa.jae

In 4-5, tell us about your blog (what it's about, how long you've been blogging...ect)

My blog is about creation, art, and my love for God, as well as my relationships. I do blog about a lot of nonsense. I don't really have a lot of DIY or any of that, but I have the occasional Fashion Post, as well as my Tattoo Tuesdays. You will see my dog and my boyfriend's face up there a lot. My life pretty much consists of them! I always welcome new friends!

Do you have any Christmas traditions with your family? If so, what are they? 

Every Christmas Eve nigh, even to this day, My grandpa reads us the Christmas Story. When we were younger, he wanted to make sure we knew what Christmas was really about, and I couldn't be more thankful for that! As the economy struggles and families, including ours, have less funds to provide a Christmas full of presents– I am actually finding that this is the best Christmas I have had in a long time. Because we aren't stressing over what to get each other, I am remembering that it is not about the presents at all!. I love it!

What is your favorite Christmas memory? 
I would have to say the same thing. Hearing the Christmas story on Christmas Eve and having Tamales! :)

 is that dog not adorable? --->


life according to my iphone // christmas edition

Merry Christmas! 


i just had to share this

He was going at me with his trunk. ^^


sponsor in january

I swear, some day, someone will actually pay to sponsor on my blog. SOMEDAY. Until then, I keep dreaming. 
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sponsor spotlight // in the pale gloom

In 4-5 sentences, tell us about yourself:
Hello, everyone! I'm Autumn, a fifteen-year-old reader, writer, and blogger living in Texas. Though I have a number of hobbies, writing fictional novels, attempting to learn HTML, and playing volleyball are a few of my favorites. Upon graduating high school, I hope to go to Texas A&M University, home of the Aggies. Gig 'em!
In 4-5, tell us about your blog (what it's about, how long you've been blogging...etc.)

I started in the pale gloom during the month of November. I had been introduced to the blogging world several months prior to the creation of in the pale gloom, which prompted me to start little blogs here and there, but I didn't become serious about it until last month. I was inspired by so many girls my age who could balance their time between school and blogging, that I decided to do the same. in the pale gloom focuses on bits and pieces of my life, along with upcoming tutorials and DIY crafts.
What else do you like to do besides blog?
When I'm not blogging, you can often find me exercising, browsing the shelves at my local Barnes and Noble bookstore, and crossing my fingers in hopes that I didn't fail my last Algebra test. I also enjoy writing books.
What is your favorite Christmas song?
Ooh, that's a tough one! I love all Christmas music, but my favorite song would have to be, "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree." It's a classic, for sure.
Do you have any Christmas traditions with your family? If so, what are they?
We don't have a whole lot of traditions, but my family and I do have one that I look forward to every year. At the beginning of the month, we gather all of our Christmas movies together and agree to watch one each night until Christmas. We watch the shorter ones during the weeknights and save the longer ones for the weekends. We also read The Polar Express every Christmas Eve.
What is your favorite Christmas memory?
Honestly, I don't have a favorite Christmas memory. Each Christmas is special to me in a different way, and I'm always looking forward to what the next holiday season will bring.


contest winners!

Woohoo! Contest completed! Yay! So, I've already emailed the winners, so you know who you are, but I wanted to share with everyone else! 

There was a couple times I had to readjust the winners (I tried not to have repeat winners, but rafflecoptter seemed to want them), so here they are!

Large ad winners:

Medium ad winners:
Evie J
Cassie Mae

Small ad winners:
Bianca McCray
Miss Emily K
Deena Shoemaker
Amanda (extra)

Blog Design:

First Chapter Critique:

Like I said, all of these ladies have been emailed, and if I haven't heard a response by the time I get out of school tomorrow afternoon, I'll pick a replacement (which hopefully won't happen.) 


sponsor spotlight // romance in a glance

In 4-5 sentences, tell us about yourself:

Hey there ya'll! I'm a Southern gal who lives deep down in the south of Louisiana. I'm all about romance and the mushy gushy things in life! I'm a college graduate with desires to do big things in the world. I have big dreams that I hope to reach one day {soon hopefully!} through my blog and my writing.

