The Assassin Contest

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So, it's the big day! Contest time!
Starting on December 1st, there'll be a post where you can comment to enter the contest.
Prize: One person will get to read the ending of The Assassin and will get to ask me anything about the book or the series, and I'll include spoilers if the winner wants them.
Date: December 1st until I decide to close it. It'll be probably at the end of the month.
Why: To celebrate the new The Assassin Saga blog. The winner will be posted in the first post on the blog..
To Enter: Become a Fan of The Assassin Saga on Facebook.
Follow Lala Land.
Tweet about either Lala Land or The Assassin Saga, but you must include "@tennisketter" so I know that you actually tweeted about it.
Comment on the blog post.
For any one of these you do, please post a comment to let me know because it will be so much easier for me to keep up the entries when they are all at one place.
Any questions?

love, lala


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