What the Heck?

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So, apparently in Google Chrome, my little snowman header does not work? Great, another thing broken....
But that isn't the point of this post.
I've got 7K words in Snatched left. 
I'm so happy. 
I'll probably do a big post about it Sunday, when I'm supposed to finish the book!

love, lala

Heat Wave - Book Review

Cover ImageThe title character from ABC's hit television series Castle kicks off his new series of books featuring tough and sexy New York police detective Nikki Heat with a bang.

Page Count: 196
First Thoughts: Castle! Ever since I got hooked to the show at the end of the second season, I've been dying to get my hands on it. And I finally bought it when I got my nookColor.
Setting: New York City, just like the show. New York City just kind of fascinates me, (it's the setting of The Assassin Saga). Because I watch the show, I could picture the city pretty well.
Characters: The chacters were totally taken from the show. My mind automatically assumed characters in the book with characters in the show. Nikki Heat was inspired by Kate Beccket, and her sidekick, Rook, was insipred by Castle. I felt like the characters in the book could have used more individualism.
Writing Style: The style was pretty sympistic, but it was packed with action, so it seemed to go pretty fast.
Cover: I felt like the cover was thrown together quickly, I think they could have done a better job....
Plot: The plot was certainly like an episode of Castle. A murder scene, investigation, flirting between Rook and action, putting the peices together, gun shoot-outs. It was really easy to picture it like an episode.
Dislikes: It seemed too close to the show, I mean, yeah it was written by a ghostwriter, but could we not have some individualality?
Final Thoughts: Definetly worth a shot if you like mystery or you're a fan of Castle.

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Vampire Acadmey

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Merry Christmas...?

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Maybe this is a bit late, but Merry Christmas!!
I'll tell y'all about my great Christmas story when I come back from vacation.
I pinky promise!

love, lala


Snatched Extra

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So, since I've been doing so much writing, I decided I'm going to share with you a flashback scene from Snatched, because I'm nice that way. 
So, just as a brief introduction:
Zoey: the main character, the girl who gets kidnapped. She's the Junior class vice president.
Zack: her main love interest, things have been getting intense between them, sooner or later, it's going to be more than just flirting.
Max: Zoey's three year-old half brother. 
So here's the scene:

“Zack, what are you doing?” I asked.
            I was up against the door, with no where to go.
            He didn’t answer, but instead, he just leaned in closer. If he kept leaning in, he was going to end up kissing me.
            The idea wasn’t without appeal, but I wasn’t quite sure I was ready for that. Things had been going really fast in the past two weeks, and I wasn’t sure how to react to it.
            “Zoey….” he whispered.
            “Zack, please…” I stuck my hands between us, trying to slow him down, but he just grabbed them and held my hands.
             “Zack….” I whispered in a panic. I was so not ready for this….
            The next thing I knew, Zack was on top of me, and I was on the floor.
            I looked up to see Max standing behind the door, wide open. “Uh oh,” he said. “Mommy!” he called.
            “Get off of me,” I pushed. I tried to wiggle my way out from under him.
            He rolled over. “That wasn’t how I was planning that to go,” he said.
            My mom came running in. “What happened?”
            “I opened the door and Zack and Zoey fell in. It wasn’t my fault,” Max protested.
            Zack stood up. “Are you okay?” he asked as he offered a hand.
            I waved the hand off. “Yeah, I think so.” I winced. “Never leaning against a door, again.”
            “What happened?” my mom asked.
            “It’s a long story.”
            “I’m sorry, Mrs. Barns, this is all my fault. I probably ought to leave anyways.” Zack picked his keys up off the floor. “Bye, Zoey,” he said.
            After the door was closed for a moment, my mother looked at me. “What happened?” 
            “I think he just tried to….to kiss me.”
            “Eww!” Max called. “Zoey got kissed!”
            “He didn’t actually kiss me. You interrupted that,” I snapped.
            “Zoey, he’s only three, he doesn’t know any better.”
            “I’m going upstairs.” I grabbed my purse from the mess on the floor and walked upstairs.
            I turned the light on my bedroom and collapsed into the bed.
            “That just happened.”
            I didn’t know whether to consider Max a blessing or a burden. True, he’d saved me from being kissed, but he’d saved me from being kissed. I was seventeen years old and I’d never been kissed.
            I mean, it was bound to happen sooner or later.
            I didn’t know if I wanted it to be sooner or later.
Hope you guys enjoy it! Let me know what you think!

love, lala


The Reasons.....

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There's a logical explanation as to why I haven't updated in a week!
I've been writing. My fingers are getting a serious workout. I've written at least 7K this week, if not more...
And it's only Tuesday. 
So, I'll be back this week with another update, I promise!

love, lala


The Great Revelation

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So, I have good


news!! I figured out how I can finish Snatched by the end of the year!
If I write 2,642 words every day of Christmas break, I can finish my book by the time I get back to school, and then I can totally focus on finals...