In 4-5, tell us about your blog (what it's about, how long you've been blogging...ect)

My blog is all about romance. From dating, to weddings and marriage, it is the perfect place for the girlfriend, the bride to be and the wife. I hope to inspire at least one bride with an amazing idea and to touch at least one life through my romantic rambles. Writing is a passion of mine and love is the greatest gift of all; it's the perfect combination. I hope you visit to catch up on some good reads and inspiration.

What else do you like to do besides blog?

Besides blogging, I work a full time job at a bank and I teach dancing three nights a week as well as take my own personal dance classes. I am trained in all styles of dance and it's basically the only thing I have ever wanted to do. I also enjoy decorating, taking pictures, reading, spoiling my husband and spending time with my family. I love being a housewife!

Christmas questions:

What is your favorite Christmas song?
Favorite Christmas song is definitely "It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!"

Do you have any Christmas traditions with your family? If so, what are they? 

My family always spends Christmas morning opening up presents in our pjs. We all drive over to my parent's house and we sit in the same spots each year to open our presents. Then we get dressed and visit one side of the family for lunch and the other side for dinner. All of the inlaw stuff is done at other times {thank goodness!}.

What is your favorite Christmas memory? 

My favorite Christmas memory is probably one with my older brother. We both awoke in the middle of the night to look outside and he pointed out a large star above our house. It looked like the star leading to the manger on Christmas. It was so bright and shaped like a diamond! We were amazed and had a special moment!


the new failure

Guys, I need your help. As y'all know, I'm a high school senior with college looming over my shoulder. I've been applying for scholarships like crazy, and this post is for a scholarship. Let me warn you first, this is a political blog post, and while I totally encourage all of y'all to comment about your opinions and stuff, please, let's keep it mature, okay? Anyways, if you guys are seniors or in college, you can do this scholarship too!

Here's the prompt: 
"As the nation approaches its 57th Presidential Election, we're asking the future leaders of this country, students, to define the single most important political issue in this election. Tell us not only what that issue is, but also tell us why and how you propose we come to a solution that benefits the majority?"

For the official 8.6% of the country without a job, the most important thing this upcoming election is how will the next President create jobs? President Obama's attempts to create jobs have failed, and honestly, it didn't surprise me. All he did was repeat history.

Back in 1933, after FDR was elected president, he established numerous laws that became known as the New Deal. The basic idea was for the government to spend money creating agencies, jobs, and services for the struggling Americans. Well, I think it's a safe bet to say that didn't work (it was World War Two that ended the recession). All the New Deal really did was increase the deficit.

Does this sound familiar? This past summer, what did we have? A war about the debt and deficit. (Trust me, I was in DC the week before they finally passed the deal).

I don't think it should shock any of you to say I'm a fiscal (and social) conservative. So, my suggestion would be that the government needs to get out of the way. Before the Great Depression, people actually saved money for when they retired, no nice paycheck in the form of Social Security every month.

Most of the things the federal government does can easily be given to the states. I'd feel much better knowing that laws that apply to my life come out of Austin, Texas instead of DC.

If the federal government would hand over many of it's responsibilities to the states, the deficit and the debt would stop growing at such a rapid rate. It's scary when you look at those debt clocks and they just keep going and going! Talk about a headache.

When the government stops the crazy spending, the need for money will be a lot less, which in turn means lower taxes. If everyone has lower taxes, they can spend money. If people spend money, businesses do better which means they'll need to hire more people.

Which means the jobless rate goes down.  See, it isn't that complicated! If the federal government would stick to the basics, it would snowball into more job creation.

And then maybe Obama wouldn't be remembered for the new failure.

This is an official blog entry for the YourLocalSecurity.com Blogging Scholarship. If selected, I'll receive $1000 towards my college expenses in 2012. This scholarship is sponsored by YourLocalSecurity.com


you have until monday!

