The Great Gatsby - Book Review

The Great Gatsby
by F. Scott Fitgerald
I tried, but I couldn't find an official pitch.
Pages: 180
First Thoughts: I was mostly happy, because it was short, and it's the last book I have to read for my AP English class before the end of the class.
Settings: In the Midwest, I think. It takes place in the "Jazz Age" (the roaring 20s') and after WWI, when the economy was booming and people were becoming rich left and right.
Characters: Gatsby was very mysterious, which was a good character trait, and Fitzgerald wasn't afraid to show Gatsby's flaws. Gatsby was stuck in the past. Daisy, the main love interest, bugged me. She was easily pushed around and always listened to what the men told her to do. There wasn't much that you learned about Nick, the narrator, but I liked the point of view.
Writing Style: It was short and nice, but sometimes, Fitzgerald tried to make the sentences long and flow, and it didn't really work.
Cover:  The cover didn't do much for me. I had no idea why the cover was the way it was, but I never really pay attention to covers.
Plot: The plot was confusing, it was mainly a love story between two people that couldn't be with each other, but the way Fitzgerald lays it out, it's choppy, and some parts make little sense.
Dislikes: Fitzgerald's way of showing things. He tried to make nice, long elegant sentences, but it just made things a mess. He had a strange way of developing characters too.
Final Thoughts: Did I really finish it? I'm not really done with this book, I still have to annotate it, probably during Christmas break.

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Michelle said...

The setting is New York City. Nick is from Minnesota (or somewhere else around there in the Midwest), but he moves to New York in the beginning. :)

Anonymous said...

Ahha! Thanks Michelle!

Laurie said...

I am so sorry you did not enjoy it. It is one of my favorite books from my favorite author. But I know not everyone likes the same thing. I just re read Gatsby last month and again got something new from it.

I hope you don't write it off completely and pick it up again later in life.


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