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Okay, I know a couple of you who follow are blog designers, so I've got a few questions.
I'm looking into making a blog design site, but I'm wondering, would it be easier to join one if they wanted me to?
What's the best way to build up customer base? Keep in mind that I'd have to do this all free, so since this wouldn't be for commercial gain, would I be able to use scrabbooking kits as long as credit was given?
I'd really appriciate it if you guys have answers to this, or know of anyone who wants to add a team member...

love, lala



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Picture by Evie

I have a problem. I suffer from Authorphrenia. That's when your characters talk to you (most people would call it schizophrenia, but I like Authorphrenia better.
Want to know why?
In the past couple weeks as I've started editing The Assassin Cassie has stopped talking to me. It's making me nervous. I hope she just left on a vacation.
Instead, I've got Bree Wells (from Just Perfect) and two other girls, Elly and Zoey talking to me as well!
I didn't sign up for that when I joined to become a writer. -_-
Zoey came first and so after Just Perfect, I'll be writing Snatched:
17 years. Zoey Lauder had a good life for seventeen years. She never had to worry about anything. She’s the girl everyone wants to be friends with, her parents adore her, and her boyfriend is crazy about her. Life seems almost perfect.
One week. That’s how long it’s been since Zoey stumbled into a store and saw an attempted murder take place. She knew the man who almost died, but she’s never seen the two men who were trying to kill him. She has no idea why they would try to kill the man, but after they try again and succeed, she has a feeling she might be next.
20 days and 20 nights. Zoey Lauder has been missing that long. One minute she's in plain sight; the next, vanished. No one can think of a motive, and no one knows where Zoey has gone to. It’s not like her to just leave and never call. As time goes on, her family and friends are becoming horrified. There’s no way she could have survived, but as long as there’s no body, there’s hope. But will hope be enough for Zoey’s family when the truth becomes exposed?

 I'm really excited to get to tell Zoey's story, and I can't wait to write it. It probably won't be until like February or March before I get to write it, but it'll be exciting!
I'll have Elly's pitch sometime soon.
Let me know what you think of Zoey's story. :D

love, lala


Release Date!

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Well, I was sick today, so I redesigned the blog, again. There's a new button too!
Anyways, the main point of this post is to let you know that:

Just Perfect

has a release date. It will be released onto inkpop on December 15th. That gives me about a month to write most of it and edit at least 10K after The Assassin gets it's star at the end of October. I don't even care if Halloween is a school night, I'm staying up to see it change!

Hopefully I'll have a book cover this weekend...

love, lala


In a Round About Way

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Today I'm gonna write an actual writing post, (along with unrelated writing things) and about character development. *gasp*
In part of my editing process, I'm adding more description and more detail to Melania and Brent's crazy-messed-up-because-he's-criminally-insane-relationship. In the, let's see, *counts on fingers* seven times I've rewritten this book, Brent has always been purely evil. There was no other side to him. He was like a fairytale villain. One side, just purely evil. But, that has to change. People aren't like that in everyday life. At least one time in a person's life, they were good. After almost four years of Brent being purely evil, I can't tell you how hard it is to give him another dimension. But, when it comes to adding more to him, how do I do it? Do I make him regret all of the people he's killed and all the ones who survived, like Cassie and Melania.
Part of the underlining them of The Assassin is that even the bad guys have a good side to them. Take Cassie, for instance, she's a good kid in school (most of the time), she loves her dad, her friends, and almost falls for Seth Edwards *ick*.
Cassie has two total opposite sides, that's always been easy for me. Cassie has always been part teenage girl, part professional. I mean, come on, she is the Assassin.
But her life isn't all about killing, in fact, as the series continues, she kills less and less. Brent's evilness has that much impact on her. She finally sees what other people see when they think "bad guy."
So, how do I give Brent another, softer, kinder side when even the Assassin fears him and his sick minds?
We'll have to see... And yes, I've got ideas...

On to other things:

Castle comes back on tonight!!! *dies*

I've only seen one episode in the show and I loved it. I can't wait to see the new one tonight. More coming some time this week on everything Castle related.


Editing Blues

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Good day to all my lovlies!
So, what has Laura been doing all week?
   Well, Laura has been doing algebra homework *eww*, returning reads, and editing her book, which is taking a very long time.
That's my week. Plus an astronomy test that I almost failed. -_-
So, I've edited the prologue and split chapter one into two separate sections. It's an exhausting process...
Oh, has anyone heard about this little thing in the gulf?

Has anyone?
And it's about to rain here, but not because of Karl. He better not come, I'm still having allergies from Hermine...
Editing is such a boring process, or so they say. But I'm actually having fun with it...
That's right. Fun.
I'm writing like crazy, when I can....
I'll give you more updates when new edits get posted.


News, news, news!

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I need to change those colors, don't ya think? ^^
But anyways, just some updates...