You guys! You have until Monday to enter the Christmas contest. I'll pull winners then and announce them Tuesday morning! (Hopefully Tuesday morning, if I actually wake up with time - which I won't). Click on the picture to go visit the page to enter!


my bucket list

  1. Have The Assassin pulished
  2. Have a book debut at number one on the New York Times list
  3. buy/own a DSLR camera
  4. become a freelance photographer
  5. become a freelance blog designer
  6. buy some sort form or fashion of photoshop
  7. Have 150 followers on my blog (I love you guys)
  8. Go to London
  9. See the Tower of London
  10. fall in love
  11. get married
  12. Have a family of my own
  13. have a blog design up for a month
  14. have a blog design up for two months
  15. Own my own home
  16. Graduate college
  17. buy a Mac
  18. buy a car (a purple truck)
  19. decorate a house
I'm sure this list will grow, but I just wanted to write a few things down that I want to do before I die. I think most of these are pretty attainable, right?


christmas craziness

Ten days! In ten days, it'll be Christmas Eve! Holy moly! Can you believe it? and only 4 and a half more days of school left! I can't wait until next week Our Christmas tree is up, we're mailing presents, we've received presents, and I can't believe it's only eleven days until Christmas.



Here are just a few ornaments from our tree. This year, I got to put the angel on the top of the tree because, as my little brother, Sam, said "she won't even get to decorate next year!" 

I love this angel, she's so pretty! 


all down hill

Wow, can you guys believe Christmas is only two weeks away? Actually, it's only thirteen days away. Is that not crazy or what?
Anyways, it was a crazy weekend. I spent most of my time at work, but Saturday night, I took a little trip across the Red River to go see this lovely lady!

It's the "Stronger" lady!

So, that was my first concert, ever, and I'm so glad that it was her I went to see. I've been a fan of Sara's since.... Since, I was, like, nine. That's half of my life guys.

But, besides seeing the concert, it's been insane. I realized, I have a week and a half left before Christmas break. Then, we go back for a week, then finals is the second week back. Then it's the new semester. My last semester as a high schooler.

I can't even begin to wrap my mind around it, it's so crazy!! Tonight, I'm going to meet the girl who may become my roommate next year.

Just think, 2012 is right around the corner, it's all downhill from here to graduation.


the best draft ever

I've sat here for about fifteen minutes deciding how on Earth I want to start this post. Lately, I feel life has slowed down, but still going way too fast. I'm one of those people, I have to constantly be doing something. At school, if I finish what we're doing for the day, I'll pull out my writing spiral or a piece of notebook paper and plot or write the rest of the time. If I'm not in the mood, I'll read a book. I can never sit there and just enjoy a moment, there's always something to be doing.

Then again, life has slowed down to where I get home, and instead of trying to write, I find myself wasting hours looking at blogs and playing on facebook to read the latest drama of my schoolmates, even though most of it makes no sense to me.

I need a deadline or motivation to finish The Assassin. As I've mentioned in a few other posts, it's gone through so pretty major changes, and now, I'm kind of lacking the motivation to finish it since I know I'll just have to go back and rip up everything I've written so far.

Plus, my brain is just a hot bed for new plot ideas. I've been so focused on just finishing The Assassin, my brain feels the need to create different plot ideas. Like, counting Skewed Rescue, I have about four ideas that need to be/could be written - but they all need to be fleshed out more before I start working on them (well, I already started handwriting Skewed Rescue, there's about ten pages handwritten). That, and I know if I stop working on The Assassin now, I may never come back to finish it.

As much as I hate to say it, I'm kind of bored with it.

Let me elaborate: I'm not sick of Cassie, I'm just sick of rewriting the same book time after time. I'm ready to be able to put the first book behind me and continue sharing the rest of her story with the world.

Haha, I wish.

But, I know I need to make this the best draft ever of The Assassin. I want this to be the draft (with some major editing) to be the draft that people pick up off the shelf at the library or the local book store.

I feel it in my bones, that this could be the one that really kicks the door open for me.

If I ever finish it.

So, if any of you feel the need to email me, like everyday (seriously, feel free to), go ahead and harass me to finish it. And let me know if you want to read it when I finish it. Though, you'll probably get lost since it does, like, a one-eighty in the middle of the draft.

If I'm lucky, I'll have it finished (minus edits) by graduation.

If I'm lucky....


life lately....

life lately consists of two three things: school, projects, and work.
Oh, it's supposed to get to 23degrees tonight. IN TEXAS!
The last time it was this cold in North Texas, we had four days off of school. It sucks....

