Birthday Blues

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I've got the birthday blues.
No, today is not my birthday, I've still got a week until I turn 17. On the 17th.
Yeah, it is cheezy, but it's true. The truth is, I'm not quite sure I want my birthday to happen.
I've never had good birthdays, last year, half of the people closest to me forgot my birthday! I mean, yeah, it is my cousin's birthday too....


Sorry, as you can probably tell, I've got a tiny bit of hostility towards the day of my birth.
Just a little. I swear.

But not only last year, when I turned 14, I was in a car accident. You read that right. A car accident.
No one was seriously hurt or anything, but really, a car accident!
Sometimes I feel like God is just laughing on my birthday at me. I really do.

Once again, I apologize. I just needed to vent out because no one seems to understand why I don't like my birthday.

Oh, and sometime this week, I'll have a big announcement about The Assassin Saga. Be sure to look for that, either tomorrow or Friday, I still have to verify a few things, but it'll coincide with the debut of The Assassin Saga blog!

love, lala


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