love, lala


The Great Gatsby - Book Review

The Great Gatsby
by F. Scott Fitgerald
I tried, but I couldn't find an official pitch.
Pages: 180
First Thoughts: I was mostly happy, because it was short, and it's the last book I have to read for my AP English class before the end of the class.
Settings: In the Midwest, I think. It takes place in the "Jazz Age" (the roaring 20s') and after WWI, when the economy was booming and people were becoming rich left and right.
Characters: Gatsby was very mysterious, which was a good character trait, and Fitzgerald wasn't afraid to show Gatsby's flaws. Gatsby was stuck in the past. Daisy, the main love interest, bugged me. She was easily pushed around and always listened to what the men told her to do. There wasn't much that you learned about Nick, the narrator, but I liked the point of view.
Writing Style: It was short and nice, but sometimes, Fitzgerald tried to make the sentences long and flow, and it didn't really work.
Cover:  The cover didn't do much for me. I had no idea why the cover was the way it was, but I never really pay attention to covers.
Plot: The plot was confusing, it was mainly a love story between two people that couldn't be with each other, but the way Fitzgerald lays it out, it's choppy, and some parts make little sense.
Dislikes: Fitzgerald's way of showing things. He tried to make nice, long elegant sentences, but it just made things a mess. He had a strange way of developing characters too.
Final Thoughts: Did I really finish it? I'm not really done with this book, I still have to annotate it, probably during Christmas break.

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Cover of "The Maze Runner (Maze Runner Tr...

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My Problem

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I have this problem.
I can't write.
I never have time anymore, in fact, I probably shouldn't be wasting time to write this post, but I need help.
I've got 12,000 words done of Snatched. I told myself I'd finish it by the end of the year. That isn't going to happen.
I don't have time. I'm in two AP classes, and two other classes.
I have a weird school schedule called an "accelerate block" which means I have four classes and I go to those four classes everyday until January when I have finals, and the next week, I go to four new classes until the end of the year!
Ideally, you're supposed to have 2 core (History, English, science, and math) classes a semester and two electives to balance it all out.
I hdon't have electives. It sucks a lot.
I have no time at all anymore.
So, how am I supposed to crank out 38,000 words in 4 weeks?
Remember, I have school this week, and next, and that's it.
I don't think I can, but if you have a suggestion, please, please, please! Let me know.
Because, if I can't finish this soon, it may not be ready to go up on January 28th....

love, lala

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The Assassin Contest

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So, I redid the pages. All of my books are now on one page, and there's an about me page! Success! 
The main point of this post is the contest.
Here's a reminder:

One person will get to read the whole entire "The Assassin" book and ask me as many questions as she or he can think of, and I'll give away spoilers, if you want me to! 

There are four ways of entering:

1.) Comment on this post.
2.) Follow this blog.
3.) Follow me on Twitter @tennisketter
4.) Tweet about The Assassin Saga
If you do any of these, please post a comment on this post so I can keep track of how many people and entries I have.
I'll be sure to tell you when I have an end date for this contest!

love, lala


It came!

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My Harper Collins' review came, and I loved it! I am so happy right now!

So, I figured I should share it with you.....

You’ve devised a thrilling premise here—the dual lives that Cassie leads, the intrigue of her past, the excitement and daring involved in her profession as a teenage assassin (not to mention that she’s a female assassin!)—all of these elements grab the reader immediately. I think Cassie’s spunky personality and bravado are truly appealing—she is a relatable heroine that the reader will root for, especially considering her checkered past, the misfortune of her parents, her calling to become an assassin as her father was before her, and a destiny that could not be denied. That she is a seemingly everyday teen with boy troubles, mean girl confrontations, cafeteria showdowns, history projects and homework adds to the allure of her secret life. You’ve set this up beautifully and the juxtaposition between Cassie-by-day and her nighttime missions makes for great reading.
The prologue is chilling and a wonderful set-up as you thrust the reader into the action right away, and we witness the gruesome murder of Cassie’s mother by her father. Cassie’s mother’s premonition that her baby is destined to outshine her father in her abilities is one that is haunting. What will become of this poor abandoned child? Flash forward to an outwardly normal high school life, and we learn how Cassie has come to reconcile the person she was meant to be. Her skill in killing, the signature knife through the heart, the suspicions and fame surrounding the identity of The Assassin—all of this allows for action-packed and alluring scenes. Where I would like to see more development is in Cassie’s understanding of her role as assassin—how did she first learn that this was her calling? Was she trained somehow or did it come to her naturally? She has such tremendous confidence in her skills that I think it would help for the reader to better understand how Cassie first learned of and grappled with her fate. It can’t be easy to find out that you were meant to be a killer. Also, in her murder scenes she appears to have no remorse—I understand that each of these intended victims are wrongdoers in some capacity or another, and that she must be professional and detached in order to execute her assassination, but she seems almost too cavalier and relaxed. Also, there seems to be a Robin Hood aspect with respect to her targets—this is interesting, especially in opposition to her evil father and his cruel and unusual work as an assassin. I think this could definitely be developed and fleshed out further.
The romance with Seth Edwards delivers palpable chemistry and sexy banter—the way in which she rejects him in spite of herself allows us to see the vulnerable side of Cassie and helps to round out your heroine. I think you could do further work on Seth—why is it that he’s so intent on charming Cassie? His motives, beyond a basic crush, seem unclear. What is the source of Seth’s feelings, and why is he drawn to Cassie in such an intense way?
I’m eager to see where Cassie’s hunt for Joe will lead her and how the showdown with her criminal father will play out—all these details allow for a climactic denouement and a captivating conclusion. Bravo for crafting a terrific plot and delivering a gripping story arc!

Hope you like it, guys!

love, lala

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