Also, there's the new hair. Everyone's staring at me! Probably since the last time I had my hair this short was in, like, fifth grade. I'm in 12th now.

I'm thinking I chose a really bad time to cut half my hair off because, right now, it's only, 30 degrees outside. Don't believe me?

SEE?!? It's totally thirty outside. Too cold! Too cold for Texas dag nabit! 
So, I'll just sit here and write The Assassin. For some reason, I'm kind of out of it and not in the mood to work on it, but I need to. Evie and I have made a lot of changes to this draft from what Harper Collins read. Like, totally different. The Assassin herself has changed, a character that has been in every single draft of TA  from the very beginning (like, the handwritten one), is gone, and a character that doesn't appear until book three has given his or herself a large part in this book. 
It's.... interesting. 
Oh, and it's now 28 degrees outside.
Times like this, I wish I had a boyfriend to keep me warm.


christmas contest

Christmas contest time! There's a lot of prizes that I'm giving away for Christmas, including:

  • 2 large ad spots
  • 3 medium ad spots
  • 4 small ad spots
  • a blog design
  • a first chapter critique
The contest will open at 11pm Central Standard Time (aka TEXAS TIME!) So, that's a lot, and that equals 11 different ways to win! 
Go ahead, enter down below. You know you want to. 

before & after


 Yeah, I took a lot off. And the best part was the reactions. I didn't tell anyone before I cut it all off. Best reaction was my best friend's, Courtney. She walked into class, went "hey," sat down and did a double take that was followed with "What did you do to your hair?"

Oh, in other news, guess who already failed project 365. I didn't have time to take a picture yesterday, and therefore failed. :/ Maybe I'll start over for the new year. I'm so mad I didn't get to go all year!

So, I guess I will focus on my writing now, which is to finish The Assassin. And then go back and throw out the first part because it doesn't fit with the ending now. And work on writing Skewed Rescue. Thanks for the feedback on the opening scene!

So, adios!


teaser time.

First, thank you so so much to the lovely Christa, who gave me this beautiful design. I love it. It's gorgeous.
Second off, here's the teaser for Skewed Rescue! Enjoy!

