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Ahha! I survived another trip to Austin. And, as it was my birthday last week, I've gotten a lot of book, including Decision Points. Here's s the books I've gotten in the past week:

The Heritic's Daughter - Recommended by my APUSH teacher
The Maze Runner - Recommended by Evie
The White Queen - I love this author!
The Red Queen - The second in the series
Wicked Appetite - By my favorite author
Troublemaker - I did a review on this a while back, this summer, I think?
Part two of Troublemaker - IT CAME OUT!

I've read about half of these, and I'm not going to get to finish them all before school Monday, so they'll have to wait until next semester. -_-
Book reviews are coming back, by Evie's request!

love, lala


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