  • I got my junior pictures yesterday. I think they turned out really good, but my hair is way dark in the picture.
  • I've edited the prologue and half of chapter one in The Assassin.
  • The Assassin is currently ten on inkpop, and could be nine by the end of the night.
  • Evie J on inkpop told me that I am going to get into the top five this month. :O It was more of a "if you don't, I'll kill you" kind of thing.
  • I got an 85 on my algebra test!
  • Oh, and I think I'm getting sick.
  • And, I made a new cover for The Assassin, which just got another pick :D
  • Just checked, The Assassin is nine!


Prologue is Edited!

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The prologue is edited! Thanks so much to Evie J @ Peace, Love, and Books for helping me edit this sucker.
Here's a bit of the new prologue.

            She closed her eyes and stood there. She knew tonight would be the night that he’d come for her. For a year and a half he’d slapped, screamed and abused her into telling him what he wanted. He had even locked her in a house, away from the world, hoping to get “it”.
            But she didn’t know what “it” was. Whenever she’d ask him what “it” was; he’d say that she knew.
            She had tried to tell herself she was brave, but she couldn’t. It was all an act, Please, Lord, please forgive him for what he is going to do, she prayed, but she wasn’t going to be the one forgiving him for all the things he had done to her.           
Pulling the apple out of the fridge, she walked to the counter and began to cut it. She placed the knife back down on the counter and turned to wash her hands. She was waiting, anxious for it all to be over, no matter if she survived or not.  She just hoped her baby would be okay. But hope meant nothing. Her baby would be okay, she could see these things. She knew that her baby would be destined for great things, depending on what one would call “great things.”
            The slamming car door made her jump, and she listened for the sounds of his footsteps approaching the front door.  He jiggled the door, but the lock held. Angry, he began to bang on it, each bang making her heart beat faster and faster.
“Sarah, come answer the goddamn door.”
            “No!” Sarah cried. She wasn’t going to let him in. That would be like letting the devil in. She could not welcome the devil into her house. “Please, don’t let him have a key, Lord,” she whispered. She knew that he wasn’t going to let her live much longer.
            She wanted to live. She was going to put up a fight, even if she knew it wasn’t worth it.  
“It’s not here,” she said. “I don’t know what you think I have, but I don’t have it, and if I did, I most certainly would not give it to you.”
            She could feel his gaze on her. “Very funny, Sarah, but I don’t have time for this,” he said.
            “You’re going to kill me, aren’t you?” Sarah knew better than to ask the question, but it was too late.
            “I won’t if you tell me where it is.”
            “For the last time, I don’t know where “it” is. Goddamn you! Having the nerve to lock me up in a house expecting me to give you whatever it is you want! Well, I won’t deal with it anymore! Get out of my house!” She swung the knife at him, trying to get him to back off.
            He took a step back then stared at her in amusement. “Well, calm down, it’s all okay, if you don’t know where it is, I guess there’s only one thing to do then.” He grinned.
If you want to read the rest of the prologue, click here. Let me know what you think of it!!
I'm off!



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Well, The Assassin is 11 on inkpop! It's awesome. On the all time chart, I have to pass two books before I can be ten, but I think I can get it this weekend! I'm really starting to think I can get into the top five this month! Oh, and on that note, I finally started editing again last night...
And that means Secrets Revealed is postponed until the end of the month when I get my star. I'll keep you updated!


Rain, Rain, Go Away

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Reasons why I will not be writing:

Tropical storm Hermine....
Here's a few pictures I took of the storm, I missed the big down pour during algebra 2.

The road is SO wet!
That green thing is my dog's toy. She likes to give herself whiplash with it.
You can see the reflection of the trees :O
The sky looks like it's sunny!
Yeah, that's what it's looked like all day. Except for algebra.... It looked a lot worse then.
Well, that's all I've got to say today...



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Be jealous! I've got a brand new design, and I like it. I made it with design elements from:

Anyways, I'm still at 14, but someone said they were going to pick it like ten minutes ago, and I have a feeling this is the one to break to 13 still at 14...
But, I still have no update on my neighbor, Lawn Boy. When I do, I'll be sure to let you know.
Oh, yeah, did I mention that Tropical Storm Hermine is going to hit sometime tomorrow? That'll be so much fun. *eye roll*
More coming soon.
Until next time...


The Day Just Keeps Getting Weirder.

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Yeah, I changed it again, but I don't know how much I like it. I'll be tweaking it soon.
Okay, let's get this out of the way.
My next door neighbor got arrested this morning, and I don't know why.
Anyways, what the heck happened?
A week ago, I was 29, struggling to keep my book alive. And then everyone got bumped up because it was the end of the month and I was 24. Two books were taken out and I was 22. And then Friday night I made it to 16 with like twenty picks in an HOUR.
I'm at 15 right now. All my inkpop friends think I'll be in the top five this month. Oh, actually, I just checked. I'm 14!!
Okay, I got stuff to do. Bye!

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