“Miss, did you know that that man is following you?” The young girl, with her thick brown hair and even thicker accent pulled at my shirt.
            In a way, she reminded me of myself, back when I was a little innocent girl, living on the streets of D.C., a violent place for a child of seven to live, but that had been my life.
            When she pointed off to the distance I didn’t need to know who the man was following me. All I thought was, took you long enough. “Yes, I’m well aware of the fact, but thank you,” I said.
            The little girl looked at me with those sad eyes, and I felt my heart tug. I pulled out a few Euros from my pocket and handed them to her. “Don’t tell anyone where you got these from, understand?” I asked, leaning down so I looked her in the eyes.
            “Yes, yes, miss, I won’t.” Northern Ireland was full of desperate people who’d hurt the little girl when they found out she had the Euros.
            “Alright, go along,” I said, waving her on her way. She disappeared into the throng of people visiting the village market.
            The desire to look back to see who was following me was strong, but not strong enough to actually look. I didn’t need to look. Besides, looking would give him a few extra seconds that could make or break my chance of getting away.
I walked down the market street, avoiding children as they played with a ball, and adults arguing over prices for goods. A man was trying to drive down the street in his car and wasn’t having too much luck with it. Any way you looked at it, I stood out. Too old to be an innocent child, but too young to be a corrupt adult.
A busy place like this was a good place to just vanish. But, he was good. There was no way I could just vanish and not expect him to find me eventually. He’d taught me all I knew.
When I turned the corner to a dark alley, I saw him lean down and talk to a blonde girl, shorter than me, but certainly my replacement.
I ducked my head when I turned into the alley, and counted in my head. One, two, three, four, five-
“You can’t hide forever.”
I froze at the edge of the alley, so close to freedom again. “Long time since I’ve seen you,” I said. It was simple, no double meaning, no giveaways about what had happened.
“You’re the one who bailed out. One night you were there, the next morning gone, with only a little note. But, you gave away a lot in that note.”
Then, running around the corner was the petite blonde. “Andrew, wait!”
Oh, God, I thought. I’d been replaced with a Barbie doll. Knowing that he’d turn to see her, I took my chance and turned around.
“What?” he asked. Even from just looking at his backside, I could tell, he was easily annoyed by this girl.
“Did you find her? Wait, is that her?” The girl pointed at me from the other end of the alley. “Hey!”
            In the time it would have taken for him to turn around and realize what she was screaming about, I was gone, running down the street. This side of the alley was a nice urban area that pretended like the village behind it didn’t exist.
I dashed into the first building I could find hoping that by the time he turned the corner, I’d be gone from the street.
The first building was an apartment complex building. “Now, please, if you will follow me, I will show you our demo room,” a man said, standing on the stairs. A large group of people stood at the bottom of the stairs, eager to see these apartments. I slid into the group, took my jacket off, and tossed my hair into a messy bun to throw his senses off.
The group began to move, and I was just about to stand up on the stairs when a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me back. A woman next to me grumbled when I hit her on my tumble down.
“Come with me,” he said, just loud enough for me to hear.
He opened the door to a darkened room and shoved me in. “Ow, no need to be aggressive,” I said.
“Did you really think I wouldn’t find you?” he asked.
“I was starting to wonder. It took you long enough. It’s almost been four months.”
“Well, I had to convince some people that it would be worth taxpayers’ dollars to actually go find you. And that was after they gave me a new partner,” he said. He leaned on the desk and crossed his arms against his chest, a sign of hostility.
“Wow, you don’t even trust me? After all we’ve been through?” I asked. “That hurts.”
“Babe, you ran away. How do I now you won’t try to bust through the door now?”
“Because I know you won’t hesitate to take me down. I’m not that stupid.”
He leaned his head back and laughed, and I felt my heart twitch. It’d been so long since I’d made him laugh. “So, how’d you find me?” I asked.
            “It wasn’t that hard once I started looking. All I had to do was ask for the sexy, redheaded girl, and people knew who you were.”
            “Well, you found me, what do you want?” I asked. “Whatever you want, you can have, just leave me alone.”
            “Well, if you want me to leave you alone, then obviously I can’t have what I want.” He stood up and moved toward me.
            “Drew, don’t you come anywhere near me.” I looked around the room for something to defend myself. The best I came up with was a bucket next to me.
            “Oh, it’s been a long time since anyone’s called me that,” he said, clearly enjoying my panic. Anyone else I wouldn’t have hesitated to tackle, but he knew all my moves. He’d given them all to me.
            “Don’t. Go away, you have a new partner, you don’t need me anymore.”        
            “That new partner is a pain in the ass. Come with me and I’ll leave her here.”
            I winced, he was serious. But he was going to try harder. “No.”
            He took another step closer and I fell to pure instinct as I reached up to sock him in the nose. But Drew was fast. No sooner had I punched him, he had my arm twisted around my back so I couldn’t move.
            For a moment, I blinked and stared at him, thoughts of what had almost been. And then I shoved them out. “Let me go,” I said.
            “No. You’re coming with me.”
            “You wish.”
            In one fluid motion, he scooped me up and carried me over his shoulder. “You shouldn’t have tried me, Babe.”
            “Well, what else was I supposed to do?”
            He just laughed. 


what i wore

happy friday! Right? I mean, I don't have to work tonight, so I say happy friday! Today, I woke up and decided I'd actually wear something besides a t-shirt and tennis shoes..... So this is what I wore:


decemeber? already?

Wow, it's December already. Kind of surreal. I feel like life is just going, going, going! I'm like the little energizer bunny!
So, as I said, life is pretty crazy! Just in this month alone, here's some of the crazy stuff I have to do:

-work on the weekends (that's self explanatory)
-Choir concert! - yes, I have to learn this whole stack of music

Oh, and the concert is on the 18th, so.... Yeah, guess who's going crazy this month.
On top of that, I want to have the opening scene of Skewed Rescue up for y'all to read sometime this week. I just need to finish writing it before I can type it. O.o
Yeah, did I mention I have to build a catapult by the 19th? Oh, the wonderful world of physics....

BUT! On some good news, I've got some pretty awesome stuff planned for the next couple months, it'll be fun, I promise (like a contest or two - but not for another couple of months).
Also, in case you've been following me for a long time, time to refresh your bookmarks! I changed links...

As a birthday gift to myself, I bought my own domain! Click the button to visit it (it looks exactly like the .blogspot.com one)

Adios! Have a great December! 


skewed rescue

Andi May left. Left her job, the boy she thought loved her, the security. She left it all.For two months, she drifted across the world, with no place to go and nothing to do. But, now, the boy, Drew, has found her and is determined to get her back.

Hiding somewhere in Paris, is a missing diplomat from the United States, and it's up to Drew and Andi to find him, and make sure he returns unharmed. Seeing as she has no choice, Andi joins Drew as they fly to Paris to find the diplomat. 

But, once they arrive, Drew and Andi soon learn that the kidnappers have no plans to give up their hostage, sending Drew and Andi across the city, looking for clues and their missing man.With a time limit over their heads, Andi and Drew must find a way to save their man, and Andi must find herself again, or they may just all lose their lives. 

Wohoo! I am so excited to share this with you guys. I apologize for the crummy cover/pitch. Looking over it, it sounds like a romance book (not that there's anything wrong with romance books, I just don't write them). Let me tell you a little about this book:
You could argue that it's kind of The Assassin's big sister. Why? Well, it's a little more:

  • edgier
  • mature
  • tougher topics
  • dangerous
  • sexier
Plus a lot more. I feel like, for Andi, the stakes are much higher than for Cassie (which is strange to think, and I'm sure why I feel like that.)

I've started working on this book (I'm handwriting it while I finish up TA) and in the first scene, Andi is being chased by Drew....
So, does that give you a little peak into what on Earth is going on in my mind while I write this?

I'll have a teaser sometime soon, once I have more written.


a brutal day....

Well, more so yesterday than today....

Yesterday, I went to work, and they over scheduled my department.....
So, guess who spent three hours standing in one spot going "hi, welcome to main event! Hi, welcome to main event! Hi, welcome to main event! Thanks, come again!" 

Yeah, that girl right there. ^^
After thirty minutes, my lip was bleeding and I couldn't feel my feet. Thank God for some of my co-workers who talked to me between their parties, otherwise I would have died of boredom. 

Yeah, life as a working girl. It's interesting. I'm not sure if I've ever actually talked about my job on here.... Well, in case I haven't, I work at this place called Main Event. It's got bowling and laser tag, billiards and lots of arcade games. 

I'm a party host, which means I get paid to get bowling shoes, go save those balls that get stuck on the lane, take your kids to the bathroom, pull pizzas out of a burning hot oven (without gloves), light your child's candles (without burning the building down or my finger off) and pick up all the trash afterwords. Yeah, life is so glamorous being a party host. 

Despite all of it, I actually like my job. True, it does pay pretty nice, but I like working for things besides the money. I like my coworkers in my department and my supervisor. 

What I do not like is standing around for three hours repeating "Welcome to main event" for minimum wage. The least they could do is give me a stinking chair or a break! 

But, today was the first day I went to school since I turned 18. Crazy stuff. We had all of last week off, but I ditched the Friday before so I could go visit a college. (Stephen F. Austin, if you were wondering) and then the next day (Saturday), I went and visited the rival college, Sam Houston State. (The shirt I'm wearing in the picture is a shirt from Sam Houston) . I also visited Texas A&M, home of the fightin' Texas Aggies (that's where Aggie the dog gets her name - I'm an Aggie baby). 

But, my poor allergies. I went through multiple climates and areas of Texas in the past week, so I've been exposed to everything I could ever imagine being possible to in the span of a week. 

And, why is it when I come back home, it's so freaking cold? 31 degrees this morning! BRR! Anyways, I'm off to go freeze to death! 


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what a week....

hope y'all all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and for those of you who were out shopping yesterday, hope you got some great deals and stayed safe!

It was a long, tiring, week, this morning has been exhausting, my car needs gas, and I have to go to work in a bit. So, I'll let the photos tell you how my week was. 

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